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When I originally started writing this series of posts a few weeks ago I had the story of the Annunaki in mind as it is the most detailed and fascinating account from our distant past. The deeper you dig into the historical writings of the Sumerian's regarding these apparent 'visitors' the more intriguing the story becomes.

In there own cuneiform script pressed into clay tablets thousands of years old they recount their 'history', a history that speaks of ancient space travellers, Kings that reigned for 10's of thousands of years, advanced technology and genetic manipulation of early hominids.

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I'd like to take a look at 3 aspects of this story in 3 posts.

  1. Who were the Annunaki?
  2. Where were they from?
  3. What was their agenda? Are modern humans really a genetically 'modified' slave race?

This post will focused on the first question, Who were the Annunaki?

The story of the Annunaki has intrigued me for many years since I first read about ancient Sumer, as you can imagine mainstream academia attempt to rationalise many of the claims of these ancient people however the arguments often fall short of an explanation that makes any sense from a modern perspective.

As you can see the ancient site of Sumer is right in the middle of what has become known as the 'fertile valley' and right in the middle of what is now an area of constant conflict. Sumer was situated in what is now modern day Iraq and Iran.

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The story really started coming to light in the mainstream in the1960's with the books of Erich von Däniken starting with the groundbreaking Chariots of the Gods? released in 1968. However the most interesting work done on this subject that peaked my interest was by Zechariah Sitchin and followed up by Micheal Tellinger with his first book, the amazing Slave Species of the Gods
Sitchin was an expert on Sumerian cuneiform writings and one of the few people in the world who was able to read the ancient texts, his website states......

One of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) based his bestselling The 12th Planet on texts from the ancient civilizations of the Near East. Drawing both widespread interest and criticism, his controversial theories on the Anunnaki origins of humanity have been translated into more than 20 languages and featured on radio and television programs around the world.

Tellinger is a brilliant researcher and many other things besides, on the front page of his website he states.......

Welcome to my website. I urge you to keep an open mind as you navigate the content. I connect the dots between widely diverse subjects to remind us how everything is connected. Remember that we are the makers of our own reality – the nature of our reality is very different from what we imagine it to be – things are not as they seem – and everything we have been taught is a lie. The history of our planet and our origins as a species is very different from what most of us can imagine. We are a species with amnesia, undergoing a rapid awakening from a long deep state of unconsciousness, to rediscover our significance as humanity and our critical place in all of creation. My discoveries of the vanished civilisations of southern Africa have provided some critical missing pieces of the GREAT HUMAN PUZZLE. Everything we’ve been told is a lie.. Michael Tellinger

So what is the story, and who were the Annunaki?

Let's start with the meaning of the word 'Annaunaki'. I hear all sorts of interpretations on TV programs as to what it means and in some of the shows I've heard it said that Annunaki means 'those who from the heavens came' or words to that effect however I can find no provable reference to that translation anywhere, except for in the urban dictionary (which I personally don't have a lot of faith in) and a recording by a metal band called Inferi!

Most scholars agree that it means 'those of Royal blood' or 'princely offspring'.

Here is an except from Annunaki.org giving an explanation of the Annunaki.

The Annunaki “Those Of Royal Blood” are believed to be immortal gods that inhabited the earth during the ancient sumerian time in mesopotamia.

The Sumerian civilisation developed on the Persian Gulf, growing to strength at around 4 – 3,000 B.C. The ‘Plain of the Land of Shinar’ is the territory which after 2,000 B.C. became called Babylon. The Greeks named the region Mesopotamia (The land between two rivers), most of which lies in the modern state of Iraq.

The Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge.


Image Source

The first recorded civilisation of mankind and they were advanced with currency, astronomy and farming.

The exact origins of the Sumerians are unknown.

They entered Mesopotamia around 4,000 B.C.

The original homeland of the Sumerians is also unknown.

It is believed that they came from the east, but whether by sea or from the highlands is unknown.

We know that they are not local people because their language belongs to an isolated language group.

