🎨 Mythology or fairy tales?

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What is a myth? Now this word has acquired the significance of some untruth, of some fictitious thing, that is, a fake. The original meaning is folk oral creativity, that is, a fairy tale. It seems to me that mythology and a fairy tale are related concepts. My post is about mixing of genres. Mythological hero of Russian myths (prince) falls into the literary reality of the early 20th century. My hero is looking for a dragon to fight with him. But instead of the dragon, he met a talking egg and a strange caterpillar. As we shall see later, they could not find a common language.

Today I wanted to create a book illustration. I remember when I studied at an art school, I constantly tried to illustrate something. My victims were the immortal works of Pushkin, Rafaello Giovagnoli, Fenimore Cooper and other pillars of classical literature. Often I also painted fairy tales. I remember with what envy I watched the work of my classmate. Not only that the girl herself was terribly beautiful, so she also painted gorgeously! Never forget me her composition based on the fairy tale "The Princess and the Swineherd."
In a warm puddle lies a pink pig with a plump patch, brightly red tiles of half-timbered houses, curtains on the windows ... and a beautiful princess in cute trousers kisses with a dirty fervent swineherd ... and all this is done with bright fresh juicy gouache colors.
And now I look sadly at my easel. I do not like everything: both dirty tortured colors, figures of heroes, and the composition itself ...

So, I decided to get rid of phantom pains of childhood and create something in the style of * "that girl" *

This time, instead of scraps from the printer, I used the adequate paper from the notepad for graphics, because I foresaw the difficulties with drawing figures, - for me this is a rather painful stage. However, this paper did not cope with the task assigned to it.

To begin with, I painted on the drafts the figure of the prince. As is known, in a fairy tale usually fight good and evil . My prince at first was kind, but long and unsuccessful searches angered him, and he moved on to the dark side of the power.


The image of the prince appeared quite easily.


Serious difficulties I have with a figure Humpty Dumpty. I made several variants of his mimicry. On the draft his sad image was found quite quickly. But in the final version, he did not succeed. This happens, and quite often.


The next point of stumbling was the caterpillar. This person obstinately did not want to appear. In addition, I could not find her position on paper. Honestly, I was so unhappy with it.
The feet of the prince did not work at all. Usually, torture with fingers, and then suddenly legs ... Three times I washed the contours of the boots! The paper, unfortunately, got damaged ...


Drawing out the outlines, I began to paint the caterpillar. At first there was an idea to make its outline moist. But the paint swam along the damaged surface of the paper. I was horrified, I wanted to quit doing nonsense and finally go to work ...


But then I got carried away when I painted the prince.


I colored his pants, armor, sleeves ...


The most delicious, the face of Humpty Dumpty I left myself for dessert. And I'll tell you even caught some pleasure from his drawing.


My whole family agreed that the caterpillar failed and something is missing in the composition. The younger son authoritatively stated that I need to add some blood. Yes, this is a new generation - they have seen too much of horror movies. I had to add some magical ambrosia


That's all. Thank you for attention!

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This is a pretty adorable artworks, it really belongs in a story book. The idea is interesting and you manage to execute it well into the final picture beautifully. Well done :).          
Congratulations on your curie vote ^_^.        


Yesterday I saw your post Regal Lotus.
I really like your style!

I've come to believe that all myths are rooted in reality. I think they come from somewhere and so many cultures have similar ones so they must be real.

You are it lovely and thank you so much for the progress pics. This is just the type of post I like. You have great expressions on each character.


Do you have a favorite myth?


I don't know if you would call it a favorite. But I have always been interesting in the idea of "the Great Flood" from the bible. I only recently found out that many other cultures share it too. It seems to dramatic and extreme to be made up in so many different places far from each other.

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Absolutely great artwork here. I love the fierce look on the prince. The colours become him...the whole picture helps imagine the story behind the scene. Here pictures speak words to me. Kudos to you. Keep it up.

As I was reading your post, my nephew was also beside me, very noisy, keeps on laughing. I guess he likes your painting because he keeps on smiling. I don't know.
I want him to sleep but he refused.

Mythology and fairy tale are somewhat similar but mythology is much older in terms of its origin than fairy tale I guess. Maybe a fairy tale is a modern version of mythology.

Anyways, you're a skilled artist as I could see it. You drawed and painted it so nicely and very accurate to form it fully into an artwork.
Good job @mister-omortson!


Hi there
Please tell hallo to your nephew from me)))
I am happy wen children like my work.
Thanks for warm words!


You are very much welcome @mister-omortson!
I did not see your reply immediately because the internet was too slow. My nephew was already downstairs. He liked your work indeed even just merely watching the painting. Its for all not only for kids.
I like it very much!


I might be new here and also new to drawing and painting but I loved how you told the story of this artwork. I love it by the way, great job! And the fact that you made some mistakes makes it even valuable, for me at leas! We all tend to hide the flaws :) Anyway, your character is wonderful, you have a great imagination! Keep up the good work! :)


Hi Erkah
I am glad to see your comment again.
I would like to tell you truth. I was very tired doing this illustration :(


Hello @mister-omortson. I don't understand you. Were you tired during doing the illustration or tired of doing it?

