Travel: I got lost but look what I found 🏞️

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Today we go for a new sunrise location, above lake Bled. We go to a place the lady we met before told us about. We also want to checkout the other gorge we did find on our MTB ride. Later that day we discovered also another beautiful waterfall. You've already seen it because I participated with a picture of it at the competition organized by @derangedvisions. We ended the day with a nice SUP-session.

Hotunjski Vrh For The Sunrise

The lady we met two days ago told us about this spot, so we where curious to find out how a sunrise would be there. After the alarm ringing at 5.15 we got out of our tent and jumped in the car. We found the spot to park our car. Now we needed to find the pathway up the hill to the top. This was actually quit easy. We noticed it at our way back but the path was actually a abandoned ski-slope With the pillars from the chairlifts still there.

The view was great but the Instagram viewpoint from earlier this week might be a bit better... so it depends what you want, a lot of people surrounding you or you and the sunrise together and a slightly different look at lake Bled.

Let the pictures speak for their self.


Pokljuka Gorge, The Lost World

We noticed the signs for this gorge during our biketrip to the other gorge, the Vintgar. So we decided we needed to see this one. This was a pleasant surprise. The gorge was desolated the time we arrived. No entrance fee here but we discovered soon why. The whole area looks like a lost world, something once known but now long forgotten. The sense of feeling you have here is comparable with entering an Urbex location.

The walk starts in a dry riverbed wandering through the forest. Soon we where surrounded by steep walls, lush forest, natural bridges and some caves.

Once we stepped out of the riverbed we did see a cave on our right and a narrow passage in front. We decided to take the passage first. From here we follow the path in between the steep walls till we reached the wooden gallery. Stairs where damaged by weather, I assume? So we climbed our way up till we reached the gallery. From here no real spectacular views anymore but we crossed a few natural bridges to hop from one side to the other.

On our way back we visited the cave we noticed at the beginning. This is actually a natural crossing from different routes. People used this long time ago for an easy passage.

Talking about these routes the gorge was once discovered because the king of Yugoslavia wanted to know why the wild game so often escaped them here. After exploration they found out the gorge was passable though hardly.


Waterfall Peričnik

Spoiler alert! This is the best waterfall from Slovenia, I think! No tourists at all and it is beautiful when dipped into the autumn color pallet. Best part is that you get 2 waterfalls for the visit of 1.

Peričnik is a waterfall with a halfway basin and you can climb to the upper part of the fall. This part is a 20m drop approx, I think 🤔, the second part is around 50m. The upper and lower part you can walk behind the waterfall if you want.

The minute we parked our car and noticed we had a good viewing point from the carpark even my girlfriend got enthusiastic about this fall. We climbed our way to the first part. This part was incredible to see but there was lot of spray, so we decided to look for another point of view, so I could take some pictures without smearing my lens.

There we found a crumbling pathway with some signs to enter at your own risk. We took this path to climb our way up and there we found another waterfall!😍 this one was sparkling in the sun and with all the autumn colors surrounding it, this fall was an instant favorite.

There is a small cave behind the upper fall so you can even stand behind it without getting wet. The lower one the spray will soak you but you can walk behind it too.

We heard from locals that we didn’t even see the best this waterfall has to offer. During winter Peričnik both falls freeze and there are ice stalactites created. After hearing this I’m sure I need to get back and make another visit to this beautiful spot.


Sup session at Lake Bled

After enjoying the sun, autumn colors and looking from different viewpoints at Peričnik we decided to return to the campsite.

The moment we got there the sun was still shining so we grabbed our sups (standup paddle boards) and walked with them to the lake for a nice session at the calm waters of lake Bled.

It’s always fun to look at things with a new perspective. We already admired the views at the church from different viewpoints in the mountains, surrounding lake Bled but now from up-close standing on our boards. We paddled our way around the lake and watched the rowers speeding across the lake.

Walking around the lake you’ll never have a moment without others being nearby. Paddling the lake is way better. So if you ever decide to visit the lake, bring your own sup or rent one. The views are way better with your feet on the board🤙🏻

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I would not mind getting lost if that is where I will end up into. The place is very serene. A very good place to be one with nature. The Lost World looks like the Fallen Kingdom before the fall.

And I love Waterfall Peričnik! The first photo from inside the cave is very much inviting. I would love to camp inside the cave overnight. I just hope no python would come visit in the middle of the night. 😀

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos here. It is always good to see the beauty of nature in differrent parts of the world.

