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   Welcome friend!

www.ibringawareness.com is my "landing page" or "hub" for several projects I'm involved in. 

See my most recent Steemit Blog posts by clicking @ibringawareness

You never know what I'll be "bringing awareness" to next (maybe you! or your cause...) but if you have my business card as a result of us meeting in person and have come this far, you are possibly already interested in one of several things:

The Book "Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & TheBible"

Keep scrolling for more or go directly to the Amazon.com link

- My Friday night podcast "Reporting from Roswell"
  Go to www.AREA51.fm 
 and Roswell NM Upcoming Events at

- My numerous past Conference Videos on YouTube
 and/or for purchase on DVD

- The UPCOMING CONFERENCE  June 29 - July 2, 2017
  Go to www.RoswellUFOfestival.com

- The 4oz Silver Starter Pack

  you saw in the storefront in Roswell...

 - My Waiter Blog "Tip or Stay Home"
    Go to www.TheWorkingGuy.com 

- The blogging, social, and cryptocoin website Steemit

which you are on right now! Sign up for free, blog, meet other highly intelligent and creative individuals from around the globe, and even get paid when others "upvote" (i.e., "like") your posts. You earn "crypto-coin"...

...which IS convertible to U.S. Dollars (or whatever currency you like. I'm no expert, but can help you get started). My above linked podcasts and waiter blog are hosted for free on Steemit in fact. (The site is still in Beta at this writing, and the potential for future growth and applications of "The Blockchain" technology is pretty astounding.)

My highest earning article to date is "Things Waiters & Waitresses Say, But Shouldn't"
My highest upvoted articles is "Why the Money is Coming (imho) and KEEP on STEEMING!"

Many more articles and videos at my blog profile(s) - @ibringawareness and @ancientofdays

So anyways... about my book

“Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible”

It started out as a webpage, my response to the mass suicide of the "UFO cult" Heaven's Gate

who claimed that the Bible somehow led them to their beliefs, resulting in killing themselves to board a UFO to enter Heaven! 

Well, I believe that Bible details a different plan, and started my webpage in 1997 to reach those who "make a religion" out of their beliefs in aliens and UFOs. The early part of book also details my very personal childhood experiences (visitations? abductions?) that made me believe for many years that aliens were interacting with me, and would return for more "encounters" (which I no longer believe btw). 

Since 1997 my work, conferences, and views have have led to feature stories in Fate Magazine (esoteric), Charisma Magazine (Christian) and even an appearance on The History Channel (Total BS).

The 1997 version of the book can still be read for free at www.AlienStranger.com - where you can also view my two video lectures (YouTube) presented during a past Roswell UFO Festival, including -  

"Roswell 1947 : What Really Happened?”

Yes, I really got paid by the City of Roswell to present a lecture detailing my MAN-MADE VIEW of the 1947 incident! Note that the complete text and powerpoint images (from my two video lectures) are ALL also in the 286-page full color 2015 Anthology Edition of Come Sail Away With Me (AMAZON link)



  • Purchase on Amazon Unsigned  -  For Signed Copies...
  • $47 PayPal (no tax) to BoldlyGo@RoswellMission.org
  • $47 Check or Money order to Roswell Mission PO Box 2786 Roswell NM 88202
  • $47 USD equivalent Steem or Bitcoin (but please contact me first, subject to market)
  • $40 Cash in person (or cc, debits) When in Roswell, just visit “Ancients of Days Rocks & Fossils” 127 North Main. If I am in I will sign your copy in person!
  • As on Amazon, full color is $40. Black and White is just $15 plus shipping on Amazon. Signed Black and White copies are available from me for $20 shipped via the methods listed above.

Summing up :
My Steemit Profiles are @ibringawareness and @ancientofdays
My Podcast is www.AREA51.fm
My “old” book and YouTube videos are free at www.AlienStranger.com
My "old" (1999-2010) conference DVDs are at www.AncientofDays.net
(View them for free on the AR YouTube Channel)
My waiter blog (and upcoming book?) is www.TheWorkingGuy.com
My non-profit is www.RoswellMission.org and next speaking event/conference is www.RoswellUFOfestival.com

Whew! I'm glad we met in person, and maybe we will again.

Yours because His,


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This is a very interesting book that shows there is more explanations than just UFOs. Just finishing it .


Thank you, I'm honored that you've made it to the end!