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More rambling on some of the niche tribes: SPORTS, CCC, STEM, LEO, PORN, and DEC.

I'm getting asked questions on the Tribes daily at present and even though I spend oooh, about 16 hours a day around and about Steem, I don't have all the answers - recent observations I can do though. I've tagged #steemleo but will refrain from spamming the other niche tags, today anyway.


sportstalksocial : SPORTS

This is the tribe I've probably spent the most time producing content for in the past month, averaging 5/6 posts a week on top of a post from this account. I may come across as a beer drinking hobo, but I did used to play a fair amount of sports, and will watch just about any live sporting event, even Curling.

Curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles.

Yeah, and skate along in front of the stone with a brush to smooth the ice if the short looks short. Electrifying stuff!

Anyway, the SPORTS token... is still in my opinion inflated at .00180, and that's after a month of being multiples of this price. Issues at the beginning of the tribe are part of the reason this is the case and the changes saved the community from suffering collapse before it had really played a shot.

There are still a lot of tokens, billions in fact, giving Sports Talk Social a current market cap of $34,490,283 - about half the market cap of STEEM. Reduce that by 50 times and we are at PAL level - that seems a bit more realistic to me.

Recently, SPORTS offered up a promotional service, and initially started paying the Steem Power delegates in SPORTS. Whilst the vote that this service offers isn't large enough to have a say on the Trending pages, it has upset a few people, and had some influence on token price - The largest delegator chose not to stake a single sports and sent their earnings to the market.

However, in the past 24 hours, the rules have been changed (upsetting some and pleasing others) so that the payouts are 100% staked/vested and this is reduced the number of SPORTS hitting the market. SPORTS also offer a human pregnancy length power-down of 9 months, again pleasing some and frustrating others.

Personally, I'm happy writing about sports and occasionally posting an Actifit report (Actifit are partnered up and have a stake in SPORTS to reward Actifitters) every so often, but I don't think I could recommend buying a stake right now, even though I paid 3/4 times the current market rate.

creativecoin - CCC

Is probably my favorite place on Steem to curate content at present. Many of the people I've been following for a while now are using the tag 'creativecoin' and finding themselves on the Trending page. As far as I am aware, there is no promotional service, but there is a manual curation team with decent stake's browsing content.

The New page is fairly busy compared to some tribes (Saturday night is quiet though) and so there could be a chance that decent work is missed - although nothing like the same chance as when viewing's New feed.

Art, photography, music, video, creative writing, entertainment, making stuff, (code doesn't count for some reason..), etc, isn't really my thing, but I do like a look and have almost 15000 CCC staked at present. Again, I couldn't suggest wading into CCC tokens right now with any confidence as the general trend is down with regards to price, but it's a nice place to curate as there is some shiny stuff to look at.

stemgeeks : STEM

Is probably the strictest tribe with regards to content moderation, and I have to agree with their recent update which includes:

Maintaining strong moderation to keep content on topic will result in the best experience for those who spend the time creating good quality STEM-related content.

This could relate, although not entirely, to the fact that there isn't much content appearing in New at present - 2 posts in the past hour or so, but it's also fair to say that Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) content is quite niche, and can sometimes take a while to put together.

What I do like is that there is some organic content appearing - the 'stem' tag isn't the only word being looked for in the tags, and actually, this content is frequently pretty good, perhaps because folks are just writing about what they know, and not fishing for some STEM tokens? What would be cool is if they could on-board a bunch of schools and college students to present their 'how to to make a...' project, I'd be happy curating that sort of work and think the tribe could do well from something like that.

Token supply is pretty low at STEM, and along with the strict moderation I think it is an interesting project. I do own some STEM, and the only thing putting me off buying more at present is the low post turnout. If that changes and quality remains decent, I think stemgeeks could be one to watch.

steemleo - LEO

Is partly doing what I think wants to be - the homepage for investment and crypto related news. In's current format (how long til communities?), it's not happening there, and because much of the wider community have an obvious interest in finances, there is a lot of content appearing on this tribe.

