Trial by Comics winner for "Star Trek" week and Merry Krampus!

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Good evening, combatants! It’s time for Trial by Comics . This week’s theme was “Star Trek”. You may all be wondering, “…where’s the Star Wars theme to celebrate ‘The Last Jedi’ release?”. Probably isn’t going to happen, lol. Maybe after the holidays […unpopular opinion, I’m not a Star Wars fan. Sorry. It’s just space muppets!]. Let’s take a look at the entries for this week!

First place this week goes to a newcomer, @artistchristian, with this amazing entry of Jaylah from “Star Trek: Beyond”. This one immediately caught my attention when I saw it in my feed. It’s simple, powerful and conveys an emotion. It reminds me of what could have been a very effective theatrical poster for the “Beyond” movie. Well done, @artistchristian! 25.000 SBD to you, currently valued at $320 USD.

Second place this week goes to another rendition of the “Beyond” character, Jaylah, this time by our regular “Trial by Comics” participant, @yanes94. Great line work in this, and muted colors. I love the simple, cascading elements between Jaylah and the star ship. Very effective composition. Great job @yanes94! 10.000 SBD to you with almost $130 USD, currently.

Third place goes to, you guessed it, @justmousepixels! Also from “Star Trek: Beyond”, check out this incredible digital portrait of “Kalara”. I love having your art in Trial by Comics , man. As I inch closer and closer to my own digital painting, character design ambitions, I study these extensively. Awesome, as usual. 5.000 SBD to you. Don’t spend it all in one place.

There were a lot of entries that I had to shift around to narrow my choices to three winners. My mom always had a crush of William Shatner. During the 90’s, I’d come home from school and we’d watch TNG together. My Star Trek roots run deep, so seeing so much great Trekkie art was unbelievably gratifying. I couldn’t share all the entries or this page would be 250MB’s of load burden on the Steemit site. Here are a few merit entries that I had to include in this week’s Trial by Comics ! Everyone here has received at least one 100% upvote. Thank you all for entering and keeping this contest alive.






Trial by Comics is on Holiday Break

We’re going to take a couple weeks off and reconvene after the New Year. I know things are going to get crazy for me and I don’t want to set myself up for failure in finishing new art and making a post before […or even closer to] a deadline I’m unable to reach. I have some travel coming up the end of this month. I’ll be back in Minnesota the first week of January, and then I’ll announce a new theme […okay, maybe begrudgingly, we’ll do Star Wars].

In the meantime, enjoy this terrifying drawing of Krampus I did, just for the children of Steemit. Also, remember to join the Trial by Comics Discord Channel. 50 Steemians strong posting great art, thoughts on the contest, occasional lifestreams of drawings and digital paints by phenomenal artists such as @beekart. C’mon. It’ll be fun! One of us. Gooble gobble, one of us!

Thanks for reading, participants and supporting Trial by Comics. I post daily, and also take pictures. For more comics, photography, art and thoughts on life, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


yesssss star wars haha

Thank you very much @kommienezuspadt and congratulations to my other 2 colleagues who won @artistchristian and @justmousepixels, YUPI !!! win the second place is a good Christmas gift ;)

thanks! and same to you :)

Thank you ;)

mil felicitaciones mi hermosa @yanes94

Gracias amor ;)

Congrats!! dear you deserve it :3

Muchas gracias cariño ;)

Thank you @kommienezuspadtand and Congrats to the winners @artistchristian and @yanes94 ,i wish you all merry christmas and happy holidays :)

thank you! and merry Christmas to you too! :)

Congrats to the winners! Well earned! :D
And that Krampus is awesome @kommienezuspadt!
Looking forward to the next round of #trialbycomics!

wow really awesome, regards

Nice drawing. Greek mythology would be a good fantasy theme.

that is actually a great idea!

Wow its lookig crazyy....

There's so much amazing talent on Steemit and definitely more to be discovered! I love seeing all this unique art and work from so many different niches. Great picks especially love the first one by @artistchristian! Congrats to everyone


Congrats to the winner!

Awesome post I love every post I like

really awesome photography

Nice and love comics

Congrats to the winners, it was a fun brief.

congratulations guys @artistchristian @yanes94 and all the participants who make a great effort ... we continue reading @kommienezuspadt @justmousepixels happy holidays!

Woow! the winners really deserved it. Especially @artistchristian, maan! That was awesome! I was planning to join this contest but my creativity was lacking and could not draw anything. But you guys are great artist! Here's a thumbs up for you guys👍👍👍 and a follow from a wannabe artist. 👌

thanks man! You should definitely join in on the next one!

okay man. i'll try to join next time. i hope i can draw as good as you guys👍

Thanks for hosting this contest @kommienezuspadt! I'm glad that I can participate in it :)

Hey guys, congratulations to the winners, awesome drawings.

Congrats to @artistchristian on the win. It definitely deserves it. I hope to join the battle next time!

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Congratz to the winnerr/zz! :D

And thanks for the mention! hehe happy holidays mate! :D

Woohoo!! Congrats to everyone who joined, but most especially to my good buddy, @artistchristian!! What did I tell ya!? You're on your way up, man, and I'm extremely happy to be a witness to your ascent! This is the first step in your art domination, and you will only skyrocket from here. Congrats on the well deserved win!

Sorry. It’s just space muppets!

LOL!!! So true. But I love space, and I love muppets. So maybe that's why I like it? 😜

Congrats to the winners! Some seriously amazing work coming out of these contests! Looking forward to the new theme in the new year, when the dust settles a bit. haha

And then this...

One of us. Gooble gobble, one of us!

I love that you just used that. Just one more reason I'm so glad to follow your posts.😂

Congrats to all and happy holidays!!!

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