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 "All the news that's fit to retract!"
 with host
Guy Malone

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Many of my recurring guests are scheduled to speak at the 2017 Roswell UFO Festival! Visit for details and conference registration information. See you here!!

Friday November 4, 2017 : Episode 28 "Theo Epstein for President!"

Brief political musings by host Guy Malone, and guest Christa Brady on voting third party.  Listen to ARCHIVE 

Excerpt : "But wherever you are listening from and whatever season you’re in or weather you’re experiencing, in all of America anyways right now, we are at the very peak of Election Season, right? Or, if you’re an Oriental American, you might pronounce it “Erection Season” ... And you’d actually be right! Because if there’s one one thing I think most of us can agree on when it comes politics this year, is that no matter who wins, we’re all getting screwed.
"My friend Christa Brady is going to be on with us a little later tonight to share her thoughts on just how messed up things are and why maybe voting third party is your best option, but I do want to go ahead and right now and admit, that while I already early voted - as a podcast I am officially right now endorsing a candidate for the first time in the history of AREA51.FM Reporting from Roswell with Guy Malone.. If you haven’t voted yet I am strongly encouraging you - my listeners - to cast your vote as a write in ballot this year for none other than THEO EPSTEIN!
"That’s right Theo Epstein, the General Manager of the Chicago Cubs..."  LISTEN to PROGRAM

Book Special mentioned on the program:

$15 or $30 PayPaled to
Receive Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates (detailed below), or Come Sail Away With Me (Black and White version) by program host Guy Malone for only $15 (includes shipping AND DVD in sleeved envelope on "Terminating Alien Abductions" by MUFON researcher Joe Jordan). $15 for either book, dvd, and shipping ; BOTH books w/ DVD and shipping for only $30.

Friday October 28, 2017 Episode 27 "ALIEN INTRUSION : UFOs and the Evolution Connection - Do Science and Religion Conflict?" w author Gary Bates   Listen to ARCHIVE  begins @ 6min 30sec

"Gary Bates has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1990. With a background in management and marketing, in 2002, he was invited to join the ministry full-time in Brisbane and eventually became its Head of Ministry. Much in demand for his popular lay talks on creation, Gary and his family relocated to America to serve as CEO of CMI-US (See list of 10 different PhD'd in physical sciences men employeed by CMI) ... "Concerned about the tremendous interest in UFOs and associated extraterrestrial beliefs, Gary undertook specialist research in an attempt to solve this seemingly baffling phenomenon. This led to his top 50 bestseller ALIEN INTRUSION

"... UFOs and the Evolution Connection ... " Read more at his official bio

Here is the "Noah's Ark" 1oz Silver coin I was honored to  give to Gary, as mentioned in the podcast.  We also traded "Signed copies" of our respective books.  GO HERE to view Gary's entire 2 hour video presented in Roswell NM. 
GO HERE to browse the Silver Starter Pack and/or  Survival Goods frequently mentioned on the program (DISCLOSURE: this is  an affiliate link, but I was a very happy customer BEFORE becoming an  affiliate).   

Friday October 21, 2016 Episode 26 "Transhumanism Theolgy w guest Dr Michael Heiser PhD"  Listen to ARCHIVE

Dr Michael Heiser, PhD

In his own words, Dr. Heiser is "...a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (M.A., Ancient History) and the University of Wisconsin- Madison (M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies). I have a dozen years of classroom teaching experience on the college level and another ten in distance education. I’m currently a Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software, a company that produces ancient text databases and other digital resources for study of the ancient world and biblical studies. You can get a more detailed answer to my academic background by reading through my CV. "
Dr. Heiser is also well-known among both Christian and UFO/Paranormal crowds as author of"The Facade" - The supernatural thriller, where "Sci-fi meets historical fact in this thrilling novel by ancient-language scholar Michael S. Heiser." Facade link

Thanks to recent news that "SpaceX founder Elon Musk has revealed that his "Mars Transport" spacecraft has both the technology and the PLANS to travel much farther than Mars! " tonight's program revisits a Reporting from Roswell "classic" interview with Dr Heiser, to discuss Transhumanism from the  Theological/Morality perspective.   Dr Heiser is also scheduled to speak in Roswell New Mexico at the next Roswell UFO Festival  happening (God willing) June 29, 30 and July 1 and 2, 2017, during  Roswell New Mexico's 70th anniversary (of the 1947 "Incident") Roswell  UFO Festival. 

Friday October 7, 2016 Episode 25 "Why Global Financial Crisis is Inevitable"
 Listen to Archive

with guest Nikita Fedyuk "aka" @conspi-theorist via Skype from London!

Born in far eastern Russian, Fedyuk studied economics and finance in Moscow, Italy and finallyThe at London School of  Economics. He additionally has years working experience in Banking, Consulting, and Investment companies. Despite this, he recently joined Steemit to begin blogging about why the global financial system is already crumbling, and is destined to only get worse. Is there a solution or anything one can do to protect him or herself today? I asked him on tonight's program - LISTEN to the ARCHIVE
and follow Nikita @conspi-theorist for his past and future writings.

