Kindly Test Out The "#ulog-surpassinggoogle Editor" On, Another Fun Editor To Post To Steem.


I have been mute for a while now and for some weeks now, i have not been fully present at the weekly SteemGIGS talks shows. I have been there somehow though and the shows have gone on. For instance, the show still went on yesterday as is evident here:

In my mute state, however slow, i have been functioning behind-the-scenes. It is August and i need to push again. Few months left before the end of the year and there is no doubt that i am behind schedule. SMT appears to be nearing fruition looking at their progress on Github and i would like most of our steem-based to be pretty ready before then:

See the following:

In general and in all muteness, i haven't been fully mute. Here is a recent feature that was added on yesterday:

Note that will have an entire core segment dedicated to FanLove. Overall, we want to build an ecosystem were deeply-rooted love can exist. Yes, an ecosystem of "true fans" and thus, "true celebrities". Well, we will discuss all these things in a separate post.

Mentioning the birth of the #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor is just timely. Steemians and uloggers have chosen to miss me in these periods when i am down and they have kept on persistent about loving me. I have always given that permission away by default; "the permission to love me like crazy"

The plain truth, in my case is, when it comes to "loving me"; only "loving me my crazy" works! I am grateful to everyone who has loved me all along and to those who have chosen to love me like crazy but there is more, if you are deciding to take it up now and want to "love me like crazy", you now can and you now can be timeless about it. 

Well, you now have one more use for steem, one more use for that simple-looking editor, one more use for beauty:

Make use of to love me like crazy.

The #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor breaks me down. It leaves you with my very cookies in its bareness and by means of my cookies, i am very reachable as my soft-spots are in these very cookies. 

Here are some of my cookies, as seen written on the #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor:

  • He dedicates his entire steem journey to his mum. Boys do that.
  • He loves humans like crazy, deeply-rootedly, unshakenly.
  • He understands and has done suffering like crazy but loves like crazy still.
  • His substance is deeply-rooted. He will forgive a hundred times.
  • He will sift even the not-so-good to find good in it.
  • He creates beautiful disruptions.
  • He is un(dis)talented, a legit illiterate and possesses rare INTEL.
  • He wants to build every noble dream.
  • He is always on the more testimonial harder route.
  • He celebrates attempts at out-of-the-boxness
  • He will dig, dig, dig, especially if being "this diggist" involves "YOU".
  • To prayers, "his amen is on default".
  • He is ever-unshakenLY "your boy terry".
  • etc

Did you notice "etc"?

You can also use the #ulog-surpassinggoogle when you want to dig-dig-dig and go diggist into uncovering the endless-rest of my cookies. 
Well, that is how "loving me like crazy" works. 

In general, you can also use the #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor to #beliketerry but when people ask me; "Terry, how do i become like you"; here is what i tell them:

To become like me, you will have to stubbornly become the awesomest version of "YOU".

One More Thing

I am very reachable in my cookies and i am all out there. So, when i am a mute flute and you aren't able to reach me in audio, you can in my cookies. 
Explore #ulog-surpassinggoogle. Be "true fan" on there too and well, not only will you find me, you will find "YOU".

Read @mopelola speak in her post below: 

Please join in, subscribe to this sub-reddit and kindly share daily ULOGs and #ulog-based posts ( URLs, URLs etc) on to our sub-reddit daily. 

Your Boy Terry


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!   

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy. 


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Now we know why you are "muted" lately, especially during the talm show. But in reality, you arr doing something worthwhile. Thanks for this post.

I shall try this first thing tomorrow when I log in. Almost about to hit the bed.

I am so gonna try out this editor. I actually took a close look at it some days back and loved what I saw. It's almost like busy dot org and even better. I was so impressed. I will be making use of it for my next ulog.

There was a day you spoke about video ulogs but I noticed that I never get upvoted when I post a video ulog and I have been wondering what might be the problem. Are video ulogs invalid now?

The world is waiting on this beautiful baby called SMT, she will be so adopted that many other blockchains will be left out.

Terry has not been available in recent times, but I am always consoled with the thought that he is working behind the scene, nonstop.

