When does a myth become truth Pt7 - The Underground City of Derinkuyu. - Cappadocia - Turkey.

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The 'When does a myth become truth' series has so far revealed to us a lost ancient city under the ocean, another nuked in antiquity, onto amazing ancient engineered stonework from South America, an African tribe with incredible knowledge of the cosmos, and the story of an ancient civilisation that lived in antiquity who claim to have come from another planet and genetically created modern humans, a subject so in depth it came in three parts seen here Part 1, Part 2, and finally Part 3.
Then in the last offering a pyramid complex in Indonesia that may possibly be 26,000 years old!

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Today we take a look at another incredible feat of ancient engineering found in Cappadocia -Turkey that has astounded the archaeologists, an amazing underground city that goes down 18 stories deep into the ground! This is one of many underground cities found in this region, that in some cases interconnect. The site has a history that is partly understood however like some of my previous posts academia don't agree in on the dating of the site. There are one or two researchers who seek to push the dating of the site back 5000 years. For that reason I have decided to add it to this series, and besides it is a fascinating site which in my opinion is worthy of bringing to your attention.


Cappadocia in Central Turkey is an incredibly interesting place. The spectacular landscape consists of huge rock formations, deep valleys and is replete with temples, chapels and tombs.
Entire subterranean cities have been carved out of the natural rock formations and over millennia cities, religions and empires have come and gone throughout this amazing part of the world.
In recent years though incredible discoveries have been made by archeologists. Complexes of massive underground cities one of which consists of 7km (approx 4.34 miles) of tunnels, hidden churches and escape galleries.


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Today's post is going to focus on one site in particular......... Derinkuyu.

The underground city of Derinkuyu was discovered by accident in 1963 by a Turkish man in the process of doing home improvements. After knocking down a basement wall he stumbled upon a secret room leading to a tunnel, this opened up into the hidden city, a city that could house 20,000 people, livestock and supplies!
This discovery goes to show the incredible feats of ingenuity and effort the local people in the area were capable of and unlike other sites in this series has had quite a few mentions in the MSM. The pictures below unless stated otherwise are from a 2014 article in the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail and are astounding.

The article states...

Thought to have been created during the Byzantine era in 780-1180AD, the network of kitchens, stables, churches, tombs, wells, communal rooms and schools was most likely used as a massive bunker to protect inhabitants from the Arab–Byzantine wars or natural disasters.
During this time, cave-like chapels and Greek inscriptions were added to the ancient city, and about 600 entrances allowed people to come and go.
Heavy stone doors could close Derinkuyu from the inside in order to fend off intruders, and each storey could be shut off individually.

The amount of work that it must have taken to excavate this site by the builders is mind boggling when you consider the amount of waste the site would have produced. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to have hauled the stone and rock from 18 stories under the earth to the surface?

Here is an example of the heavy stone doors used to compartmentalise the levels. These could only be opened from the inside to ensure the safety of the occupants. The picture really doesn't do justice to the work it must have taken to create these doorways as these stone doors weigh up to 1000lbs!

Image Source


Below is an artist depiction of the site and how it looks from a cutaway perspective. I really like this as you can see the amazing amount of work that went into creating the city and how it would have been so easy to pass it by and never know it was there, incredible ingenuity.

Image Source


The picture below is a chapel within the site, note the stone arches that have been built here, great craftsman were obviously available to be able to create such a incredible subterranean place of worship. The stone in this area is not as hard as is found at other sites in this series and many of the rooms have been created from natural caves however that in no way takes away from the creativity of the original builders. The subsequent pictures give you an idea of the amazing rooms, living accommodations and stables built so far under the ground.





Due to the city being cut from existing caves and naturally formed underground structures, dating the site in an issue when using traditional archaeological methods. So no one really knows when Derinkuyu was built. It has ties to the Hittites - 1600BC, the Phrygians - 8th century BC and the Persians - from the 10th century BC. So we are looking at a site that is at the very least 3600 years old! The difficulty in dating the site has therefore made it of interest to those who enjoy ancient mysteries such as myself.


Image Source

This article from gismodo.com gives a nice concise break down of the people's mentioned above and their links to the site.

The article states...