During the 5th millennium B.C. a people known as the Ubaidians established settlements in the region later known as Sumer (Mesopotamia). It has been noticed that there are very clear similarities between the Ubaid artwork, and that of of ‘Old Europe’ Vinca Culture which flourished c. 6,000 – 3,500 BC.
At around 3,250 BC, another people migrated from its homeland, located probably northeast of Mesopotamia, and began to intermarry with the native population. The newcomers, who became known as Sumerians, spoke an agglutinative language unrelated apparently to any other known language.

By 3,100 B.C. the population of Sumer had increased to the point where people were living in cities.

The first Sumerian ruler of historical record, Etana, king of Kish (flourished about 2,800 BC), was described in a document written centuries later as the “man who stabilized all the lands.” The early dynastic period of Sumer covers the part of the third millennium from 2,800 to 2,400 BC, and ends with the conquest of Sumer by a Semitic king of the north, Sargon I of Akkad.

After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28,800 years.

I'm going to interject here as I can here you all shouting....WHAT!? 28,800 years!?

That's right 28,800 years. That can't be right, can it?

Also notice it states that the original homeland of the Sumerian's is 'unknown'. These folks just appeared from nowhere with advanced knowledge. Where did they come from?

The Sumerian Kings List states that they have a history going back over 250,000 years pre flood! The list starts when 'Kingship descended for heaven' and makes for interesting reading.


Image Source

Academia is all over the place in regards to the King list as many of the later Kings have been proven to be historical figures but the earlier kings and the length of their reigns are a real problem for mainstream academia.
This text is cut from the Wikipedia when attempting to explain the list.

The list blends prehistorical, presumably mythical predynastic rulers enjoying implausibly lengthy reigns with later, more plausibly historical dynasties. Although the primal kings are historically unattested, that does not preclude their possible correspondence with historical rulers who were later mythicized. Some Assyriologists view the predynastic kings as a later fictional addition.

So academia choose to believe parts of the list and not others. We've had this before in the past when unproven myths are said to be fantasy as was the case with Troy and in my first post in this series The Lost City of Dwarka when both 'myths' turned out to be true.

Let's take a look at the deciphered list of pre flood Kings and look at some of the astronomical numbers involved.


Image Source

So we have 8 pre-flood Kings that allegedly reigned for a total of 241,000 years! However if you look below you can see an example of the list from post flood. As you can see the figures are more in line with our understanding today, 11 Kings for a total of 181 years. How could a seemingly advanced and knowledgable race get something so wrong?

Maybe they didn't........


Ancient space travellers?

Let's suspend disbelief for a moment and look at the possibility that the Annunaki did I in fact come to earth from elsewhere, I realise for some that is going to be difficult however I have always failed to see a difference between a 'God' and an 'alien', surely they're the same thing! If modern man had a visitation now by a species so advanced compared to ourselves wouldn't many see them as Gods?
The Sumerian's left us so many clues to their beliefs of the origins of the the Annunaki, enscribed not only in cuneiform but also on many cylinder seals and art works. Let's take a look at some.


Above: Cylinder seal that depicts Enki, the great Anuna god, decending from the heavens in a flying disc. He brings the power and knowledge of the "tree of life" with him and puts that power into the hands of the other Anuna. This tree is shown in the center of the scene. It is important to note that the device refered to as a tree does not really look like a tree, but more like a mechanical device with multiple hinged arms coming from it. The Sumerians may have been trying to describe advanced technology.

Text and Images source


Above: Cylinder seal that depicts Enki, the great Anuna god, emerging from the water and bringing forth the rivers and fish. He holds a tool resembling a knife in one hand. The Anuna named Ninmah may be the one shown with wings (meaning flight), giving Enki a pine cone, representing "seeds" or "reproductive fruitfulness". The other Anuna gods are around him. Anuna gods are always shown with cone shaped hats, often glowing or with "energy". Likely they had cone shaped heads as was normal for these star travelers.


Above: The great Anuna god is shown ascending a staircase within a portal or doorway. Energy waves are coming off of the doorway. Many hold the belief this documents a star gate or teleportation device used by the Anuna.

Taken from the same source, here are some deciphered cuneiform writings that may help shed light on the interpretations of the apparent technology available to the Annunaki.

When interpreting ancient Sumerian writings, it is important to understand the extremely primitive nature and limited education of the people who witnessed and interpreted the events of these ancient days. Any power or ability that was not understood or possessed by ordinary people would be regarded as divine or god-like. Technology would not be understood, and would be described in ways that ordinary people could comprehend.

