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The 'When does a myth become truth' series has gone on for much longer than I ever imagined. I guess it goes to show just how much of our ancient history is still not fully understood or almost completely lost to us. There is the more disturbing aspect however, and that is that some of it is deliberately being held back, denied and/or dated incorrectly.

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So far this series has revealed to us a lost ancient city under the ocean, another nuked in antiquity, onto amazing ancient engineered stonework from South America, an African tribe with incredible knowledge of the cosmos, and the story of an ancient civilisation that lived in antiquity who claim to have come from another planet and genetically created modern humans, a subject so in depth it came in three parts seen here Part 1, Part 2, and finally Part 3.
Then the last two offerings were a pyramid complex in Indonesia that may possibly be 26,000 years old! and the most incredible underground city in Turkey.

Today we reach Pt8a and this is possibly the most controversial site in the series so far. A site that has divided the archeological world. Some say that it could change our known history and others who deny it is even a site. The post will be in two parts as this story is too big for one post.


Then come with me and discover the Bosnian Pyramid.

Amd make yourself comfortable, this is a big post!


The Bosnian Pyramid - locally known as Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia in the town of Visoko. The 'hill' has all the elements of what constitutes a pyramid, four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex.
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On top of the pyramid are also the ruins of a Medieval walled town, once the base of a Bosnian king Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391). Because of its similarities to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, it has been named the “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” ('Bosanska Piramida Sunca').

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This pyramid structure is said to be part of a complex of pyramids in the area however for now I'm going to focus on just this one as I'd like to go quite in depth as there appears to be plenty of evidence to suggest this a man made construct.

The discovery was made by Dr Sam Osmangich in 2005 after being invited to visit the town and it's fortress ruins. The pyramidal shape of the mountain intrigued him and subsequently went on to write a book claiming the hill was the remains of an ancient man-made pyramid. Initially his theory was derided by scholars however in my opinion he has provided interesting eveidence to suggest that this 'hill' is much more than a natural formation.
In researching this site I have found many interesting articles that argue for both sides of the argument. Unsurprisingly mainstream academics are extremely sceptical in there assessment of the findings of Dr Sam Osmangich however it seems as more discoveries are made within the pyramid structure the more difficult it becomes to dismiss the theory.

Lets take a look at a few articles on the subject and see what latest analysis and pictures from the site reveal.

This article called -The Bosnian Pyramids - It's time to take them seriously, was written in March 2017 by thebihlover.wordpress.com gives up to date analysis of the story so far.
Note: I have corrected some spelling mistakes found in the original article.

It states....

The Bosnian Pyramids were discovered in 2005, by Dr. Semir Osmanagich. Dr. Osmanagich later established the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, which has been researching the Bosnian Pyramids for twelve years now. Moreover, the foundation has spent thousands of hours on research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. With all this, hundreds of researchers have visited the pyramids in Visoko, and conducted their own research. Most of them have concluded that there is something special regarding the pyramids in Visoko, and that they should be researched more. With Dr. Konstantin Korotkov confirming the Bosnian Pyramids, March 10, 2017, it is time for the scientific community to take this project seriously.


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Dr. Korotkov is one of many that has confirmed the existence of the Bosnian Pyramids. The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation has hosted five conferences in total; 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. At the conferences we have historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, physicists, engineers, geologists and biologists. These fields have made their own contributions to the project. The History, as we know it, is changing and we are going further into the past than the history books are teaching us. We do this with sites like Göbekli Tepe, which is probably 12 000 years old. Thousands of years older before the development of agriculture, which happened around Mesopotamia, if we follow the original history.

Every time someone tries to revolutionize something, they shut him/her down. There are a lot of examples of such in history; Alfred Wegener, Albert Einstein, Gregor Mendel, Nicholas Copernicus, Heinrich Schliemann, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Nikola Tesla etc. These geniuses got rejected at first, but later they revolutionized science and we moved forward with our knowledge. It is time for the historians to be open, and to share the knowledge with everyone. They should not shut down people that are thinking out of the box. Those that are thinking out of the box, are usually those that make the most contributions to science.