I think it's reasonably fair to say they are reasonably hands-off with content moderation, although your stunning sunset photo is unlikely to be curated by any of the larger stakeholders. Will I get away with this post because I'm touching on tokens and giving a lightweight investment opinion, maybe :)

As with many tokens, the price as slipped in recent weeks but I do think the tribe is onto something with their very popular niche subject area. Again, I wouldn't say LEO is a strong buy, but I am staking pretty much everything I earn.

dporn - PORN

It seems logical to finish with porn... but I've got one more niche token to go after this. Following the airdrop, PORN was sold off pretty heavily. 500 tokens at .3/.4 STEEM was pretty generous compared to other drops and as porn is not everyone's thing, I'm guessing a number of people also offloaded due to lack of interest.

I did stake my tokens, and doubled up at a reasonable price compared to the current market, but I have to be honest and say the content is pretty rough at present - If you like looking at photos of people splaying their ass cheeks, then this is your tribe.

Ten million tokens though, this is the thing, and porn is apparently big business - Supply is low, potential is, err, huge. My VP here is often at 100%, and so I'm likely not earning good curation (anyone got a tool to monitor tribe curation?), and so it could just be better to plot a target price and buy a chunk if you think there is potential in this arena.

Dark Energy Crystals - Splinterlands/Steemmonsters - DEC

Last one, and the first one I'm going to suggest holding a few of - even if you don't play the game. From what I've seen, and I've not got charts to show you sadly, DEC has been steadily rising for months now. This in-game tokens has a variety of burn cases or sinks, like potions, and more recently, the introduction of Guilds.

If you don't play the game the above wont mean too much, but the variety of methods to reduce token supply which benefit the player, their guild, and the community as a whole is what has me interested. I recently purchased DEC as a hedge against STEEM, and it's working out OK thus far. (I also bought SBD for the same reason and that isn't going to plan just yet!).

DEC is my weak buy (and therefore strongest call) of all the tokens I've mentioned, but as Taraz has written at least 5 times this evening:

This is the internet, your decisions are your own.

Oh, and some links for tribe stuff I have found useful:
Market and holder information with a day chart (week/month/year would be awesome, thanks!)
Manage vote weight of tribe token and lots of other stuff here
Set up auto-claim of tribe tokens and manage vote weight
Steem Engine delegation viewer
Another market viewer - find out who's listed a token .0000001 cheaper than you and troll them on discord
Steem Engine block explorer



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It's certainly interesting to watch the evolution of these tribes and tokens, as well as the different techniques to manage them, whether that be staked against a primary account, separate alts for each token, or a single token based alt. Time will tell which is the optimum method

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Yes for sure. I am siding with the multi-account option at present due to flexibility. It's a lot of work though, and not everyone has the time/resources for this approach.

I initially started staking with my primary account, but have recently started migrating tokens to a dedicated account for all my tokens (though keeping a very small stake on my main account for any unexpected curation benefits). This may be revisited in future as resources allow/demand, but for now I'll see how this goes.

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...though keeping a very small stake on my main account for any unexpected curation benefits

Same actually, although the stakes are small. As as well as unexpected curation benefits, your main account name can be in the top 20 list - a little promotion for this account.

I hadn't even thought of that little side benefit.

Art, photography, making stuff

Music, video, creative writing, entertainment, plus more. CCC is a lot more than what you mentioned and I think that's worth mentioning, since there's been some confusion. That's the place curators can go to get paid to be entertained. Just need more creative/entertainer types to show up. It's not all about that quilt grandma made.

I was a bit lazy with all my descriptions and will edit to include your additions.

One of my favourite authors and video producers, meesterboom will be happier too.

Humor/Comedy as well. I saw some solid Sci-fi writing yesterday, I think. Creative nonfiction.

