Tribesteemup Curation Trail Ran As An Orwellian Government- Kennys Kitchen.

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So a few years back I was included into this trail as my content was deemed worthy enough. I also really bought into the idea as I thought it was a wonderful way of supporting content creators that stand for freedom of expression against the current Orwellian system we exist in. I joined the trail and for 2 years have been contributing part of my crypto to EVERY single post that Tribesteemup members contribute. Give and take I thought, what a lovely symbiosis. How wrong I was!

Now, I know this might sound bitter and maybe it is a little, but let me assure you I am really not going to miss the $5 a post I made from my content. I post a couple of times a week so its hardly paying the bills!

What I am upset with ,however, is that this community, and in particular Kennys Kitchen (who runs the curation) paints itself as this freedom loving anarchist type group when it is run like a tyrannical government!

Long story short I made the HUGE mistake, at least in Kenny Kitchens eyes, of changing from a vegan diet as I got sick and started to lose my memory. It is a long story but you can see the video below if you want to go into the whys and what for's

This is a guy I had heard nothing from in 2 years UNTIL I went against the vegan religion and his own beliefs. He even went as far as to make the following response video which is full of misquotations and couldn't even be bothered to set it up as a proper review video. He also shows no compassion for the fact I was suffering on this diet, a typical anti human militant vegan response.

He then sends me an email that suddenly ALL my content is now questionable and that I shouldn't be doing this or that. I shouldn't link in my website into posts where all my other work is (even though others do). I shouldn't be re uploading content (even though he reuploaded the above video from YouTube to DTube!) ALL because I changed my diet and he doesn't agree with some of my content.

Steemit, and this group in particular typifies what it REALLY is. You are ok as long as you post and agree with everyone else to get that precious upvote! It doesn't promote free speech at all, its just an echo chamber of people sucking up to each other begging to be upvoted.

It is ANTI FREEDOM and so is Kenny himself. Behaving like a dictator whilst putting out the persona that he is freedom loving. Everyone bootlicking him because they want to stay in the Tribe. Full of fakeness. So people in Tribesteemup if you want to stay in the club DON"T tell Kenny you eat meat and if you do keep it to yourself! Don't change your diet and only post things that he agrees with!

As I say financially this means nothing to me, I just call bullshit where I see it, and throwing out people because they don't eat the same food as you is against everything that you and people in the freedom loving community SAY they stand for.



I have upvoted this post because I think it is good that you speak out against what you perceive as wrong and hypocritical. But I have no idea what was going between you and Kenny and I don't bother to watch two videos about the pros and cons of a vegan diet. That is not my concern at all.

I am a member of TribeSteemUp for two years myself and I love the community. People have been very kind and open-minded there and we had many great conversations on Discord. I don't think they are bootlickers for upvotes. Many of the members don't even know that they are in the TSU trail. What Kenny did has nothing to do with any of us other members.

My own content is so far out that NONE of the TSU members have ever agreed with any of my research. And that is totally ok to me. Nobody gets what I am doing anyway. But here you are, throwing us all into one pot, polarizing exactly like the guy with the beard did, who you use as a bad example in your post. The same guy who physically forced my teenage grand-father to fight for his cause and made him loose a leg in the war.

You could have had the upper hand with your position in this conflict, in which you perceive yourself as the victim. But by attacking basically everyone in the tribe, you have discredited yourself, in my opinion.

That being said, I wish you all the best for your journey, with less projections onto others.

Im not trying to start a war, all I did was simply change my diet and I have been thrown out with the wolves. Its fundamentally wrong considering I was experiencing poor health, with many other ex vegans now coming out and saying the same a TRUE open society should allow for that. Its no better than the system we live under and therefore something needs to be said. Its actually put me off the whole platform because I have come to realise its all people fishing for upvotes and agreeing with each other.

I too have upvoted this post, as I do believe in freedom of speech. As leader of Natural Medicine, I resteemed and shared your post because I believe in open dialogue and inviting others to contribute and value add to conversations about things that can be controversial - even vaccinating, which can get messy and heated. I was glad Kenny contributed to the conversation, and thought it really opened up room for intelligent and thoughtful conversation.

I have been incredibly grateful for TSU's support, particularly with Natural Medicine, as we can then support others on the blockchain and create abundance for all. Never once has the tribe argued about my views or the content I put out, and I can say there's lots of tribe stuff I might not like or agree with either - but as long as it's good content, and ethical, that's awesome and Kenny has been really happy to support us. We don't kow tow to each other, and in fact, often have great arguments and discussion in Discord. TSU has always supported good content and good Steem players who engage thoughtfully and intelligently with each other, and the platform.