Friday September 30, 2016 Episode 24 "Transhumanism Revisited, Part 1" Listen Here to Audio Archive

Thanks to recent news that "SpaceX founder Elon Musk has revealed that his "Mars Transport" spacecraft has both the technology and the PLANS to travel much farther than Mars! " tonight's program revisits a Reporting from Roswell "classic" interview with Cyber-defense and security expert Jason Pappafotis

discussing Trans-humanism (editing the human genome for desired results)  at length. In addition to cyber-security, Jason currently works as a  Research Analyst for DESE Research, Inc,  has been employed as a Physicist for The United States Navy, Energetics  Technology Center, and for Alion Science & Technology.  Jason will be speaking Monday October 3 in Nashville TN at the Distributed Health Conference to discuss the incredible potential of Blockchain technologies to transform healthcare. He has previously joined us on Reporting from Roswell discussing the Blockchain (scroll below, to August 19). Listen Here to Audio Archive

Friday September 23, 2016 Episode 23 "101 Most Important Albums in Rock Music History"  
LISTEN HERE to Audio Archive

Guest Charlie Freak
Walking away from a corporate position and "western Society" seven   years ago, Charlie and his wife now live "off-grid" in Mexico -  including being out of "the traditional banking system".  Charlie writes that in recent years he has been discovering himself anew, and his passions.   Also, in his search for "truth" and himself, Charlie is currently authoring  The 101 Most Important Albums in Rock Music History: Decoding Universal Truth which will (possibly?) released exclusively on Tonight, he will tell us about his life's adventures to date as an off-gridder, as well as reveal to "Reporting from Roswell" listeners   (for the first time publicly) albums #101 - 97, share with us why they   made the list, and perhaps even what "universal truths" Charlie has  seen  reflected in these important classic rock albums. FOLLOW @charliefreak1  to see the entire list unveiled over time, from #101 to #1.

Friday September 16, 2016 Episode 22 "Planet X & Ancient Aliens DEBUNKED"
Audio Archive HERE >>>>>

Guest Frank Johnson representing  

 joins us for a chat on some recent Planet X malarkey, as well as    offering us just some of what you could expect to learn from the  3-Hour   free on YouTube video, produced by Chris White. Local Events  and  Global  Conspiracies, as always. Above IMAGE Source & Article by Exposing PsuedoAstronomy  

Friday September 2, 2016 Episode 21 "Symphonic Daddy"

John Farrer, Conductor  Site - Website 

Audio Archive Here >>>>>> (See also Roswell Symphony Orchestra website)    What a treat as Roswell's "Maestro" himself joins us in person on his first visit to Roswell in several months, to kick off RSO's new 2017 season. Mr Farrer has served as Musical Director/Conductor of our undeniably "world-class" Symphony for 43 years (!) - as well as serving as Musical Director for Santa Clara California's Philharmonic Orchestra. Farrer conducts symphonies, workshops, and much more in the  U.S. and even The London (England) Philharmonic. Full Bio
ALSO!    Roswell Community Little Theater debuts "ANNIE" tonight, and Boyd    Barrett ("Daddy Warbucks") joins the program once again for a few minutes to tell us all about it. Listen to Boyd's previous appearance on  "Reporting from Roswell" Episode 5 "Roswell BC""and visit (Before the Crash) to listen to Boyd's hit "radio noir" audio drama.  Listen to tonight's Archive >>>>>>  

Friday August 26, 2016 Joseph Jordan, Episode 20 "MUFON Invades Korea?" AUDIO ARCHIVE HERE

Joseph G. Jordan, formerly of NASA, currently works with a private contractor  in South Korea, and serves as the South Korea National Director of  MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Best known for his research in helping  abductees learn how to terminate the "alien abduction" experience...  (VIEW "Unholy Communion : The Fourth Kind Unveiled" full video). Tonight Joe joins us to speak about what he's learned about the UFO  phenomena since moving overseas... and it's not what he thought -    or you and I think! LISTEN to AUDIO ARCHIVE HERE

Friday August 19, 2016 Episode 19 "Cyber-Primer" AUDIO ARCHIVE
Returning (!) guest, cyber defense expert, and former Pentagon/DoD employee Jason Pappafotis    guides us through the tech world of "The Blockchain". Topics include    ProtonMail, Bitcoin, Etherium, and STEEMIT, but in normal human-speak!  (More detail)   

Friday August 12, 2016
"Episode 18 "Depression HEALED Through Diet!" AUDIO ARCHIVE
Interview with Kay Endsley, who came "off her meds" after 11 years... then  found deliverance thru a specific diet and improved gut health. As  always, local headlines, global conspiracies, and so much more.  

August 5, 2016 "Episode 17: "ET Go Home!" AUDIO ARCHIVE
By permission, excerpts from the essay "ET GO HOME! Retiring the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis" written by Greg Bishop (from his new book  "IT DEFIES LANGUAGE"),   a phone call with Nick Redfern, and some news on the new series "Star  Trek DISCOVERY" coming January 2017... 

GO HERE to browse the Silver Starter Pack
and/or  Survival Goods frequently mentioned on the program (DISCLOSURE: this is  an affiliate link, but I was a very happy customer BEFORE becoming an  affiliate).   


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Meet your host, Guy Malone

Many of my recurring guests are scheduled to speak at the 2017 Roswell UFO Festival! Visit for details and conference registration information. See you here!! 

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