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Oh wow but I have to admit that the juices from the caterpilar really do bring the piece together, maybe it gives it some balance or border along the bottom.

I love the characters, love the peacok feather, also enjoy the story you told, will this be a children's book complete with the story of the prince?


Hi there! :)

To be honest, it was born as a joke. No book exists. I just came up with a little tale for my children to amuse them. I must say they laughed heartily.

You very accurately noticed about the juice from the caterpillar. It really helped tied parts.
Thank you for reading my post and forgive my poor English :-)

Great work, really good idea and beautifully used watercolor, I remember you used loose technique before and this time you used more precised fine brushes with paying attention to light and dark areas. I wish you good luck with contest!!!


Why do not you participate in the competition?

This a very nice artwork! I really enjoyed the honesty in your explanation about the process. Great post!

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You know there is a litlle problem. I can see your comments only trough busy.org((((

I was tired during doing it!

howdy sir mister-omortson! wow this is a wonderful learning post of how a drawing like this comes together and I found it so interesting being a non-artist myself so thank you! "This person obstinately did not want to appear." lol. I think this is what would happen to me all day long so I admire your work ethic to stay with it until it came out, Humpy Dumpty's face is classic!
Do you have other drawings that you will be doing posts about?


If I have time and patience, then of course I will show the results of my work))))


howdy again mister-omortson! that sounds wonderful and steemit is enriched by you showing your artwork!

Mythology to me seems like stories that we know but somehow their reality may be just be a lie that can not be proven, meanwhile I think fairytale is totally much more of an unreality than reality, in order words I fell mythology has more chances of being real than fairytale.

When you started the sketch of the prince it felt really fairytale like and when you finished it was amazing I mean if there was a castle behind
I'd have thought it's the happy ever after tale.

Beautifully done, I love the colour sharpness, the precision of the pencil sketches as well.

Well done.


What a great comment! It look like a poem ))))
Thank you my dear.

Hey @mister-omortson, thank you for sharing this wonderful painting. Very nice detailed work and beautiful combination of watercolor, although I liek the color of blood that you have chosen to take yellow-ocre. I believe the children's advice is very important and at the end you have your first jury at home and they may also give you worthy advice. Beautiful work,

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Hey bro.
Thanks for nice comment! ))))

Oh here's a great intention, it's remarkable the passion you put into your art.

The beautiful thing about myths is always that there is something of reality in them, infinite oral stories that through symbols, metaphors, characters, fantasies, want to teach us things about values or principles, for example.

As for your work, I think you have achieved from the simplicity that is sure to you, something very nice and that the world should appreciate, the use of red is another level, Humpty Dumpty is my favorite. I do think that the caterpillar was great. Rare but good...

Greetings and good vibes.

A very weird looking picture. :-) but great painting. I especially like to see the process of the development step by step. 👍 I have to say the book illustration is successful 😀

Greetings from Germany ✌️


Danke mein Freund!
Auf deinen Seiten sehe ich so viel wunderbares Essen, dass ich sofort essen möchte!)))


Dann mal los :-) ab in die Küche mit dir 👍
Da bin ich sehr froh darüber, dass ich dich hungrig machen konnte ✌️😀

Nice piece, imaginative! Agree that adding some blood, the atmosphere of scene and composition is more completed :D


Hi there!

Last days so many people come in to my page. I'm glad to meet you. I hope we will become friends. I looked at your blog and I'm glad that you are also an artist :-)

You would be a good children's book illustrator with this level of skill. The face of the Prince seemed fitting for a twisted children's book illustration, instead of happy endings, we get macabre themed plots and creepy visual plots.


We will assume that my tale is for adults)

lol, that's pretty good, poor caterpillar, I was waiting on Humpty to have a great fall too.


Do not be sad, because the caterpillar has an excellent regeneration. :-)


LOL, that's definitely a great concept. I guess that's the reason the egg has not been broken, all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put him back together again.
lol. It is rather cute.

good post, luck in the contest<3

🎉 Congratulations @mister-omortson! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

а у тебя очень здорово получаются иллюстрации! правда, очень хорошо! мне нравится


Надо, признать я очень старался. Вроде бы ничего так, удовлетворился, но все таки рассчитывал на иной результат.
Ты не промышляла иллюстрацией?

Your artwork is really cute @mister-omortson :) I do like the feather on the hat. And your painting is immaculate. I like the lines and the shine you added to the painting. Hehe.. Humpty Dumpty looks upset. Hmm... would the caterpillar work better if it was in green?

The younger son authoritatively stated that I need to add some blood.

Hehe... yes, they like their blood and gore. Thank you for sharing your painting with us. Sorry, I arrived late to your art piece.


Thank you for such comment :)


:) Happy weekend to you @mister-omortson!

Hi @mister-omortson,

Great concept. Definitely would like to see you venture further into it.

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