Some suggest that the earliest construction started with the Hittites in the 15th century BC. The Anatolian Hittites, distinct from the group described in the Christian Bible, controlled a large portion of Asia Minor extending from the Black Sea to the Levant. Cappadocia, and Derinkuyu, were smack in the middle of their territory.

Throughout their history, the Hittites faced a variety of enemies including the Egyptians, the Assyrians and the Thracians (a group of loosely affiliated tribes from southeastern Europe). In the 12th century BC, the Thracians destroyed the Hittites’ main city of Hattusa, and many believe the Hitties used Derinkuyu as a shelter during that onslaught. They support this theory with a small number of Hittite-related artifacts, including a statute of a lion, found on the site.


Others are not convinced of a Hittite origin and point instead to the Phrygians. One of the Thracian tribes that sacked Hattusa around 1180 BC, the Phrygians controlled the region until approximately the 6th century BC when they were conquered by the Persian host under Cyrus the Great.

Archaeologists consider Phrygian’s architects among the finest of the Iron Age, and they were known to have engaged in large, complex construction projects. One of their most well known works was the sophisticated great citadel at Gordion, built between 950 and 800 BC. Because they are known to have possessed the necessary architectural skills, and inhabited the region for such a long time, many credit the Phrygians with creating Derinkuyu; these experts place the first construction on the complex to sometime between the 10th and 7th centuries BC.


The second chapter of the Vendidad, a section of the Zoroastrian book Avesta, includes the story of how the great and mythical Persian king Yima created places underground to house “flocks, herds and men.” Relying on this, some opine that Derinkuyu was built by ancient Persians; since the Avesta dates to the founding of Zoroastrianism (1500-1200 BC), Persian construction on the site would have to have pre-dated any construction done by the Hittites. Although intriguing, because the Vendidad makes no clear link with Derinkuyu, this theory has little mainstream support.


Regardless of who built it, later generations have inhabited it. Many believe early Christians used the underground cities of Cappadocia, including Derinkuyu, as a place to hide from Roman persecution. In support of this claim, they point to the fact that Saint Gregory and Saint Basil had both presided in Cappadocia during the 4th century AD.

So it appears that there isn't really an agreed acamdemic theory for the date of construction of the site, the people that were responsible for it or why? I agree with the premise that it was possibly built to hide from invaders as the site has sofisticated ventilation shafts, numerous wells giving a self contained fresh water supply, add to that the huge stone doors used to seal off areas and entrances and you have an amazing hideout for 20,000 people hidden in plain site.

There is no doubt in my mind that the city of Derinkuyu was used by many different peoples over many thousands of years as a place to hide from invasion forces however there may well be another reason for its original construction.

The amount of time whoever designed the city and originally lived here planned to stay underground must have been considerable when you consider these facts. Why would you move everything from a fertile land and go underground for any significant amount of time? Maybe the original builders were indeed hiding from invaders, maybe they were trying to avoid a predictable cosmic event such was ancient knowledge of the cosmos. We have seen in previous posts that many in the ancient world had an incredible understanding of the workings of our solar system and indeed the Universe. What better place to hide from a meteor shower or the affects of an asteroid impact?

In recent years there have been more cities discovered under the ground in this fascinating part of the world, many of which link together, Derinkuyu itself is said to link to a sister city called Kaymaki which is three miles away!

Hopefully as more excavations are undertaken and new discoveries are made this story will become clearer. Much of our ancient past still eludes us and hopefully one day we will be able to put together all of the puzzle pieces and finally know our true history.


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Oh. My. Goodness.

I HAVE to see this place.

Here is an example of the heavy stone doors used to compartmentalise the levels. These could only be opened from the inside to ensure the safety of the occupants. The picture really doesn't do justice to the work it must have taken to create these doorways as these stone doors weigh up to 1000lbs!

So how did they OPEN said doors, I wonder.....Maybe the same way the pyramids were built huh? ;)

Upvoted and deservedly resteemed! <3
Beautiful work <3

I think they just rolled into place across the corridors. However there would be no way to get any purchase on them from the outside, on the inside it wouldn't be that difficult to roll them back and forth. Incredible ingenuity considering the depth that the site goes to.
Thanks for checking in, reading and commenting my favourite adopted daughter! Love ya face. ❤️😉

@tremendospercy After a long day, I finally get the opportunity to sit down and absorb the fountain of knowledge that's contained in this post. Your words are like a comfort blanket of enlightenment and I've really enjoyed wrapping myself in this one :) To look at the feat of engineering on display here, it would seem that this excavation would have taken far too long and attracted far too much attention to be simply a hide out from invaders and wars. It's almost too meticulous and appears to hint at the possibility they were planning for a certain event? I've believe there is some evidence of a massive tunnel network that stretched across Europe and indeed into Turkey. I think it's been said that they could be as much as 12,000 years old. Could there be some connections? I don't know but this post has inspired me to look into it some more. As always great work and thanks for sharing!

