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RE: Tribesteemup Curation Trail Ran As An Orwellian Government- Kennys Kitchen.

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Never heard of either of you guys before someone resteemed an article but I definitely have to agree with you that you got threw under the bus as a direct result of posting a video that, maybe not so much that you stopped the vegan diet but one that grabbed his attention, one that went against the grain of what he promotes. I don't think he really cares whether you quit eating meat or not but he definitely cared you shared a perspective that going vegan could have potentially serious side effects. (I didn't watch the videos) If you hadn't shared your thoughts/experiences you'd still be happily going along posting your content like you had been, there's no doubt in my mind about that. The argument that you do not produce exclusive steem content falls flat on it's face because many of those who do their own utube often post to utube then share here on the platform. I also seen that when people responded to your post you responded back. Whether you viewed others content within the tribe and responded I have no idea as that's to much time out of my day as I blog all over the place, with that said you may well fall within those boundaries too....the amount of time you spend producing, editing, researching and responding puts constraints on other activities but none the less you still supported others content by voting.

So as an outsider looking in I hereby say:

Your content was scrutinized for posting content that shared a potential health risk of being vegan.

As such you were found guilty of posting content that shared a potential health risk of being vegan, posting other content he deemed unreasonable, and not "supposedly" engaging with the community enough though you did engage with your audience which is the objective of most who use the internet for making money and would be given priority particularity if time restricted.

You were found guilty of posting your videos to utube first instead of steem.

As such you were penalized for not meeting someone else's objective over your own and therefore you have been deemed incapable of making the "right" kind of free choices once rewarded and allowed you.

Is that "freedom"?....I dare say not.


Thats it in a nutshell basically. He doesn't agree with my diet and that I was vocal about it therefore Im 'out the club'

I am fully aware of how these things work. I've been a victim myself several times but unlike you I got the flag detail. Once you say something that someone doesn't like they instantly hop on over to your blog and investigate every little detail there until their heart is content. Then they flag every potential post you may have pending a pay out....though that has nothing to do what so ever with why they got upset with someone....then they go back and use whatever they gathered about you to slander you to the best of their ability with the information they accumulated. Some of them I've seen some crazy commitment to getting back at you for an going through every post you made for months looking for something disparaging against you, they'll even bring up stuff you had a dust up with someone else without even realizing you and that someone else got past whatever your differences was. It all sounded way to familiar to me. He, like what happened two, three times with me, scoured through all your stuff to find a reason to retaliate for a difference of opinion, only difference was I usually got flagged all my post but you had your upvote taken.

Sorry you went through this. Its a complete scam and they are making sure influencers tow the official line. Its a psychopath op for sure. Better off without. I think Steemit in general is anti freedom because everyone is agreeing with each other to get upvotes all the time!

I don't even necessarily think they are all even agreeing on the content written they are all just agreeing to upvote each other regardless of the content. I highly doubt they read even a minimum of the stuff written, it's a giant circle jerk.

No of course not, everyone blowing smoke up each others arse and sucking up to King Kenny You only have to look at the comments here of his disciples!

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