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What is Community Empowerment, Why is it Important and How can We achieve it.

This was the question that was put to the members of @tribesteemup. The community has really been growing in the last few weeks and each new member has brought something extra to the tribe. We all know that community is very important, if we wish to see things change, to make things happen, then working within a community is the best way to do this. When we join together with others things happen faster. When we get to choose the community we become a part of we find ourselves becoming more inspired and more proactive.

The @tribesteemup community, was created by @kennyskitchen, his vision is to support and reward authors who write quality content about ways in which we can create a more peaceful and free world. The authors who are chosen to be within the tribe all write about one or more of the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

A new question will be put forward to the tribe every 2 weeks, which will look at ways in which we can strengthened our community and those around us. In keeping with the ethos of the tribe it will always be in relation to one of the above topics.

Thank you to all those who chose to answered todays question, by sharing our wisdom and knowledge we are empowering one another.


DTube Daily VLOG: TribeSteemUp - The Importance of Community Empowerment

Greetings Steem Stars!
Today I want to express my thoughts on community empowerment and why it is so important.
This is my response to the question of the week in @tribesteemup.
The question of the week – which is actually three questions, is:
“What is community empowerment, why is it so important and how can we find ways to achieve it?”
My opinion is that community has been, and remains an incredibly important part of humanity’s evolution.
Unfortunately, in the Western world, at least, the types of local communities that your grandparents and probably even your parents experienced have been to a large degree dissolved.
This is partially to do with the centralisation of power and the dominant paradigm attempting to take the power away from local influence and into its ever-hungry grasp.


What Makes Tribesteemup a Powerful Community?

What is community empowerment? Why is it so important? How do we find ways to achieve it?
Community is something I have craved for pretty much my entire adult life, but what does that mean? What is community? Is a neighborhood a community? What exactly am I desiring when I say I want more community? Does that differ from what other people want from community?
Maybe I should answer a few questions before I ask any more. I don’t think I can determine what community empowerment is until I determine what community is. Ultimately, I think this is a very individual perspective. For me community is a group of people who support each other.



TribeSteemUP | Community Empowerment: The Time of the Lone Wolf Is Over

Power, Passion, Inspiration
These are words that come to mind as I begin to write my response to the @TribeSteemUp Question posed by @trucklife-family.
"What is Community Empowerment, why is it so important and How can we find ways to achieve it?"The Time of the Lone Wolf Is Over
I get chill as I write that. Let me share this inspirational piece that it came from.
First a little backstory. I read this many years back in an especially transformative time in my life. I was just then beginning to learn about the importance of community and diving into the world of Permaculture. This piece sunk straight into my heart and has influenced me ever since.
"You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered…


Jake's Daily Thoughts: An Introduction

I am a member of @TribeSteemUp which is a community empowerment and promotion tool for Anarcho-Capitalist. We are working on community exposure with bi-weekly questions. The current question is "What is Community Empowerment, why is it so important, and how can we find ways to achieve it?"
Community empowerment is about coming together with folks of similar interests and building each other up with the intention that we all succeed. Community empowerment is important because it gives those who are successful a chance to help those who are struggling. In doing so we build up a more prosperous, enlightened, and compassionate community. We can find ways to achieve it by promoting those in our community and showing them to our following.


TribeSteemUp- Community Empowerment: Why is it so Important and How Can We Achieve It

Communities are created to support everyone within them. They are created so that everybody's voice can be heard and everyone can be part of something that is bigger than just one person. It allows people to feel the potential of 'We', to feel the power in unity. Large scale change happens when you have many people involved in bringing about that change. Communities can mean those that live around you and support you, or they can be those you meet up with at certain times during the year. What is important is that the contact is there and maintained.
Today we here on Steemit are at the forefront of creating Global Communities, bringing people together from all over the world to share ideas and wisdom, to discuss certain issues and come up with solutions.



Friendships and Great Connections - TribeSteemUp SteemitMamas - Gratitude 06

Personally, it is sharing my experiences with everybody. Loving everyone who crosses my path. I cannot force my way in to anyone's life, I can only give you a little piece of me and it's up to you to take it and run with it. If you need help and I can, I will.TribeSteemUp is such a community and if you happen to have time to get to know us, here is a primer.
We're a community who encourages everyone we come across. Our posts are about any of these topics:
Why Is Community Empowerment Important?A simple act of kindness is contagious, it has a domino effect. It will eventually find its way back to you and it goes around again.
Giving your energy to the community doesn't go to waste. It will take time, but you will find like-minded individuals who you can click with and they become your friends. It happened to me, it will happen to you.



The Importance of Community: Why I'm Supporting Tribe SteemUp

You see, that's how communities work. Individually, we're isolated, swimming around disconsolately with no one to support us. Together, we feel happier, stronger and more motivated to create, learn, connect, grow, and make a a difference. It's not all about material wealth, of course - prosperity here can take many forms, but being part of a tribe on Steemit can also generate a bit of steem for you independently of the whales, and that's a fine thing.

If you wish to support @tribesteemup, you can do so by joining the curation trail which upvotes all of the quality articles written by the authors.


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Thanks for putting all of our thoughts together! Love ya @trucklife-family!


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thank you @metama for your kind words

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