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RE: Tribesteemup Curation Trail Ran As An Orwellian Government- Kennys Kitchen.

As a member of TSU I had to respond to this, firstly to state that I think for myself and I am in no way influenced by anyone else on the platform or in the tribe. There is no way I would be a part of any community that is run by a tyrant. I take offence to that claim to be honest.
I have watched your video about why you stopped being a vegan and I Also have watched Kenny’s. it was very clear to me that Kenny was reacting to your claims and not your decision to stop eating meat which is what you keep referring to. That is your choice at the end of the day and one you made because of your health, which has to be respected.
What I don’t understand is why you down voted his post, because that is not how we deal with things in the tribe, if you had been engaging in the discord channel you would have witnessed members disagreeing but always being open and honest in their communication. We certainly do not all see eye to eye on everything and that is perfectly find, we are all wonderfully diverse which is how it should be.
As a result of your down vote Kenny looked into the content you were posting . There was no negativity at all until you down voted his post, it was just a difference of opinion at that point. Communication is so important in any community and having a conversation would have been much better that just that negative response.
It is a shame that it had come to this to be honest. But your decision to deal with it like this and insult Kenny and the other members speaks volumes to me, and I understand why you are no longer in the tribe.
I wish you well in all that you do. xx


I down voted his post because not once in that video did he express any concern or care for my own personal health. He didn't mention it once. I was very ill and sick, I thought I had brain cancer at one point. But this is what happens when you leave the vegan religion! Its completely anti human and to be kicked out because of it is disgusting and needs calling out.

Kenny treated me inhumanely by making a video about me ignoring my health and then kicking me out. Yet Im the one who has insulted him?? It truly is like a cult and Im glad I spoke my truth.

And its a frigging down vote not a punch in the face jees.

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