This statement is an interesting one and is seen throughout science. Whenever a new discovery is made by an independent source outside of the mainstream you find that they are initially derided by the entire community. It's disappointing to me that this is the case as new discoveries should be supported to ensure sites are studied correctly so the missing links in our known history can be filled. It would also be the quickest way to prove whether a hoax is being perpetrated.

Sitting in a distance office or University saying "It can't be true" just isn't good enough.

The European Association of Archaeologists released a statement in 2006, calling the Bosnian Pyramids a ‘’cruel hoax.’’ Despite this, the project has continued with its research. With the research of the energy aspects in the Valley, it has been concluded that there is something there. There is no doubt about that. A lot of researchers like Heikki Savolainen, Paolo Debortolis, Slobodan Mizdrak, Goran Marjanovic, Hrvoje Zujic etc. have concluded that there are strong energetic (ultrasound, electromagnetism etc.) frequencies at the Bosnian Pyramids and tunnels. One of the articles discussing the energy aspect of the Bosnian Pyramids: Electromagnetic mechanism of the ultrasound on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Visoćica Hill).

At this point I'm going to move on to an article linked within the previous one as I'm interested in the first hand account from the site by the author, Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D. The article titled The Bosnian Pyramid Complex: Signs of Technically Advanced Ice Age Civilization is fascinating as it gives a plethora of facts regarding the site from the perspective of an academic who has actually worked there.
The article starts with an explanation of how he got involved with the site and some background. It then goes onto gives some very interesting facts regarding the pyramid complex.

Lets take a look...

1. There are about seven pyramids and tumuli that are located in relatively close proximity to one another; i.e., within a few kilometers of distance. The largest pyramid, which has been named the “Pyramid of the Sun”, is the tallest pyramid in the world. It has a visible height of 220 meters and engineer Senad Bahor estimates that it could even be as high as 360 meters, based on a 3D computer model constructed through analysis of satellite ground imagery. The Bosnian “Pyramid of the Moon” comes in second place with a height of 190 meters. By comparison, the Giza pyramid, which formerly held the record as the tallest pyramid in the world, now comes in only at third place with a height of only 146.5 meters.
2. The pyramid of the Sun is oriented with respect to true north with an error of only 12 seconds of arc! This orientation is far more accurate than that of the Giza Pyramid which has an orientation error of about 3 minutes of arc, 15 times greater! The other pyramids are also oriented with respect to true north. The three largest pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, and the Pyramid of the Dragon are each separated from one another by approximately 2.18 kilometers with an error of less than 2 percent, to form the three apexes of a near perfect equilateral triangle. Natural mountains simply don’t arrange themselves with this kind of precision to form such geometric patterns.
3. This pyramid complex is the oldest known man made structure in the world. A radiocarbon date on a fossilized leaf found under one of its concrete slabs indicates an age of around 33,800 calendar years before present (~29,200 C-14 years BP); see photo. The Cariaco Basin-Hulu Cave radiocarbon calibration chronology requires that a correction of ~4600 years be added to the radiocarbon date to compensate for C-14 reservoir changes.) Other radiocarbon dates back up its antiquity. This places the pyramid’s construction in the middle of the ice age, about 6000 years after the extinction of Neanderthal man which had occurred about 40,000 calendar years ago. Another radiocarbon date was secured on organic material found above a concrete slab and beneath the overlying clay deposit covering the pyramid. This indicated a later burial date of 24,800 C-14 years BP, equivalent to 30,000 calendar years BP, which supports the earlier date for the pyramid itself.
4. The main structure of the pyramid is constructed of a concrete made from a gravel conglomerate that was mined from a flood conglomerate layer that underlies the pyramid and adjacent area. Evidence of this excavation is the existence of a vast network of many kilometers of tunnels present in the region surrounding the pyramid. The concrete has been laboratory tested and been determined to be of artificial origin, not natural origin. Tests have shown that it has a hardness and resistance to water penetration equal to the best concretes achieved in this 21st century. Analysis showed that its fabricators made their concrete by mixing their mined conglomerate rock material with a special cement binder made of roasted lime and clay. The concrete was cast to form large slabs that were separated from one another by clay layers for greater structural stability. Also the builders used an slab interleaving technique that also improves structural stability. Although, this may not evoke the aesthetic appeal of the polished stone surfaces evident in some ancient monuments, the choice of the construction method nonetheless evokes an appreciation of brilliance, one that allowed efficient fabrication of the pyramid structure encasement from raw materials available in the local vicinity.

