Another Lovely Tree Tuesday

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Hey Friends!

Welcome to Another

Treerific Tuesday!

Definitely not a native of Michigan, this pencil tree is in the tropic part of the Matthaei Botanica Gardens in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Not big on leaves and not a real showy tree in Autumn...


Yet I think it was pretty cool looking...


and not nearly as thorny as its neighbor!


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Never heard of the pencil tree, who knew. And definitely not as sharp as the other one, but then it's not an Eberhard-Faber, so that makes sense. Good to be back on here, I've been traveling. But onwards, into the Steem.

Are you on Have a ?? for you.

The Pencil Tree is such an interesting plant isn't it @old-guy-photos? We have the pink 'Crown of Thorns' (like yours above) here in Australia which are available in yellow, white and orange from memory. Their botanical name is Euphorbia Milii and they are a succulent, so I imagine it is related to your Pencil Tree.

Here is my submission for Tree Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Well, that pencil tree sure is an interesting sight, isn't it? Very exotic, in my opinion. I am wondering if it is a desert plant or perhaps something in a more tropical atmosphere?

You find the most unusual things to post and you are impossible to keep up with. Carry on, my friend.

Here is my post for #TreeTuesday:

Upped and Steemed

I've never heard of a pencil tree before, thanks for sharing with it with us.

I manged a #treetuesday post this week too.. I know shocking! :P

Such an interesting tree. Never heard of it.

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WOW - like many others here I never heard of the pencil tree before.
Nice shots again @old-guy-photos! Thanks for sharing!

Here is my entry for this week's #treetuesday. I got also some "mysteries" to be solved ;)

Treetuesday - two sharply trimmed trees, a lonely tree and some bugs

Hey Paul, had a very busy day today but had this photo on standby for emergencies :-)

I haven’t seen a pencil tree before. Nature never ceases to amaze

Such a beautiful tree. I adore that you get people out into nature and ask them to share photos of their trees. You always share such interesting ones. I joined in on the fun myself today.

Here is my post of the Black Walnut tree I came across this week for #treetuesday

I dont think I have ever seen a pencil tree before what an interesting tree

Here is my Tree Tuesday post

What a neat tree! I wonder if evolved before leaves did? Is the green "fleshy" like leaves, or hard like bark?


That's such and interesting tree. Almost looks like some kind of succulent or seaweed.

Looks like we both found something different this week you with the pencil tree that i have never seen before and me with the Musa thousand finger banana tree how ironic :)

Tree Tuesday - The Musa Thousand Fingers Banana Tree !!


I wonder if you can write with a pencil tree crest? I do not know if you tried. The tree is strange and decorative ... I can not figure out how tall it is.
Denise urged me to link here: A Dangerous Beauty