Treat your eyes to the beauty that is the Black Walnut Tree. Tree Tuesday - Canada style.

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It's tree Tuesday time!

If you've been chatting to me lately, or following along with any of my recent posts (which yes I know are few and far between the last month) you would know that I have packed up and moved away from Florida to head back up North to Canada (where I was born - Oh Canada...). There is an obvious correlation between the frequency of my posts and the move (and other stuff), so I am sure you will forgive me.

Today, however, is Tree Tuesday!

What is Tree Tuesday?

Tree Tuesday is really a tag and a challenge that was created by @old-guy-photos. You can see his latest post about it here. Every Tuesday he posts a picture of at least one tree and uses the tag #treetuesday. Others then also go ahead and do the same thing and come and share their post (using the tag) on the comments section. This is one photography challenge that always gets used, and this time around I got to join in again.

A Black Walnut Tree. One of the first trees I have taken a picture of since being in Canada.


Taken with my iPhone 7 plus - ORIGINAL SIZE

A closer look at this beautiful tree.


Taken with my iPhone 7 plus - ORIGINAL SIZE


Taken with my iPhone 7 plus - ORIGINAL SIZE

Some Black Walnut Info:

Snip20180911_10 copy.png
Ontario Website - Original Link - Image snipped from website



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Still waiting on Discord, Friday nights, for my KPop fix... have been waiting a very very long time then. <3

That sure is such a beautiful tree :)

Couldn't agree more! I only found out it was a black walnut after searching to see what it was.

A beautiful example of a wolf tree.

Glad to see you made it to Canada safely. Hope you're settling in well. And I always love pictures of trees. :)

Thank you. Yes, I am. Trees are indeed beautiful.