I agree the idea of this place and others like it are unlikely to have been built merely for shelter from invasion. A more cataclysmic scenario is where my mind has been going since I first learned of the site. It's interesting you mention a tunnel network that crossed from Europe into Turkey as I've heard snippets of that however not really dug into it. Something profound occurred to inspire people to go underground in such numbers, but what?
With each investigation into these ancient sites I come out with more questions than answers. Frustrating but fascinating. Thanks for reading and commenting dude.

OMG amazing! And once again something I knew nothing about, thank you for this series, I just LOVE learning about all these ancient sites!!! :) Great work as usual TremendosPercy. <3 <3 Big Love!!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the never ending support.
I'm glad you learnt something new ❤️
You're the best.

Love these posts dude. Never heard of this before.

Thanks buddy.
Yeah this whole area is littered with them, makes you wonder why they wanted to live underground. Maybe because they could, the rock is much softer than other site so the process of comstruction would be much easier. Interestingly it's not that far from Gobekli Tepe which is interesting.

This is amazing, I will visit it for sure. I just visited Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey, read my post if you are interested.

Excellent buddy I shall check that one out.
Cheer for the link and for checking in dude.

Thank you again for another fascinating addition to ancient civilizations. I would love to walk through this massive underground city. The architecture is beautiful. I await your next addition. ❤ Resteemed.

Aw, thanks babe, I'd love to take a trip through it too, I'm so pleased you are enjoying the series.
Thank you so much for everything babe 😉

You know I <3 you :)

Turkey is is filled with incredible ancient history. Resteemed because I'm a nerd for this stuff.

Thanks for reading buddy, and many thanks for the resteem. Turkey is indeed a fascinating country with an incredible history. The place still has many historical secrets to reveal.

It does. Do you follow the "Out of Eden" walk over at NatGeo? A journalist is walking from Ethiopia to Patagonia. His write ups on his 6 months walking across Turkey are really great.


This is super cool. It looks enormous. I wonder if we're going to find more of these underground cities just laying around and how old it really is. Could be even older again than we think. Thanks mate!

Thanks buddy, the site is truly massive. I think that similar to Egypt this area still has many secrets to reveal.
Cheers for reading mate.

Wow, that is amazing. It is an underground city. It looks like there are elevator shafts! I wonder how people used those. @ironshield

I think those shaft were ventilation shafts, it would take a lot of shafts to get fresh aura down 18 floors.

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Thanks babe ❤️

Impressive research and write-up - or should I say - tremendous!!?

Hey Globo, thanks for checking in and commenting mate.

This article is one of the many reasons to visit Steemit as much as possible. I really wish I could take a trip and visit this place for myself. Bravo !

Thanks mate, that's a kind thing to say 😃

I don't know what to say Percy, you have done it again, but at least this time I haven't had to open Amazon up.

haha, lucky


got this one today too though, from John Michael Greer

Don't know if there is anything about any of these places in it yet, cause as usual here I am on Steemit

Haha, not enough hours in the day buddy.
Cheers for reading the post dude.

This is an amazing place... Really enjoyed exploring here.. although a couple of the group were claustrophobic.. which if you are it's not somewhere you want to be lol. Thanks for the thorough history :)

Thank you for popping in babe.
That is so great to here you been to the site, I myself have been to Turkey however sadly I wasn't aware of this site at the time. I must go 😉

hahaha I'm gonna start singing i been everywhere man pretty soon :) (No I still got lots of places to explore!) Its def worth going.. did you just love Turkey?