For example, it is written that the Anuna could fly in birds. A primitive person would likely describe a winged flying machine to be like a bird. Powerful bombs (nuclear) produced “evil winds” that burned, scorched and leveled mountains. The following sections describe the technologies possessed by the Anuna in terms regular people of those days could understand:

Direct Translations from the Sumerian Texts:

Flying birds of the Anuna:
Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta: c.1.6.1
"Let my beloved city, the sanctuary Nibru, raise its head as high as heaven. Let my city be pre-eminent among the cities of my brothers. Let my temple rise (?) the highest …… among the temples of my brothers. Let the territory of my city be the freshwater well of Sumer. Let the Anuna, my brother gods, bow down there. Let their flying birds establish nests in my city. Let their refugees refresh themselves in my shade."

Flying machines with powerful weapons and super speed:
The temple hymns: c.4.80.1
O E-ninnu (House of 50), right hand of Lagaš, foremost in Sumer, the Anzud bird which gazes upon the mountain, the šar-ur weapon of …… Ninĝirsu, …… in all lands, the strength of battle, a terrifying storm which envelops men, giving the strength of battle to the Anuna, the great gods,...

Aircraft Funeral Boat:
Ninurta's exploits: a šir-sud (?) to Ninurta: c.1.6.2
They sang to the lord in the ceremonial (?) boat. The boat, floating of its own accord, was piled up with riches. The boat Ma-kar-nunta-ea proceeded shiningly. To greet the hero from the smiting of weapons, the Anuna …… came to meet him.

Tablet computer technology:
The building of Ninĝirsu's temple (Gudea, cylinders A and B): c.2.1.7
"Then there was a woman -- whoever she was. She …… sheaves. She held a stylus of refined silver in her hand, and placed it on a tablet with propitious stars, and was consulting it."

Anuna riding on flying craft and possessing unknown powers:
The Anuna gods address affectionately the great prince who has travelled in his Land: "Lord who rides upon the great powers, the pure powers, who controls the great powers, the numberless powers, foremost in all the breadth of heaven and earth; who received the supreme powers in Eridug, the holy place, the most esteemed place, Enki, lord of heaven and earth -- praise!"

Description of Annuna god Enki's private underwater habitat:
The lord established a shrine, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. He established a shrine in the sea, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. The shrine, whose interior is a tangled thread, is beyond understanding. The shrine's emplacement is situated by the constellation the Field, the holy upper shrine's emplacement faces towards the Chariot constellation. Its terrifying sea is a rising wave, its splendour is fearsome. The Anuna gods dare not approach it.

Whatever you believe these interpretations to mean it seems to me that something profound happened in Sumeria in the very distant past. As I said in earlier posts in this series the stories written down are eerily similar with others from Religious scriptures of all faiths, maybe the Sumerian cuneiform tablets are the Genesis of all of these writings?

I personally find the intricacies and quality of the depictions to be profound, and the fact that the anomolies are not a massive subject of debate within mainstream academia makes me think there is a conspiracy to keep this information from the majority of the public. Why?

Would an ancient supposedly primative people been able to imagine flying vehicles, powerful weapons or a computerised tablet without inspiration and no frame of reference?

To the Sumerian's the Annunaki were real beings although not of this Earth, with real technology and an agenda?

Please come back for Part 5b in this series where I will pick up from here, dig deeper into the agend and get into the question of ........Where were they from?


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I've been waiting all day to find a minute to sit down and read this post and it didn't disappoint!! This really is such a fascinating moment in our whitewashed history and it's great to see you visit it with such interest and passion. Perhaps our disconnection from our history and the reality of what we are is responsible for the madness we see in the world around us. Like an unwanted child we drift through life never being able to fully grasp where we came from or understand any sense of purpose for us being here? I know within certain shall we say societies they believe the rulers of this world to be the remnants of the Annunaki that were left behind to await their eventual return. There are also stories relating to our genetic engineering and how this steered us from the slow evolutionary path of love and connection and instilled within us the virtues that now threaten us all. Sorry to go on but it's your fault :D for your work captures my imagination and sends my brain off on a million tangents. Literally can't wait for the next part! Excellent stuff my friend, keep up the great work .. I'm loving it!!