When I first started on Steemit, there was quite a bit of creative stuff.

A lot of Dtubers were putting out creative videos, and I prefer those over the talking head opinion stuff, but now I rarely see any, which is strange because this entertainment stuff usually draws the largest crowd. I think that initial confusion about what creative means stalled progress. I'm hoping things pick up and since I'm taking a break from posting for a few days, I might have time now to recruit a few folks who obviously haven't been paying much attention to all of these somewhat recent developments.

Do you remember a guy who would juggle and stuff and then edit the video to defy gravity and the like? His stuff was cool and attracted the votes of one of the largest stakeholders, hendrickdgrote.

I would like to see more performers and people having a good time with their work, and do agree that creativecoin is the place for them to shine.

Good luck with your recruitment mission.

Even Curie, at least when I started and for quite some time after, was always searching for that creative stuff and helping those who produce it. So many of these folks got pushed aside by paid votes though, then left once the SP well dried up. Entertainment requires organic eyes and that's one the biggest benefits of these tribes so far. I'll do my best though trying to encourage folks to return and try it out.

Creative work has seemingly lost out the most with the lack of eyes, but the tribes do offer that at present and if moderated + curated well by the larger stakeholders, will hopefully continue to do so.

As happy as a pig in the brown stuff!!

I like creativecoin very much. I have staked a bit myself but not as much as you. I actually really like browsing the new tab!

Wade into the brown stuff and get some of those CCC's :D

I still have some orders in but the price recovered!!

I caught some today but can't remember what price I set the buy at - I wish that info was inside steem-engine, or is it there and I'm missing something 🤓

& 5 :)

What about closed/completed orders, so i can see what i bought/sold at?

Cheers :)

I got little CCC too yesterday! I scraped some tiny leftovers, like the Swiftcash airdrop, DrugWars dollars and withdrew some rental profits from Peakmonsters. The first token I've bought into! Will keep an eye on the price and get more if it goes low.

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Good stuff. I don't think anyone can confidently say where the tribes are going, but it's a good one to curate, give out rewards, and be entertained at present.

I don't think it is. There are two things I would love, a tab for open orders and a tab for closed orders. Then it would be magic! I picked up some quite cheap because there was a dip

That's the place curators can go to get paid to be entertained.

Precisely this! I don't often get chance to post for creative, but I enjoy a lot of the creative posts, so I'm staked more for that reason than any other.

On a side note, I can't imagine posting anything for LEO, but I do read investment posts occasionally, so that's definitely staked too. These SCOTs are working better than Steem towards the encouragement of curating.

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CCC is brilliant because there are far more consumers of entertainment in this world than there are producers and I think it was silly early on when people ditched their airdrop, thinking they're not creative so the token isn't for them, yet those same people will spend hours daily online looking for entertainment and NOT getting paid to consume it. It's like they somehow forgot about curation rewards, building up stake, and earning more and more, for sitting on their butts and having fun.

I really think a lot of people don't fully understand the idea behind the tokens. It can be overwhelming trying to figure all of them out, so they bring them back to what they know. I may yet sell some of my airdrops, if I really think I'm not going to find a use for them. Porn is likely to go for a start, as I don't even want to curate that. Having said that, there is a small part which might overlap in art, so do I keep it for that? 🤔

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I won't attach my name to the porn. If you google NoNamesLeftToUse and go to the image section, majority of those images at the start are my work, but sometimes something I've voted for gets thrown into the mix. If it's porn getting thrown in to the mix, then I run the risk of having my name and those images removed from search results.

I'll hold the tokens though. If I sell, I only get a few dollars. I can find that on the ground if I look hard enough. In a few years, maybe the project will be booming and maybe those tokens will be worth something that's more than a few dollars. It costs me nothing to keep them in my wallet and ignore them. I do that will all of these free handouts. The ones I will use, of course I'll stake them. Then I get more for hitting a 'like' button. Even at current values, with everything combined, sometimes hitting that like button pays me a dollar. A dollar that can be worth far more in the future... for hitting a like button. And of course I'm baffled when I see folks sell and lose out on those potential profits. Eating their seeds, instead of planting them.