Man made concrete better than most we currently produce, miles of tunnels, a pyramid possbly bigger and older than any other on Earth!? Carbon dating of organic materials that pushes the date of construction into deep antiquity! C'mon mainstream academia, wake up.
And this is just the beginning, the article reveals even more weird and wonderful facts and anomolies that really need the world's best scientists to start studying.

Please take the time to read the rest of the article because so far we are literally scratching the surface, many of the later facts stated are very unusual and have in depth explanations. I'm going to look at two more points from this article, one of which is mind blowing.

5. There is what is called an “access plateau” leading up the west side of the pyramid. It has the shape of a ramp that is 420 meters long, 35 meters wide, inclined at about 20°, and paved with sandstone tiles that have apparently been cut by human hand and transported to their present location.
The pyramid is covered with ice age flood deposits which are deeper on the south side of the pyramid. I propose that these deposits that buried the pyramid were transported by giant avalanche-like waves of glacial meltwater (what I call continental glacier waves) which came from the North, the pyramid being then located about 600 kilometers south from the southern edge of the European ice sheet. This flood assault from the north would explain why the deposits are much deeper on the south side since this would have been the leeward side where deposits would have more easily collected to a greater depth. Just the presence of these deposits which are seen to cover the Pyramid of the Sun, as well as the other associated pyramids, is proof by itself of the ice age antiquity of these edifices.


Image Source

6. An electromagnetic energy beam issues vertically from the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun. It usually has a diameter of about 28 feet, but varies in size and can sometimes reach a diameter of 100 feet. Its position is also observed to move around in a radius of about 50 feet. It has a frequency of around 28 kilohertz, and is found to vary in intensity with its voltage amplitude ranging from 40 millivolts to 4 volts. Its signal may even be absent for some periods. This was found to be accompanied by an ultrasonic wave beam of similar frequency that was observed to have a diameter of 5 to 6 meters, to similarly move around the pyramid in a radius of 15 to 20 meters, and to vary in intensity and even shut off entirely for periods of 10 minutes or so. Weather was observed to affect the intensity of the ultrasound beam.


Image Source

Hills or mountains are not normally observed to spontaneously radiate directed energy beams from their tops. So, if anything, the presence of such beams coming from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun should indicate that its outer soil deposits are covering something that is quite unusual and certainly not of natural origin. No one knows how the beams are generated. But it is highly unlikely that the electromagnetic beam is radiated by a radio antenna of the sort most are familiar with. To radiate a 28 kiloHertz radio signal, a quarter wavelength dipole antenna would need to have a length of at least 2.7 kilometers! This is far larger than the diameter of the radiation beam itself. Moreover such antennas normally radiate over a very wide angle; they do not confine their emission to a beam. Although one possible explanation has been suggested by professor Mizdrak based on the results of an experiment conducted a few years ago which is described below.

Beam emission is found in lasers but such beams are monochromatic (single discrete frequency) and this is not. Moreover no laser is known to lase at such a low frequency. Another possibility is that it might be a phase conjugate beam similar to technologies developed by the military for use in microwave beam weaponry and aerospace propulsion (e.g., Project Skyvault). But then again, this implies the existence of highly advanced technology, perhaps more advanced than what 21st century science has achieved, but in stone age times!