Wow buddy, I don't know where to start. I agree fully. I personally think the truth will be more incredible than even we can perceive. We're talking about a race of beings that were/are way more advanced than we are currently and it was potentially hundreds of thousands of years ago!
Thanks for the kind words dude.

Blimey @tremendouspercy , your posts are certainly far and beyond the most incredible things to read . @perceptualflaws and you make for a great comment duo too, upvoted ) So many beautiful illustrations of things which I pray have survived mostly these disgusting wipèrs of Human history ISIS ! Great post really, this is superlative Steeming and i shall give it a resteem as we should all see this bigger picture about our past and destiny on this lump of rock floating in the Universe ! Steem On Sir )

Thanks for the kind words buddy and the resteem.
Sadly a lot of artefacts from this period were looted from the museum in Bahgdad at the start of the second gulf war. The coalition failed to protect the museum and many pieces were stolen or destroyed. There were reports of professional thieves stealing ancient artefacts to order which is sad as that means they'll probably never see the light of day again.

Absolutetly no problem your posts are amazing and full of incredible knowledge, quite mindblowing indeed !! Yes that is so sad, I was sure this was the case, what a disgusting crime to remove or destroy these things which were emblazoned proof of our higher destiny away from the wars in the dust between the blinded sick fools of lies and deciept !! Sad indeed Destiny eh ?

this may well have been one of the aims of the occupation.

250,000 yrs!

Incredibly interesting post!

After reading this, I HAVE to read some Zecharia Sitchins.

Thanks for such a unique, fascinating and well written post!

Thanks dude.
You should definitely read Micheal Tellingers Slave Species of the Gods too. He links it all together with the genetics. It's fascinating stuff. The truth about our ancient history is why all the institutional lying started IMO. I was always told 'the truth is stranger than fiction' in the case of the Annunaki I think that's true.
Cheers for reading buddy.

Great content, you sir have a new follower!
Here, have a 100% upvote!

Btw; will you also be talking about their believed Planet X / Nemesis system? And about the organisation (I forget their name) that buys up all the irregular / narrative breaking ancients findings never to be seen again?

Thank you so much.
You never know where you're going to end up when you go down these rabbit holes!
Nibiru will be on the agenda as the Sumerian/Annunaki records are where it started. Strange stuff indeed.

Yep, kind of doesn't line up with the "historians" does it now!

Love it.

PS. The people in the genetics field are having a bundle of fun playing around with numbers too, so the figures being thrown around in your post have actually been mentioned by some other "scientists" who dared to suggest that "historians" are a thing of the dark and deceptive past!


That's true. History is often subjective and written years after the event by people with an agenda. The knowledge these people had was astounding and there is way more to this than we have been told. Like most things I guess.

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Thanks @mrsquiggle you're the best 😉

Can't wait for the next two parts of this one dude.

Another awesome write up dude, I look forward to the other parts of this. Always been fascinated by the Sumerians and the Annunaki.

Thanks buddy, it was going to be one post however there is too much information. It would have been huge. Thanks for reading mate.

You're doing a great job presenting this information and it surely does point to the fact that we are NOT the most advanced beings to have lived on this planet. I don't know why that has to be concealed? Maybe to keep us small, unimaginative, and uninspired. To keep us happy in our grey, lifeless concrete jungles? I don't know...

I DO know that whenever I read stuff like this I feel excited and happy, like there is more to life than what we are taught...!!

You make a good point regarding our poor education regarding these matters. Maybe it's all part of an agenda that originates with the Annunaki? In the next part I will be digging into their writings that explain how they manipulated the local hominids and mixed their DNA with their own to create a 'human' that could be used like a worker drone. We are the result! No wonder were kept in the dark!
Not the touchy, feely omnipident God crap that we've been fed by organised religion for millennia eh?
Thanks for reading and commenting babe.

The thing that frustrates me the most is that SOME do know the truth and those greedy bastards won't share. I hate em.

I pity them, they hate that more! 😜

Bwa hahhahahaaaa niiiiice!! I may have to start that.

Good post, looking forward to the next part. I haven't looked into Sumerians much but it does fascinate me.
Could "Enki's private underwater habitat" be at the Bermuda triangle?