I think it's a real shame that you felt you had to tar everyone with the same brush. So many of us give back to the platform in so many ways. We are a really diverse range of people - and in my experience, kind and caring people who have freedom in their hearts and love on their sleeves. I've been brought up when I've been down by this community many times, and I pay it forward to other communities in the spirit of this great web of Steem that we are all pulled into because it means something to us.

A shame you guys couldn't sort it out via email, as that would have been much preferable or at least seen it as an opportunity to respond with your own views passionately and based on your evidence as counter to Kenny's - that's really what it's all about. I looked at both posts and can't see where Kenny was telling you to change your diet and I know for sure there are PLENTY of non vegans in TSU so can't see why you'd call it a 'vegan cult' (not that there's anything wrong with vegan cults, either :P). Personally, I'm sorry you haven't been well - but I still don't see a reason to attack in the way you have.

As for people being removed from the tribe, it always comes after discussion, and the only couple of times I can remember is one guy spouting hate speech, one posting very short actifit posts, and one guy posting memes I think. Apart from the hate speech guy (fair enough, he was a misogynist too and we were all recoiling in horror over that one) they weren't personal removals at all, and nor was yours. If at any time they returned to good content that supported the pillars of TSU they would have been welcome back, no problem. Rewards for mediocre content aren't really in the spirit of the Steem we want to see in the world, I'm sure you'd agree.

You did have opportunity to discuss via email. I'm glad you are fine about not being in the tribe - imagine the vitriol you would have responded with if you weren't okay with it. Goodness!

With regards, @riverflows

As a member of TSU I had to respond to this, firstly to state that I think for myself and I am in no way influenced by anyone else on the platform or in the tribe. There is no way I would be a part of any community that is run by a tyrant. I take offence to that claim to be honest.
I have watched your video about why you stopped being a vegan and I Also have watched Kenny’s. it was very clear to me that Kenny was reacting to your claims and not your decision to stop eating meat which is what you keep referring to. That is your choice at the end of the day and one you made because of your health, which has to be respected.
What I don’t understand is why you down voted his post, because that is not how we deal with things in the tribe, if you had been engaging in the discord channel you would have witnessed members disagreeing but always being open and honest in their communication. We certainly do not all see eye to eye on everything and that is perfectly find, we are all wonderfully diverse which is how it should be.
As a result of your down vote Kenny looked into the content you were posting . There was no negativity at all until you down voted his post, it was just a difference of opinion at that point. Communication is so important in any community and having a conversation would have been much better that just that negative response.
It is a shame that it had come to this to be honest. But your decision to deal with it like this and insult Kenny and the other members speaks volumes to me, and I understand why you are no longer in the tribe.
I wish you well in all that you do. xx

I down voted his post because not once in that video did he express any concern or care for my own personal health. He didn't mention it once. I was very ill and sick, I thought I had brain cancer at one point. But this is what happens when you leave the vegan religion! Its completely anti human and to be kicked out because of it is disgusting and needs calling out.

Kenny treated me inhumanely by making a video about me ignoring my health and then kicking me out. Yet Im the one who has insulted him?? It truly is like a cult and Im glad I spoke my truth.

And its a frigging down vote not a punch in the face jees.

I was also a part of this group about a year ago. Then my girlfriend dumped me and I had to scramble to find an apartment, furnish it, provide for my newborn son daily, etc, and it got to a point where I hardly had time in the day to make a post. So I posted my daily Actifit post which talked about what I did that day, etc. I thought this would be perceived nicely in the community since being active is very important in living a healthy life. Little did I know I would basically be outed as a “shit-poster”, or at least that is how it feels to be kicked out of a community like this. Sorry it happened to you, best thing is to just move forward and live your life, try not to care what others think. I have always found your content very interesting (even though we may not agree 100% on everything). Keep up the good work Tony!

Thanks Alex, sorry you had this experience also. I really dont care what people think, but I will always call out fraudsters and fakers. People contributing their Steem power need to know what sort of gastapo is running this thing! Much love brother.

Im really sorry for ur health challenges.. and did read both your and kennys post.. i think your being a bit over the top with all this drama... kenny did in fact ask several people “elders” on the tribe before he made any decisions...

The reasons for removing u were more to do eith your conduct and tone when communicating, as well as the fact that a lot of your posts did not align with the tribes core values.. oh and downvoting kennys comment was also not very cool... i think he made some valuable points..

