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RE: Tribesteemup Curation Trail Ran As An Orwellian Government- Kennys Kitchen.

in #tribesteemup2 years ago

Im really sorry for ur health challenges.. and did read both your and kennys post.. i think your being a bit over the top with all this drama... kenny did in fact ask several people “elders” on the tribe before he made any decisions...

The reasons for removing u were more to do eith your conduct and tone when communicating, as well as the fact that a lot of your posts did not align with the tribes core values.. oh and downvoting kennys comment was also not very cool... i think he made some valuable points..

Whether eating vegan is good or not was not the point really... its not what u do... its the way that u do it!

I hope u heal quickly.. finding the right diet and especially going vegan is not easy untill you learn how to cook and eat the right kind of food.. ive no idea what ur daily meals looked like, but as someone with a lot of experience with this im happy To advise u or help U figure it out.. most doctors are pretty clueless in this area...


Urgh its like being at school you can keep it. Im trying to move away from control and authority. Your group is not in alignment with me, Im glad its all come out because I can see clearly how it all works now!

Poor Kennys feelings he got a downvote..pathetic.

Are you feeling really upset, because your need to feel vindicated for rejecting A vegan didnt come... and u didnt feel heard?... when were angry its hard to see straight.

My defense of a vegan diet being very healthy when you eat the right kind of food is by way of a Photograph from a friend. Shes a bison, one of the strongest and largest animals on the planet! Guess what she eats?


Im not upset at all, Im truly relieved that I have uncovered this group for what it is. An organisation taking peoples steem power whilst simultaneously controlling what information gets put out by influencers. Its as clear as a bell. Im releived to be out with my head held high for speaking up about it.

Oh come on! Ive never once ever been asked or told what to post or not to post.. in fact kenny hasnt told anyone what to do at any time really other then issues relating to post quality, and respectful communications...

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