I don't think so but don't rule out it being outside of the Middle East. The scriptures of many cultures have talked about the 'underworld' and the writings of the Sumerian's make you think it could have been their way of describing the Southern Hemisphere. Food for thought dude.
Thanks for reading and commenting buddy.

This right here is why you're my brother from another mother 🙏

Hey Sister from another Mister! Thanks for checking in babe. 😘

If you see it from this perspective, do you believe that human beings are genetically engineered by these Annunakis?

I used to read some of Zecharia Sitchin's books.

Yes, that will be the subject of the next part. Stichins work was taken to the next level by Michael Tellinger in a series of books starting with Slave Species of the Gods.
I don't know about genetics manipulation in the present day but the records talk about it in the past.

From this perspective, It is said that our DNA was also engineered by them. There's a documentary on it. For example, our DNA looks like a serpent, Annunaki's sign.

The title of the book makes sense. We are indeed their slaves. I used to study quite in-depth about these things and try to relate it to other things like the universe, religions, God, and so on.

Shhhh dude, you'll give away the next part 😂
Seriously though you're right. I'll get deep into ot in the next part.
Thanks for showing an interest and commenting mate.

Sorry @tremendospercy, I will keep it general. You are welcome. When I first wanted to start on Steemit, I wanted to write something like this too or even something more profound like What is Hair or What is God? But, I decided to stick to luxury travel posts instead :D

No need to apologise dude.
I love luxury travel buddy, that sounds awesome.

Thanks buddy!

This is fascinating material and I love how you dig deeper into the histories and examine them for us. Looking forward to the next, as always. ❤

Thanks for popping in and reading babe. The next one is out now 🌹

Thank you for letting me know! They are so absorbing!

Yes TP!! Back on the conspiracy trail, I love it! Where did they come from, that's the question my friend? I'm most certainly tuning into Part5b. Resteemed dude!

Hey thanks buddy

Very interesting. I will have to remember to come back and look at it again with a more functional brain. I only took part of it in.

Still awaiting first drafts of your historical dystopian fiction....

Thanks babe.
Il start thinking about a theme.

You can always wander in and bounce ideas around. Brainstorming is fun. ;-)

What is your blood type?

No idea, I assume nothing rare or I'd know. I think it's mostly alcohol by now 😉

Omg Sir! LOL!

I ask because you seem as you would have negative blood type. Only like 15% of the world is neg. Some people claim negs are descendants of Annunaki. And some claim that it's the negative blood types who "awaken" the easiest...

This amazing series will be featured on the latest Steemit Digest issue.

That's awesome thanks.

"When does a myth becomes truth?" is a very good question I'm asking myself too years ago what I know nothing about the world. I guess, it becomes truth when you believe in it else, it stays a myth.

great post, very informative , thank you for sharing :) for sure worth a resteem :)

Thank you so much.

Great write up, I'll be following this moving forward. I'm a history nerd and studied it in college.

I first learned about the Annunaki & Sumer during my 2nd year of college, and all my tries to bring it up to my professors ended in eye-rolls and attempted public shaming.

Chariots of the Gods got me hooked on this subject, along with the holes in mainstream historians rationalizes for it.

I just got into Graham Handcock's most recent book. I spend too much time focusing on current geo-politics to deep dive into another history book.

Thanks buddy.
You won't get much out of academia when it comes to this subject sadly as they are wrapped up in their dogmatic text books and in the most part won't budge. Graham Hancock is a great researcher and historian. His books have always been an eye opener. You should read Michael Tellingers book Slave Species of the Gods of you want to really get into this subject as it links modern genetics to the genetic manipulation spoken of by the Sumerian's. Fascinating stuff dude. Thanks for reading and commenting.

I've already put it on my Amazon Wish List. My book reading list is in the high 40s at this point.

That is a what I have wondered for years. If it came down on firey chariots then it must be God, but it was just a more advanced race (aliens) trying to help educate the people on this planet. Conspiracy or not?

It would be simple enough to assume you were watching the actions of 'gods' if you were a primative people viewing futuristic events. The conspiracy is in the centuries of disinformation disseminated by leaders of organised religions and educational establishments.