CCC is brilliant because there are far more consumers of entertainment in this world than there are producers...

THAT, right there! Even with my tiny budget, I nabbed about 6000 CCC when everyone was dumping it... and I can't help but think that was the right thing to do. Besides, I like the team behind CCC.

I have this vague hope that the CCC tribe might actually be able to fill some of the voids left by creatives who more or less gave up on being seen on Steemit proper; as you commented elsewhere, in the early days there was a LOT more promise and hope around the idea of a blockchain based venue were artists and creatives might earn a bit from a peer supported network without having to directly "sell their art" in the process.

Yes, people "consume" creativity in HUGE amounts... just take the "micro niche" I personally fit into: the cat videos on YouTube have been watched an estimated TWENTY FIVE BILLION times! And that's just a fraction of one percent of the entertainment market..


There's some business stuff folks need to know as well. Producing the entertainment and then selling the tokens seven days later is much like chipping away at their venue, until there's nothing left. These folks need to know they're literally putting themselves out of business if they're not careful with those tokens.

I suppose that therein lies the rub, in some ways.

Everybody (or "most" people) seem to completely focused on making money that they overlook the invitation to make these venues a way to INVEST in yourself for the long haul. At least, that's how I am treating this...

I figure I'd still be using social media and getting pretty much nothing for it, so here I am still "using social media" but with the fringe benefit that I can treat all this as a sort of long-term "drip savings account." Whereas I can't necessarily afford to put more money IN to the various tribes, I CAN afford to reinvesting what little I do get from my posts. I just wish more people thought like that!



I posed a question in the CCC forum, and currently there is no bot on that tribe. A lot of responses came back..., including this one.

Ahh, Mr @carlgnash :) He's usually on the ball this one.

I also think it would be a good move for a tribe to explicitly state 'no bots'. A post on the matter could well attract a lot of positive feedback and lure people to investing further.

Cheers for the share.

  ·  last month (edited)

Hey I should update that after some discussion back and forth the tribe leaders all said they were opposed to bid bots / vote selling ever being allowed in CCC and they said they would make a post to that effect :) I do think it is a great way to get out ahead of the issue, and will likely be a huge positive in terms of helping push people over the fence and into staking CCC :) I am up to 23.8k staked now with around another 20k open buy orders at lower prices :)

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  ·  last month (edited)

BTW I don't think it is necessarily true that CCC price has been trending down. I have been buying in over the past few weeks. The highest price I paid was just less than .04 Steem / CCC a few weeks ago, and I have had buy orders fill for as low as .025. In past week though the price has been bumping back up to .04 Steem (which is the price as I type this). A week ago it seemed like price was trending down but it is hard to make that argument now I think. The amount of buy orders stacking up between .03 and .04 is way outpacing the sell orders coming in. image.png

And in DEC case, you can now use it in Steemmonsters and Peakmonsters market to buy cards directly with it, so yet another utility!

Excellent - I'm keeping a stash for sure :)

The most informative post I've seen so far on the workings of the tribes. I think it's going to take a while for people to figure out them all, because we're not all interested in the same things, but as people share about their favorite ones it will help others to discover what they might enjoy.

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Thanks :)

I'm spread thin at present and have mixed content interest with financial interest, but will likely have to consolidate in future as it's just too much to keep track of. It's been fun though :)

nice round-up @abh12345, I did my second post with steemleo and stemgeek today from my brand account. don't see much use in my content, brand or personal on other tribes yet. I might do an excel sports tracker of some type for sportstalk some time.

Thanks :)

I've just given a vote to that with all my STEM, and think that it's a good fit in LEO.