Is this somewhere near your place?

I think no one would care being lost and sit for a while here thinking where he or she should go next. To bad this isn't that nearby... I think it is around 1300km from the place where I live. Where are you from?

And thanks for stopping by! Good to read that people love my pictures. Happy to share them with you!

I am from the Philippines. We also have many places that are good for hiking but the only difference is that we don't have the colors of autumn. 😊

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This is awesome, I absolutely love the shot of the sunrise, what a lovely change-up from the standard sunset. :)

Thanks for the compliment! All I did was following the lead from the Slovenian lady and I got lucky with the beautiful and the vivid colors in the sky. I only had to press the shutter 😊

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Thanks for the support @curie, don't know what the community must do without you guys.

It was nice getting to meet you in real life and this is yet another beautiful travel post man! That first waterfall picture looks like something out of a fantasy world!

It was for sure nice meeting you in real life @martibis. It was my first Steemfest and now I know what it does to all the people hanging around here. Way to many hours of talking, little sleep and to short in time to talk with everyone.

Thanks for the travelpost compliment it means a lot to me coming from you! The waterfall is amazing isn't it? One of the best I've seen in this autumn setting. Will you visit the winter version? 😉 Think that would be surrealistic to.

You really make me want to go to Slovenia, Remy! :) We have a week off from next Monday and we were thinking were to go. I suggested Slovenia to my husband but he thinks it's going to be too cold already, so we'll have to leave it for next year.

You said: 'even my girlfriend got enthusiastic' - isn't she easily impressed? ;)

Great photos! I love the one from behind the waterfall. It must be a cool experience :)

Sorry I placed the slovenia travelbug underneath your skin 😇
What temprature is to cold for you guys? It is still something around 5 degrees around Bled next week.

My girlfriend isn't easily impressed by a waterfall indeed. I have to much love for the beauty of a waterfall, she loves a wide mountain scenery better than I would do. So everyone has its levels of when he/she starts to like things. Well waterfalls aren't her thing so it means a lot that she likes this on so much. Normally she starts wandering around in the area when we visit a waterfall but this one she kept on looking and looking from different viewingpoints. 😍

Walking behind a waterfall is always a mystic experience. Did you ever do that?

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Slovenia is a gem in the heart of Europe! Highly recommended!

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Holly Molly! I hope to get lost there one day too as those landscapes are incredible!! <3

I LOVE that waterfall pic. Slovenia looks beautiful, definitely on my list of countries to go to.

Thanks for dropping by! Slovenia is beautiful for sure, does it fit in your travel schedule for upcoming year?

Great images here, @guchtere. It definitely looks like you all went on an adventure into the land that time forgot. That feeling of first discovery is amazing. I've had it a couple of times while walking around in some ruins alone at times (even though I knew I wasn't first or last, it was still cool :).

The image of the waterfall from inside the cave looking out onto the autumn trees is worth the whole trip, in and of itself, though every other image is singularly fascinating, too.

Congratulations with the curie, too. Fantastic post.

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Thank you for sharing your trip to lake Bled, I like the picture of sunrise, it is very dark but the first orange color rays slowly rising up and lighting up the sky. The picture of waterfall is like in fairy tale, such successful shot, you captured the falling water so like it is really slowly flowing I can imagine that it would be a great place for fairies too, the picture you have done makes impression like you are coming out of a cave and see all that beauty, stones with the sun on them and trees in background in autumn colors. The nature is so beautiful in Autumn, especially when you have such sunny day. Thank you for taking us to this photo journey :)

hoHoooooooooooooooooorrraaaaay, you landed the Curie!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

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Oh maan so you're again on the road? SF3 just ended last week! Or are these older pictures? I was to Bled lke 3-4 years ago, was hitchiking thru slovenia and made a stop there. But just the lake, not these beautiful areas around.

Regardning not getting the nicest waterfall...I can't even imagine being in even nicer haha :D

And interesting point with paddling..on that one you're really alone and can enjoy the calmness the most...altho, Klitschko thought that as well and look:

This is the best waterfall from Slovenia, I think! No tourists at all and it is beautiful when dipped into the autumn color pallet. Best part is that you get 2 waterfalls for the visit of 1.

I only have your pictures ad evidence to that claim and I'm already satisfied with what I see. This place looks like a hidden paradise. I hope less tourists come here. I don't want to see this beauty be polluted. Your photos are great, would've be surprised if people hired you to promote their place.

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