"Unholy Communion : Alien Abductions of the 4th Kind Unveiled" (video)

WARNING : This presentation may change your preconceived notion of the true nature of Alien Abductions and UFO’s. View at your own risk; you may come away a changed person, many already have.

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Originally presented/recorded at

River of Life Assembly of God Christian Church, Merritt Island Florida, USA

View the entire collection of "UFOs & The Bible" conferences,
recorded during annual July 4th "Roswell UFO Festival" weekends
and posted online for completely free viewing at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlienResistanceHQ/videos
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"This video's main presenter Joe Jordan is the President and co-founder of CE4 Research Group, an Alien Abduction investigation and research team based out of Cocoa, Florida. Joe has been a Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator since 1992. He has shared his research findings from his Alien Abduction investigations through many radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles, DVD’s, and lectures. His research findings on Alien Abductions have been written about in twelve different authored books over the past decade..."
More about Joe Jordan and his work at

Presented with Guy Malone, of Roswell New Mexico,
author of "Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible"
available on Amazon http://amzn.to/1Ueug63 or free reading online, at

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