An excel sports tracker sounds good, could use stem for that as well maybe :)

if I vote on comments where the parent post uses a tribe tag, do I give tribe votes as well as steem votes ( assuming I have staked my tribe tokens)?

what would be good in a sports tracker? some sort of knock out template?

  ·  last month (edited)


If they use the first tag in the Post as a tribe then yes. I've used 'tribes' so a vote here wont cost you any other VP, unless: #steemleo #stem - has this added the tags to my comments metadata?

You could recycle this? :D


oh, I could recycle that, I have found a few others too :-)

hmm debating if I can let you slip with this one...

jk jk. Nice analysis of the tribes. I've had my head buried in the Steemleo sand for so long, I've had a hard time sticking my head up to take a look around.

Agree 100% on the point of content moderation. I'm not fully up to speed on what most of the other tribes are doing, but the Steemleo new page definitely needs a serious makeover. Currently the process is that curators downvote bad content when they see it and then if they find a serial abuser they send them to me and I hit them with noleo4u + mute.

It's a slow and grueling process.. in need of automation. I'm talking to a dev at the moment who says he can automate the entire process so curators can collectively vote (via discord) to mute/flag users with the noleo4u account without the need for my intervention. From there, hopefully we can see some drastic improvements. 🤞🏽

Phew :)

I've heard similar from other tribes in that they haven't had the time to look around at present.

Sent you a message on discord, cheers.

Don't you know by now? You're the go to person, the one with the answers. If you don't know, you find out. Plus you explain things very nicely. I think there are quite a few people that are extremely confused by a good portion of it. I know several that don't even want to touch it because they don't understand any of it.

I know for me I understand about the alt coins and work with the ones I do understand. I can't imagine what you wallet looks like. I imagine like mine x10 and on crack. All of the little ones that pop up that no one has any clue on. Then if you misuse one... Yikes. It's like giving me $100 telling me I can spend it on, 1 ply toilet paper made by a monk in a cabin that 200 miles in the middle of nowhere or I can keep it and hold on to it, even though it will never be touched. Oh wait that's exactly how this is LOL.

The only issue I have is there needs to be documentation. With PALnet, Neoxian, CreativeCoin, and SteemLeo we know what they are all for because they told us. The posted and posted and informed the community as to what they were doing. And now, thanks to you, there are a few more explained. Just like I have MEME. I know what a meme is. I think I might have shared one once to make a point, but with the thinking of how the others work, this would tell me if I posted memes then I should use the MEME tag. Who knows? I don't recall seeing anything. I couldn't find anything when I looked. So my MEME will sit using up 1s and 0s on some server somewhere.

I don't mean for this to sound cynical, I'm just trying to be light-hearted about it all. As I finished typing out that line it was like a little epiphany, isn't that all what it is? 1s and 0s on some server somewhere? Someone has decided to give that sequence of 1s and 0s a monetary value. I even remember a comment some time back where someone was ranting about crypto and alt coins, I hear this quite a bit actually, on why does it have any value? It has value, because we give it value. Video games show us that it doesn't matter what you use as long as the 'collective' believes it has value then that is currency. Could you imagine though being in a Fallout world. 'That will cost you 4k bottle caps.' And someone having a trunk filled with 4k bottle caps, because they sure wouldn't fit in your pocket. 😁


An amusing write-up which could well fit into the thinking of many at present. I agree, some tokens just appear without any background (my tip would be to stake (if possible) and ignore for now).

In Steem-Engine, there is this symbol which has helped me at times - linking to the tribe, or at least explaining briefly what the token is.

I see you are using #creativecoin and that's good - I didn't want to find a lack of tribe tags and think this one is obviously quite suitable for powerhousecreatives. Perhaps you could spread the message to the community - I saw your resteem of a piece of content with these tags, and think they could also be picking up some CCC tokens.

Thank you for the kind words in the first paragraph :D

A lack of sleep LOL. My brain was just firing on something. That is what I have been doing if it's of an amount. 1 or 2 naa, they can just sit. I know a few that have sold them off and done well. I tried to sell one off, because it is something I will never use or support and got nothing in return which was odd.