Whether eating vegan is good or not was not the point really... its not what u do... its the way that u do it!

I hope u heal quickly.. finding the right diet and especially going vegan is not easy untill you learn how to cook and eat the right kind of food.. ive no idea what ur daily meals looked like, but as someone with a lot of experience with this im happy To advise u or help U figure it out.. most doctors are pretty clueless in this area...

Urgh its like being at school you can keep it. Im trying to move away from control and authority. Your group is not in alignment with me, Im glad its all come out because I can see clearly how it all works now!

Poor Kennys feelings he got a downvote..pathetic.

Are you feeling really upset, because your need to feel vindicated for rejecting A vegan didnt come... and u didnt feel heard?... when were angry its hard to see straight.

My defense of a vegan diet being very healthy when you eat the right kind of food is by way of a Photograph from a friend. Shes a bison, one of the strongest and largest animals on the planet! Guess what she eats?


Im not upset at all, Im truly relieved that I have uncovered this group for what it is. An organisation taking peoples steem power whilst simultaneously controlling what information gets put out by influencers. Its as clear as a bell. Im releived to be out with my head held high for speaking up about it.

Oh come on! Ive never once ever been asked or told what to post or not to post.. in fact kenny hasnt told anyone what to do at any time really other then issues relating to post quality, and respectful communications...

Never heard of either of you guys before someone resteemed an article but I definitely have to agree with you that you got threw under the bus as a direct result of posting a video that, maybe not so much that you stopped the vegan diet but one that grabbed his attention, one that went against the grain of what he promotes. I don't think he really cares whether you quit eating meat or not but he definitely cared you shared a perspective that going vegan could have potentially serious side effects. (I didn't watch the videos) If you hadn't shared your thoughts/experiences you'd still be happily going along posting your content like you had been, there's no doubt in my mind about that. The argument that you do not produce exclusive steem content falls flat on it's face because many of those who do their own utube often post to utube then share here on the platform. I also seen that when people responded to your post you responded back. Whether you viewed others content within the tribe and responded I have no idea as that's to much time out of my day as I blog all over the place, with that said you may well fall within those boundaries too....the amount of time you spend producing, editing, researching and responding puts constraints on other activities but none the less you still supported others content by voting.

So as an outsider looking in I hereby say:

Your content was scrutinized for posting content that shared a potential health risk of being vegan.

As such you were found guilty of posting content that shared a potential health risk of being vegan, posting other content he deemed unreasonable, and not "supposedly" engaging with the community enough though you did engage with your audience which is the objective of most who use the internet for making money and would be given priority particularity if time restricted.

You were found guilty of posting your videos to utube first instead of steem.

As such you were penalized for not meeting someone else's objective over your own and therefore you have been deemed incapable of making the "right" kind of free choices once rewarded and allowed you.

Is that "freedom"?....I dare say not.

Thats it in a nutshell basically. He doesn't agree with my diet and that I was vocal about it therefore Im 'out the club'

I am fully aware of how these things work. I've been a victim myself several times but unlike you I got the flag detail. Once you say something that someone doesn't like they instantly hop on over to your blog and investigate every little detail there until their heart is content. Then they flag every potential post you may have pending a pay out....though that has nothing to do what so ever with why they got upset with someone....then they go back and use whatever they gathered about you to slander you to the best of their ability with the information they accumulated. Some of them I've seen some crazy commitment to getting back at you for an going through every post you made for months looking for something disparaging against you, they'll even bring up stuff you had a dust up with someone else without even realizing you and that someone else got past whatever your differences was. It all sounded way to familiar to me. He, like what happened two, three times with me, scoured through all your stuff to find a reason to retaliate for a difference of opinion, only difference was I usually got flagged all my post but you had your upvote taken.

Sorry you went through this. Its a complete scam and they are making sure influencers tow the official line. Its a psychopath op for sure. Better off without. I think Steemit in general is anti freedom because everyone is agreeing with each other to get upvotes all the time!

I don't even necessarily think they are all even agreeing on the content written they are all just agreeing to upvote each other regardless of the content. I highly doubt they read even a minimum of the stuff written, it's a giant circle jerk.

No of course not, everyone blowing smoke up each others arse and sucking up to King Kenny You only have to look at the comments here of his disciples!

@tonysayers33, I don't know what's going on, but hope that this issue will be resolved and you both will find the Point Of Balance. Stay blessed.

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I doubt it. I made the mistake of changing my diet. How dare I!

Have a peaceful time ahead.

I doubt it. I made
The mistake of changing my
Diet. How dare I!

                 - tonysayers33

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