The anomalous character of the beam is strengthened by the observation that its signal intensity is found to increase with increasing distance above the vertex of the pyramid. The beam has been detected as high as 30 meters above the pyramid using a drone, and airplane flights are planned to see if the beam can be detected at even higher altitudes. As one possibility, one might imagine that the beam may have a source above the pyramid (i.e., in space). But this would require the presence of a geostationary satellite which if present should be known to most superpower defense departments which raises questions as to who would have placed such a probe aimed down at this particular pyramid and why the military allows its homing signal to be broadcast.

Another possibility that has been suggested is that the source of the beam is located hundreds of meters beneath the center of the pyramid. In 2012, a team of 16 engineers, physicists and research assistants, led by Croatian electrical engineer and physicist Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, conducted an experiment in which they fed a 40 watt signal ranging from 23 to 33 kiloHertz through a square antenna deployed along the top perimeter of the pyramid. The experiment attempted to create an interference between their applied signal and the signal beam that was naturally emerging from the top of the pyramid. The resulting interaction was picked up by a series of electromagnetic wave and ultrasound wave sensors placed at different locations around the pyramid. They acquired 39 hours of data, about 1 gigabyte, which was recorded by a series of electronic data loggers. Using the technique of triangulation, the data was then computer analyzed at an institution for statistics in Belgrade and at another institution in Vienna specializing in advanced mathematics.
The results implied that the pyramid’s electromagnetic beam originates 2440 meters below the pyramid apex, just over 2 kilometers below its base. Interestingly, this is about the same distance as that separating the main pyramids discussed above in (2). Also it was determined that the signal requires a power source of at least 10 kilowatts. Professor Mizdrak theorized that at this 2 kilometer depth there might be a large dish-shaped iron layer whose center is displaced 410 meters away from the pyramid’s central axis, about 10° off axis, and that is somehow being electrically energized to emit these electromagnetic waves and focus them toward the pyramid apex. This would explain why the signal increases in intensity as one moves upward from the top of the pyramid. That is, this subterranean antenna dish may be focusing at a point some tens of meters above the pyramid which would result in the signal strength increasing as this point of convergence is approached. But this dish would need to have a radius of 2.7 kilometers to properly emit this wave.
A power source that has continued to function for 34,000 years? The thought begins to give one the chills. If it were indeed encapsulated at the time of the pyramid’s construction, this would imply the existence of a high tech fuel-less generator that has been functioning for 34 millennia. The existence of advanced technology in the ice age era does not come as that much of a surprise when we understand that highly advanced scientific concepts are encoded in ancient star lore and preserved in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian creation myths; e.g., see the books Earth Under Fire and Genesis of the Cosmos. But as we shall see shortly, there may be a more practical explanation.
These Bosnian pyramid emissions really push the ancient technology paradigm to the limits of credibility. We are reminded of the book by Arthur C. Clarke, and movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey in which astronauts unearth a monolith on the moon its presence having been detected by a signal that it was periodically broadcasting. But the existence of the signal at the top of the pyramid is undeniable, having been measured by scientists from a number of universities. Admitting that it is there and the possibility that the pyramid is associated with technology as advanced, or more advanced than our own is probably more than most mainstream archaeologists would be willing or able to handle. They would likely block out the whole matter from consideration, pyramid, tunnels, and all, no matter what supporting proof was presented for the pyramid’s authenticity. Because, to admit its existence would mean they must step into what they consider to be “woo woo land”. Show them evidence that there was organized human civilization building pyramid structures during the mid Ice Age period and they become suspicious.
Show them evidence that this civilization may have been technically highly advanced and they become very angry. More than anything, the denial by mainstream archeologists reflects on their own psychological limitations when confronted with what to them is utterly unknown or impossible.


Thank you for taking the time to read the first part of this amazing story. In the second part we will take a look at more of evidence that has been put forward by those who seek to uncover the truth about this fascinating discovery.

We will also look at the response from mainstream academia to see why they still believe that it is just a hill!

