Too good to be true!

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This post is about a tiny roundish island , 3 km in diameter, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. What I have found there is relaxation, calmness and a very pleasant low-key vibe along with numerous excuses to enjoy the Aegean Sea and the Greek sun. On top and beyond that, the hospitable locals and the exceptionally good food made my stay a memorable experience that I would like to share with you!


Koufonisi or Pano Koufonisi is the biggest in the Koufonisia Islands complex and the only inhabited one. It is practically a rock into the sea supporting some minimum vegetation and about 300 locals and yet it is as close to paradise as I have ever been!


There are a couple of roads on the island but (in my humble opinion) it is a rather silly choice to bring your car along. You can walk from the west side to the east, following the south coastline in less than a hour and fill yourself with magnificent pictures and life-giving energy.


A few meters away from the ferry's dock is a wonderful sandy beach (Ammos beach) and the only village of the island. I arrived in the evening so the first shots that I took, are during the dusk.




The next morning after a swim in "Ammos beach" I started the hike from the port towards the east. The route starts as a road but it continues as a path. I passed the beaches of "Hondros Kavos", "Harokopou", "Fanos", "Platia Pounda"(or "Italida") and ended up at "Pori". Each one has it's unique beauty and even if a couple of them was a little bit crowded, there are plenty of spots to enjoy the sea undisturbed, even between the main beaches.


The port and Ammos beach


Hondros Kavos beach


Harokopou beach


Harokopou beach again :)


Fanos beach


Platia Pounda beach


Pori beach

The part from "Platia Pounda" to "Pori" is very rocky but there is a natural pool named "Pisina", ideal for a refreshing plunge till you get to the next beach!


After "Pori" I took the path from the tavern that I found there, to the most eastern point of the island where I found the isolated "Gala" beach, named after the milky waters that it has!


I really hope that my photographs are good enough to capture the size of the beauty that I saw, because I know that my writing can never achieve that goal.

I don't want to guide you where to eat your dinner or where to drink your nightcap but I do want to share a few pictures of the food I was served and the amazing people that provided it!





No matter how many times I've been there I always leave this island with the wish to return as soon as possible :)


All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and resteeming are highly appreciated!

In this article there are pictures that has been published in the past and has been reproduced by many sites. If you need proof of authenticity please contact me through discord (fotostef#7675) or just leave a comment below.

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So amazing photos as always @fotostef !


Thank you @livvu, I am glad that you liked it :)

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What an incredibly beautiful place. I'd never want to leave. Both your words and photos describe it perfectly! Upvoted and resteemed with pleasure 💙


Thank you so much!
I really, really appreciate it :)


You're very welcome

Your photos truly are a feast for the eyes. And what a great read! Those locals do look like special people.


Thank you @buckaroo for your support!
I have noticed that in small islands or even remote villages people tend to develop extreme characters, for the good or for the bad.
Fortunately I have met more from the first kind!


Interaction with the local people is definitely part of the experience

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Thank you very much @curie for your support, always appreciated!

It's really beautiful!



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Wow... This POST! I love everything about it. All the pictures! My favourite is the one where the man holds that enormous fish <3 Documentary style, I truly love it.

Well presented, well written, and you got a Curie as well, so well deserved :D


Ha ha, yes! Michalis is quite a character!
Thank you @soyrosa, I really appreciate your comment :)

you may visit my latest blog!

Awesome! The colour of the water is just amazing!


Thank you for stopping by @keithboone!

Awesome pictures I must say. Great article @fotostef



Thanks a lot!

That water!!!!! I want to swim in it now!!!


Thank you so much @suitcasemama for stopping by :)