The community really appreciate this update, as short as it is, it goes a long way.

Great development. I really need to try the editor.
And by the way, it nice to hear from you in "your mute state". And essentially, I love this:

To become like me, you will have to stubbornly become the awesomest version of "YOU".

Kind regards.

Si mund të jem pjesë e ekipit tuaj?

How can I be part of your team?

Will definitely try it out, sir.

Hi @surpassinggoogle

You cannot be mute, of course, when you have a whole flock of people to care for. We look up to you on daily basis for inspiration and doggedness to continue to persevere in what we do here including spreading the good news of steemit.

I like how you brought to the fore on the progress being made to see that SMT sees the light of the day very soon. This will clear the fears of doubting Thomas that it may never materialise after all. Thanks for calming frayed nerves by this update.

STEM contributor

Yeah, it is what we need at this point in time. Updates.

There is time to wait to make this happen . Am quickly going for this and make it happen asap. Apart from the fact @surpassinggoogle ask for this , it is another opportunity to contribute to the growth of the community.
Thank you Boy Terry.
Let me quickly go and do my part in building the nation .
LOng live steemit.

Hmmm..I will Check it out sir 😊 thinking to start again my ulog post.😊

Wow, seem I've not been the only one in a mute state recently. I hope to get a good Mobile soon maybe an iphone 7. I miss you
Its good to hear from your heart again as its obvious We are all making progress
Go ulogs!!!

You love the you in me like crazy, so I also love you like crazy diggist. And though while mute you still function with the highest proportion, but we miss you and our prayers are with you. Do derive strength from our strength, hope we get to hear your voice during the next voice channel.

The** new #ulog-surpassinggoogle editor is great**

This comment was made from

Good to know you've always being around...
We really miss you, trying it all...
Thank @surpassinggoogle...

I made steemgigs show post using the new #ulogs editor, it has #ulog-surpassinggoogle as the second tag. I love the fact that there's something to learn from once we open the editor.

Great job.

This comment was made from

It's good t know you are all right. To be frank most of us, have been worried about your absence.
I just pray you get pretty quick.. Much love.

To become like me, you will have to stubbornly become the awesomest version of "YOU".

Seriously, ive never heard this before and this will surely be my motto for this month, being the awesome me, doing the greatest me, thanks for this word @sirterry.
The steemit minnows owes you a lot of thanks.

Thanks for this one @surpassinggoogle! You've been an inspiration to many minnow here. I hope Ulogs will develop even better in the near future. Right now, let's test it out :)

@surpassinggogle your type are rare....every day you came up with a special package very unique for us to are indeed a rare gem...and your footprints will continue be notice in the sand of time...

Wow, i know you been mute, has really got our heart, to feel your absence, tears couldnt just stop rolling from my eyes coming to #steemgigs discord server not seeing u, sir T
The chat alone with you is an inspiration for me, now not seeing it for now, has weaken me, but believe you coming back stronger soonest @surppassinggoogle.......

i love you baba Terry

What is this? I read all the update of on @surpassinggoogle seems I read this morning I was excited for a newly launching editors on steem. This is more interesting to us guys, count me in sir terry.your the boss

Even you are muted your love speak louder. We feel, I feel your presence

Thank you for explaining for being mute this past few days or weeks . But behind the scene, you are working for something which I know it can benifit us all. Nice seeing you back @surpassinggoogle.

I think you are a generous person, I am from Venezuela and your support has helped me a lot by using and Using the Ulog tag!
the idea of ​​writing Ulog is also very funny and original.
@surpassinggoogle I gave you my support for you in your witness, "steam giggs". I wish you success in the projects. :D

I knew you're very busy these days and I am happy to feel your presence in the Sunday show despite not hearing your voice. By the way, I noticed that is getting better. More power to you Sir Terry.

This comment was made from

Terry With new tag, you will live in heart of steemians and uloggers .

Currently I am not using , am using ulog tag on steemit .

Wow gonna try this one., It's been 3 weeks I haven't posted anything here in steemit.