Until then....



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Can't wait to read part 2.

As I have been in that part of the world for a "very very long time" now and might be able to comment a bit on the topic as it was something I got a little into when it was "all the news"....

Glad to see another great post in which the barriers out there are being taken down, just like the Berlin Wall.... bit by bit... stone by stone.... GONE!

I shall be contacting you in discord to gain the local perspective prior to the second post. The story is an interesting from a political perspective too, similar to the site at Gunang Pudang. I read an article from the Smithsonian suggesting it was a giant hoax perpertrated by a traumatised nation trying to cling onto something extraordinary following the Balkan conflict. What a joke, and for an institution of their standing pretty disingenuous. I guess that shows where the mainstream scholars are at when it comes to any new discoveries that upset their little paradigm.
Thanks Jack.

Not surpising that the Smithsonian would dismiss as a giant hoax ... given the Smithsonian's apparent role in covering up the unearthing of giant skeletons throughout the United States during the 19th & early 20th century.

There are many old newspaper accounts of giant skeletons being unearthed and subsequently being handed over to the Smithsonian for safekeeping, only to be lost forever.

Great post by the way. I'm looking forward to going back and checking out some of the previous posts.

Thanks mate. They are indeed one of the worst perpetrators of the cover ups of many things linked to our past. It really is digraceful to think that those who pose as academics and learned are nothing but liars and propagandist, working for some hidden hand trying to keep us from discovering our own history.

Another excellent post @tremendospercy thanks for sharing! Incidentally I was hoping to spend this summer volunteering at this amazing excavation. Sadly I was too busy but it's certainly a dream I hope comes to fruition sooner rather than later! In respect of the energy beam it's amazing to someone like how everything appears to pointing towards a profound ancient knowledge relating to these energetic resonances. As I've previously written about, even the geometric shape of the pyramid carries within it a resonating wave form, but this is something more than that. Perhaps like the article states this is a form of ancient technology, equally perhaps many of the ancient structures contained elements of this technology? In a quest to loot the foundations of our history this technology was removed and this remains perhaps one of the only surviving examples. Within this idea there exists the tantalising possibility that this pyramid contains something far more profound than many could possibly imagine. There is far too much information contained within the structure, tunnels and energy resonances for any sane man to dispute it's validity. Unfortunately like you say there appears to be a certain procedure of ridicule before any scientists will entertain such ideas. Then again if this structure was shown to contain any aspect of validity it would rewrite the entire course of humanity. I think we both know that in itself would not only be an extremely difficult pill to swallow but equally it could blow the proverbial floodgates wide open! Great post my friend, thanks for sharing.

Haha, yet again a great comment mate.
More of these sites are going to be discovered as our technology gets better. The millennia that have passed since since their original construction have hidden many from us. I believe this was part of the ancient energy grid that existed in deep antiquity that has been hypothesised by some open minded researchers, engineers and scientists.
Rediscovery of this futuristic/ancient technology is a paradox many cannot accept however one day I'm sure the evidence will be overwhelming. I just hope society isn't too dumbed down and shallow to realise it's profound importance to our survival in the future.
Thanks my friend for reading and commenting.

No problem my friend, credit where it's due :) And yes you're right, more sites are both being discovered and waiting to be discovered. I think with the decentralised direction the world seems to be heading in there will be a vast growth of expert mavericks that have freed themselves from the dogmatic chains of the system. Indeed perhaps there will be a future of entire self sustaining blockchain eco-systems that are financially backing these maverick excavations (archeological blockchains etc etc) .. power to the people :)

Archeological blockchains! What a great idea.

Wow, okay these pyramids I had heard of before, but it's entirely new to me that they are disputed as being real...wow...wtf. "Science" needs to pull its head out of its ars...Finding out everything about this and other wonders in the world should be our main focus, imagine the excitement everyone would be feeling if this is what we poured our money into, Learning, who and what we are...Where we are and what's happened to get us to this point. Instead we spend money on killing people in foreign countries... :'( :'(

Epic post @tremendospercy, looking forward to part 2.