For sure babe, I love that whole part of the world, I went the fopirst time specifically to visit Ephesus which is another amazing place. Next time will be to see Gobekli tepe. Hopefully Derinkuyu too. 😉

Well we can certainly conclude when you consider the effort and hardship used to build all this that it was worth it as clearly at times to be visible could have meant certain death and slaughter !! Must have been awful times of Total war no doubt !! Amazing post as ever @tremendospercy

Thanks dude,
Anything that forced people underground in such numbers must have been horrific.
Cheers for reading and commenting 😉

yeah well we have a similar situation brewing right now @tremendospercy with the walmart/fema camps all connected by underground tunnels and I rerally think right acrtoss the world !! All planned by the US military !! I shall be posting on this next and you will see that the picture I will be painting will be pretty much like this and I thionk they are planning something absolutely terrifying and the " never seen " in the history of man !

I have read a few things about underground towns but never ever heard or read about this one! Amazing pictures you picked as well giving a nice and clear idea how its all looking down there! As always I loved reading and again you made me wonder and hoping for more!
Great post! <3

Thank you for reading and commenting babe ❤️
I still have plenty of posts in mind for this series. The ancient world still has many mysteries to be deciphered.

This has been a fantastic series of posts so far. Each one has taught me something I previously didn't know.

Are these underground tunnels and rooms accessible to tourists, or are there stability concerns due to the nature of the caverns?

Thanks for the kind comment buddy. Yes they are accessible to tourists albeit only part of them. The site I hasn't been fully explored at this point even after 50 years. There are many in the area and there is a rumour that an even bigger one may have been discovered. Interesting stuff eh?

That's pretty incredible that there's still some of the caverns unexplored. Wow.

Sounds like a neat place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

This place looks amazing! Was meant to go a few yeas ago but couldn't make it so thanks for the pictures!


If you do get a chance in future please do a post.
Thanks for reading buddy.

Ah , I never made it there so can't post on that - will probably just stick to beer posts, with some other stuff mixed in sometimes 🍺😀

How cool! I'd love to visit sites like this. Have you ever gone there personally?

No I haven't, I've been to Turkey a couple of times and seen some other sites however this place wasn't on my radar at that time. I will get there at some point hopefully.
Cheers for reading and commenting babe.

I love to read the archeological facts that are related to the Bible. The Hittites were the enemy of the Hebrews as mentioned in the Bible. By the way I can't imagine what it was like to live underground. I would feel claustrophobic.

I imagine it was difficult for long stretches of time however some of the areas are massive, they built fresh air vent and had a water supply that couldn't be tampered with by outside forces. Amazing ingenuity.
Thanks for reading and commenting dude.

Wow you have put in so much information in the post that any one can understand it very clearly. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome, thanks dude.

Oh wow, that is amazing! I would to visit this under ground world some day. Have you been and I'd not would you visit?

I haven't been to this site however I plan to at some point. There are so many awesome sites in Turkey, I've been to some but didn't know about this one until recently. Cheers Kubber ❤️

I am always amazed to see these kinds of buildings, being made by civilizations from times long since past.

It's a big mystery how these people used to live and especially what kind of circumstances led them to build this.

It most certainly is mate, cheers for reading.

Another great post to show us the possibilities of where we as Humankind might have started. I love the way the stories and research elicits thought-provoking moments for me to sit back and ask "How would we, as a Global community, react if we did discover for certain that these places were made by extraterrestrial life and that we ourselves are inherently not from Earth as a species?"


It's a trip just thinking about that dude. The whole world would turn upside down for some, for me I think I'd just be happy to know the truth.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

I think they may have predicted a future apocalyptic event so great the upper world would be compromised severely.

As usual, great article!

I agree, the site may have been used by later occupants for shelter from invasion however whoever built it must have spent a very long time preparing it. They knew something really bad was coming.
Thanks for reading babe. ❤️

This might the most amazing thing I've seen a long time! I had no idea this place even existed! It makes you wonder about the lands you were told about in stories as a kid, and if they're based on actually places that have existed at one point! Really intriguing post! @suicidalviral

This place is one of many in the region, it astounds me they're not better known. Thanks for reading and commenting mate.

I love these stories, there is so much richness in the past cultures. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of Indiana Jones!

Haha, I'd love to have the opportunity to do that kind of hands on investigation, one day maybe.

Love it 😊💖💖💖💖

Thanks dude 😉

Your welcome😊👍

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Great detailed Post man , It's making me interested to see more

Cool, thx for reading it.

Great post! I read about this underground but I have never seen such good pictures from the site. Thank you ;)

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