Becoming mute does not mean becoming inactive.i hope you do find the strength that you need to accomplish all your dreams. But for sure, lots of ULOGGERS will be loving you just the same and be your fans.

I will try this for sure. I m a bit tired today. Thanks

Awwwwwwe, I am sure you know we love you too!!!!

you've been working so hard for this one. Now we are able to use it. Thanks brother Terry :-)

This comment was made from

In addition @surpassinggoogle, @ulog,... ..please why I always write in ULOG even used your tag and always got ignored without a visit to my blog..... Any information on that

Nice write-up coupled with adequate information


We keep #uloging

Im very thankful to Steemit that it found you @surpassinggoogle, then you found us and brought us #ulog and we really struggles on creating good content but sometimes i felt empty, good thing that we have ulog now, as well #untalented, #teardrops. Thanks a million to you bro Terry 😁. Surely I will check this sub-reddit, then follow the instruction on your post.

Captureass.PNGsir i already check and test ulog editor maybe it's ok.

hello I am your new friend.I shall follow you continue.

I will try it sir.
Thanks for such a great plateform. #ulog is the best

Ulog is amazing i will join your
Discord I want to get some more information ....
This is amazing

I'm so thankful sir because of your generosity and giving a chance to all people here in this community, by your ulogs teardrops, steem untalented and many more. You gave us hope and happiness. Thank you for being our boy Terry. You’re such a humble guy. I'm hoping all the success to your projects sir!

Definetly try it dear @surpassinggoogle.
Ulog is one of the great and famous #hashtag on steemit. I feel realy proud when i use
It gives me lot of good response by steemit community. And good response by @surpassinggoigle also great.
Live long dear @surpassinggoogle.

Try it sir. And thanks for providing a wonderful plateform to steemit community. Ulog is very great for the community where every can feel free to saysomething.
Thank you #Terry @surpassinggoogle

I'm going to try this editor. In fact, I observed it closely a few days ago and I loved what I saw. It's almost like busy org and even better. I was so impressed I will use it

If you really love other people, they will love you back. Love is the solution of all problems. Love is something that puts smile on our face and makes us happy. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for spreading the love.

We do miss you too on behalf of the guys. Its easier for ladies to put into writing. Lemme see whats up cos its seems like I have been on other planet

i did't notice today is friendship day 😭😭😭

Wow so nice look👰👰..🍫🍫Happy friendship day my friend .🍫🍫 I always follow you👰

Buenos día excelente post. Saludos desde Venezuela

sir @surpassinggoogle is the best witness i ever had.,hope you never stop making the good articles especially supporting us. and to your newly launching editors you are so great and have a god gift. maybe god send you to us to make our supportive witness. we love you so much we will support you whatever it takes, what ever your projects you can count me in i am your biggest fun your ever lost.

@surpassinggoogle, I'm glad to see you around again. I wish you the best in this month of August. Amen🙏 buena iniciativa para la publicación de post para obtener steem
Hi surpassing google

wow.. another awesome development to steemit journey.. gonna check that out😘

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To become like me, you will have to stubbornly become the awesomest version of "YOU".

Loven it the motivational words @surpassinggoogle. There is no wrong if people liking you like crazy.

Looking forward to trying the new editor out @surpassinggoogle.

I've been travelling all day and need to go to bed now. Thank you for this latest updated. 😊

Thanks for sharing

i m newbie so happy friendship day...😊😊😊@surpassinggoogle

This will be another huge success for the #ulog!!! You never fail to innovate or create something new. We are truly grateful for all the things you do for us..

Btw, you are allowed for little breaks. Take them! Dont overwork yourself Sir @surpassinggoogle!

Ulog on!!

Currently I am not on ulog but will be work on it upcoming days . Thanks for information

Terry, although he is silenced, we know that you are always here in Steemit, supporting this great community. I'm waiting for your new publication, thank you!

I used for commenting sometimes. I am also waiting for teardrops token to get live.

This comment was made from

I try it soon Sir @surpassingoogle i select steemgigs for vote for witness.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the editing platform in order to provide support to win steem

Sounds great I haven't try it out but I'm gonna give it a try because I trust in your recommendations.

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