What a great comment babe.
If time, effort and funds were redirected from the insipid war machine, I'm confident that we would have few mystery's regarding our past left to solve. There is plenty of evidence out there already buried in museum basements and private collections being held back from us. It's a real shame.
Cheers for reading and commenting Lyndsay 😉

Great post - half way through now - will come back later mate. SK.

Great post Percy ! very intriguing.. of all the ancient monuments, the Bosnian Pyramids throw up the most powerful questions about our origins in time. The real answer to the mystery is that we know almost nothing about pre-recorded history because it wasn't recorded...and if it was, it somehow got washed away, buried & scraped clean by the ice age glaciers ! I think this pyramid is truly off the scale of our current understanding of our own history. It also appears to be functioning, leading me to think that the pyramids of Egypt and perhaps Mayan are effigies or tribute copies to an earlier and functioning device.

I'm pleased to see that you are becoming steemit's Percy Von Sitchin and the work you put into these ancient alien posts are a marvel. Along with the Dogon tribe, Inca built stonework and a host of other historic anomalies, our current generation seem to intuitively know that what's been hidden from humanity.. or at least suppressed through mutual exclusivity in academic circles, is finally beginning to give way to a much stranger version of our creation myth than the ones we'd been clinging to for hundreds of years ! keep rolling Stone, gather no moss..

I agree with the possible height of the Sun Pyramid. It looks like it's been subsumed in this picture, the earth has literally swallowed up it's bottom.. I even did you a nice overlay in Photoshop for speculatively illustrative purposes only.

pyramid bosnia.jpg

Thanks for checking in buddy.
Percy Von Sitchin!! 😂 That's hilarious.
I agree later pyramids were copies of what people thought were tombs of the gods.
The very earliest founded i.e. this one, Gunang Pudang, The Great Pyramid and possibly the pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan I believe were part of a network of ancient power stations, maybe not in the sense we currently understand but something along the lines of what Nicola Tesala was attempting to create. Chances are we'll never know the true story but it's fascinating trying to find out. Hopefully, one day the truth will be revealed to us.
Thanks for leaving such a great comment mate.

My pleasure Percy. A great article ! I was lucky enough to visit Chi'chen Itza and the city of Coba, which is about 1% excavated & I climbed the Coba pyramid. It was clear that although exquisitely built and with some incredible properties, Chi'chen Itza was ceremonial in nature.. Bosnia looks like an entirely different creature and I would assume all later pyramids are effigies or ceremonial copies, perhaps attempts to recreate something incredible.

20,000 years earlier Bosnia, we're in middle earth and who knows what was happening. I'm sure what we've lost in knowledge pre-ice age was mostly scraped away by the tremendos force of glaciers. except for a few deeply buried OOPA's which are very tantalising glimpses into our possibly alternate past ! Keep digging Sir Percival, you will find your Holy Grail.. whatever form or shape it may take.

Nice, I've been to Chicken pizza as Mrs Percy called it 😂 The whole site is amazing. Tolum too which is fascinating. The Great pyramid in Giza is something you have to see once in your life as it's difficult to appreciate its size until you stand in front of it.
I'm cautiously optimistic that as the years go on more will be unearthed as the passage of time since construction is immense and I'm convinced many are buried.
Bosnia is different, I believe it was one of the 'original pyramids' built in extreme antiquity for a purpose yet to be defined, similar to Gunung Pudang and The Great pyramid. Possible power generators or for the ancients we seek to rediscover.
Cheers for your great input buddy

Resteeming to read carefully!

Thanks Janelle. ❤️
Hope you enjoy it 😉

Great Post @tremendospercy

How is this a "cruel hoax"? These blocks are fake?

No way it's a hoax, at this point I'm not sure what it is but it isn't a natural formation. It may be built on one but there is a lot more to this than academia want to admit.