I agree! I think most religions and educational establishments bend most things the way they want them to be according to their beliefs and ideas.

I have a post with the pics... I saw all the originals from the pics you had use, crazyyy! You can take from my posts if you want and use it :) The Annunakis are in Berlin.

That's right, doesn't the Berlin Museum have the Gate of Ishtar?
Thanks for the link buddy I'll check it out.
EDIT: I just looked at your pictures mate, I can't believe I missed that post. I must go myself to check them out. I've seen plenty of examples spread around the world. Great pictures thanks.

They are 3 posts about the Pergamon Museum, one is about the Gate :D Glad you like it, feel free to use the photos for and in whatever form you need.

Thanks buddy.

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You got it all wrong, Myth doesn't become truth, Truth becomes Myth over time!
As to the Sumerian mythology, I'm no expert on it and has no bearing on my life.
If it's your interest, enjoy.

It goes full circle. It goes truth, myth and back to truth. That's the point. You clearly haven't read the rest of the series. Probably not a bad idea if you're going to comment.
How can you say something you profess to have no real knowledge of has no bearing on your life?

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How interesting it is to dissect our history and try to find the "truths" of our past. It's crazy how we often just assume our history is correct until a story like this arises. You begin to realize that things just don't fit; that the puzzle is far more grand and complex. Really well done post! I found it very intriguing and mind opening.

Thanks babe, I appreciate your opinion. The second part is out now.
Cheers for reading and commenting. ❤️

So glad to see someone doing this. I have Sumerian Text and The Emerald Tablets and all of Sitchin"s book on my kindle. If you don't have a subscription to Gaiatv.com I would highly suggest to join. Check out Open Minds and Cosmic Disclosure. New shows on every week and some amazing series. I think you would love it. I even use their yoga and meditation every night.

I have finally read this. It wasn't for lack of interest, that's for sure. I love thinking about the possibilities that ancient beings interacted with extraterrestrial beings and that, possibly, our own frame of language, heredity, and the awakening of our knowledge might be due to these beings.


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Very nice information old history .
In there own cuneiform script pressed into clay tablets thousands of years old they recount their 'history', a history that speaks of ancient space travellers, Kings that reigned for 10's of thousands of years, advanced technology and genetic manipulation of early hominids.

Note the picture: and how closely it resembles a human form. The purple area being the uterus, persian gulf the legs, the top left corner, the missing head. Then again it could all be coincidence. The birth place of Modern man.

Haha, I like that! Who knows it may be true 😂

I'd like to see an index post of this series so I could read it from the beginning .

If you check out the latest one I posted yesterday on the underground city of Derinkuyu you'll see that every post in the series is listed as links in the opening paragraph.
Thanks dude.

Well, buddy, you said a mouthful. I have what I call my "three pillars to truth." You just NAILED that one.
Before I sat down to write what I knew would be a long, long post that would need lots of citations, I decided to do a quick search and see if anyone had even attempted to cover the topic.
THANK YOU. You saved me hours, maybe days of work. THANK YOU, you showed me without a doubt that many people are coming to this "King Bunny" realization. THANK YOU for doing such a tremendous job of such a VITALLY important topic. I am featuring this article on a post I am doing this morning called "The Three Pillars of Enlightenment" if you are interested.

Thanks buddy, did you read all three of the Annunaki posts? The subject was so massive I had to break it down into a three parter. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I'm glad you didn't get half way through and then found this! That happened to me once and I deleted the lot! Check out the latest offering on Derinkuyu that I posted yesterday and Gunang Pudang posted last week. Cheers mate.

I am going to, I am delighted to have found you. There are not so many of us who get the Sumer thing, you know?

Hi Tremendospercy!

Really amazing articles! Thanks for the great job!
I got to know about the Ancient Gods few years ago, back at the time when I used to live in NYC. Was fascinated from the very beginning.
Now as I am living in Moscow, Russia, want to tell you, that the people are very aware about the History of Annunaki's, and even on the top National TV channels there are running many programs related to the Ancient Mysteries, particularly regarding Annunaki and Niburu. If interested I can provide you with some info or links from the Russian sources.
Wishing you all the best and good luck!

Thanks for reading.
I’m glad you enjoyed it.
All the best @yanipetkov