I've mentioned it in passing. I wish more would. The 2 really do go well together.

Thanks for the update as these internal markets are moving much faster than I can keep up with in reality! I continue to hold everything I have gotten although have only staked the ones I use at the moment. DEC is definitely a great one to watch as I have been impressed with its versatility as they can now be used to but cards as will as be awarded for tournaments!

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No worries, I'm aware that not everyone can spend the time here that I do (and soon my time could be less so I might as well get up to speed now).

Staking them all, i like your style :)

You gained another follower lol.

Followers that comment 3 times on each post are very welcome :D

Thanks for the info on these tribes handy information to know

No worries, so much to cover I could have gone for a post on each but tried to condense into one.

YOu summed it up very well just the right amount of info :) :)

I personally think LEO, SPORTS, STEM and CCC have the most potential as communities... in regards to numbers of participants in the future.

DPORN probably has a high financial potential, but who knows. I might hold some of those, but I doubt I'll be to involved in the communities.

SPORTS worries me a bit from financial standpoint because of number of tokens.

LEO needs content improvement, but that is off to a good start and I think will only improve. They are very good in the areas of token management (burning etc.) and that also seems likely to improve with their good leadership.

Haven't looked at CCC much.

DEC seems to be the best currently from an all around standpoint. ALready large community, great use cases, aggressive token management and monitoring.

I agree with the above analysis - dporn content is harsh on the eyes at times but the token could be worth holding onto :)

Wow, thanks for this @abh12345. The tribe thing had been a bit of a mystery to me up until now.

I do think it's worth spending some time looking into the ones you think are related to your content, thanks for the comment :)

I like the whole explanation, there are so many tokens, every day there is something new ... they no longer reach the tags in the publications to be able to win them all. You don´t writing about Neoxian.

I didn't cover neoxian as it is less niche and accepting of most content. is doing this already?

Good info, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on these @abh12345!

Since the whole "for the money" angle seems like a losing proposition, I've been approaching tribes from more of a "what do I LIKE, and what am I INTERESTED in?" angle.

I like PAL, perhaps because it's a catch-all AND it's been around pretty much forever (before there were tokens); I really like CCC because "creativity" is right up my alley (come on, a CAT blog? You HAVE to be creative to keep people interested in THAT, right?); I like LEO, but plan to approach it more from a how to invest in ourselves angle rather than just numbers and charts; poking around at the edges of the "Intrepreneur" (INT) tribe because we're all about working for ourselves... and today there was a CAT token issued! But that's pure entertainment, although it may become a "stake-able" token, in time.


... I've been approaching tribes from more of a "what do I LIKE, and what am I INTERESTED in?" angle.

The best approach I think :)

CAT as a stable-token, hmm. As you say in another reply, there is a large market for our furry friends and so who knows!

I am supporting the CAT project, but also well aware that it's more of a "for entertainment purposes only" type of token. That said, I have a lot of respect for @fraenk who's the creator.


My favourite is the BATTLE tribe

I'm building a stake there, along with GG (and SPT) and am wondering which gaming tribe will be in command in a years time. I like GG because they've sent me a couple of Monster packs as raffle prizes in the past couple of weeks :)

@abh12345 it's a work in progress but check this cool app out, an alternative way (only way?) to check on tribe VP :) [NOT MY WORK],SPT,CCC,SCT,ZZAN

More info here

NOTE: If you change the URL to only show 1 token, there is a link to change you vote weight multiplayer for that token! Just noticed this.. LOVE!

$rewarding 10% 5min

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Hey, yes i've seen that and use it for a couple of the tokens I own. For many though that I have more of a stake in I've opted for a separate account.

I didn't know you could list them all with a comma though, thanks!

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like, just throwing that out there.

Rebuttal, most tribes, and communities have begun and now have branched off of