The stone blocks laid in rows.

what do you mean by fake ? surely you don't mean an archaeologist put them there to intentionally fool people.. why would someone do that ?

I'm not saying they are fake. I'm asking how other archaeologists are saying they are fake.

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This is absolutely fascinating. I plan to learn more about the last part of this post. The energy beam is something I totally can wrap my head around.
Thank you for this series.

I hope you continue to do these.
I have to now go back and read everything you have done in this series about our ancient past.

Even today there is evidence in America that the Smithsonian Institure hase buried and in many cases actually destroyed to hide America's past that goes beyond the time of the American Indians.
IT is such a shame that such knowledge would be willfully held from public knowledge.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Agreed, there seems to be be an agenda by the academic world to cover up the truth about our pre history. Why? I couldn't say but if they think it's for our own good, they're wrong. We deserve to know the truth about our history it belongs to us after all.

This is a fascinating article. Very well done, my friend!
I have heard of this place before. It is my belief that there was an advanced civilization that lived before the Egyptians and South Americans.
Their science may not have been the same as ours, ie: energy production etc.
I also believe that a world wide catastrophe could account for the loss of knowledge, whether it was a great flood or an impactor of some kind.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

.....upvoted followed and resteemed.

Thanks buddy. Some massive event happened that wiped these people out, either that or they knew it was coming and left!?

@tremendospercy What a tremendous time to be alive! This is all very excited. The beam... oh wow. I chuckled at the "Woo Woo" reference. Have you checked out Clif High? He's a pretty cool guy. Talks a lot about Woowoo stuff :-)

Yeah, Clif High is an incredibly interesting guy. I love the predictive linguistics he works on.
And yes he does a lot of 'woowoo' stuff in his work. thanks for checking in dude.

Amazing, never heard of this. As always, a most excellent post my dude. I look forward to the next part.

Absolute final word on truth. And if a group of academics don't get to decide on what is true, who does eh! Same thinking decided that we understand gravity even though all experiements have proven the opposite. When science becomes blinkered, it stops being science.

Amazing series - must take some serious work to put these posts together. Hopefully more to come!


thanks mate, its very enjoyable to research.

nice reviews. Thanks for sharing

a greeting for Bosnia and Herzegovina was a great day for the Bosnian pyramid to visit my blog

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Awesome post! Thanks!

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I resteemed this article but I can't see it on my blog.
Strange things happen to me on steemit.
I will wait for your next installment.

Yep, definately not there.
Thanks for reading buddy.

Okay. I got it resteemed this time! WhaaaaaHoooo!

deligious sky 😍 good click

I know everyone but america is all on board with the metric system, but I would suggest, if any can get word to the researchers to start looking at these things in feet and miles.

As there is a lot of encoding in the known pyramids that is apparent when measured in feet.

The old systems of measurement were best, in the past there was the 'megalithic yard' which the ancients used as a measuring system to construct their buildings I'm not a fan of the metric system it doesn't fit into the symbiotic nature of the universe.

Meaningful post, interesting to think about it, @tremendo

Interesante post

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Very interesting reading!👌

Methinks the beam is a signal. Much as how we use lighthouses...

Agreed, but for What? Who? Why?

That would be like a lost Aztec, long bounced around by the sea, coming across an English lighthouse, asking ;)

It would be terribly egotistical to think we're the only intelligent and traveling species in the universe.

Some space Traveller put that there long, long ago for navigational or warning purposes...

I would suggest there are infinite intelligent species in the universe however I would argue against humans being one of them 😂

I believe that all myth has at least SOME element of truth to it. : )

I originally hail from Sarajevo and have been to 'The Pyramid' twice. I still put in quotation marks as I am only about 80% sure that its actually a Pyramid. I can tell you however that the most amazing thing about that place are the tunnels, they go on for miles with no ventilation and have the best air I have ever breathed.

I imagine they were constructed in deep antiquity with something rather profound in mind. I am going back in June this year and will spend a day or two there with my girlfriend and tell you if I have been 100% convinced its a Pyramid.