SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Semi Finals - Day 1

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Here are the intermediate results of the contest

The first semi final between France and Belgium has been epic. The Blues beat the Red Devils. They will find themselves in the small final against the loser of today's match for a possible 3rd place in this world cup.

Do not miss the second semi-final today. In a few hours, we will know which countries will compete in the final to become the new "World Champion"!

For those who want to join the contest, it's time to hurry up because there are only a few badges to win and the registration will be closed after the semi-finals. Better late than never and have a bit of fun! Carefully read the rules in the contest announcement post and the Knockout phase post!

To register for the contest, send 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.

Spread the word: invite your friends and RESTEEM this post!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATeam BWinner
France vs Belgium534243291France

Contest top 25 ranking

Congratulations to @bidbots. He made the good pick and now holds 42 badges. Anyway, he still needs one more badge to be safe in the first position. Good luck!

Unfortunately, @minimining failed to consolidate the second position and has been joined by 5 other players: @tychoxi, @luisrojas06, @chehkuna, @ascheriit, @kinakomochi. They all have with 39 badges.

Behind them, we find @flemingfarm, @yulismal, @kylestam and @fw206 with 38 badges. They are all still in the race for the top 3!

1 @bidbots42
2 @minimining39
3 @tychoxi39
4 @luisrojas0639
5 @chehkuna39
6 @ascheriit39
7 @kinakomochi39
8 @flemingfarm38
9 @yulismal38
10 @kylestam38
11 @fw20638
12 @misbahjuli37
13 @vicspics37
14 @correia37
15 @full-measure37
16 @georgebush137
17 @vicentelardo36
18 @bitpizza36
19 @cranium36
20 @thuzartun36
21 @stimp102436
22 @alucare36
23 @truebar36
24 @manuelgil6436
25 @engchitchat36

You can now find the complete ranking on the SteemitBoard's website.

Read this post to find out more.

Check out your board to see if you got your badge:

Congratulations to anyone who successfully guessed the result of the match.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

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Congrats to @bidbots, guaranteed first place already

Man these last two games are gonna be the death of me lol


If you are fighting in third place, you have many chances of, at least, reaching second place. On the other hand, I only have to win a single game to secure the first place in the contest.


I think with the result of england-croatia match already out, and the rank didn't change you already secured the first place.

There are already 2 games left and the only one who had faith in Croatia was @tychoxi, who is now second in the competition

hey guys, I do not seem to be getting any new badges when I correctly guess the result?


You did not registered in the contest. Read the rules in the announcement post!

It's a golden opportunity for all steemians.

Don't seem to find my self there as I predicted right...


You did not registered in the contest. Read the rules in the announcement post!

guys who upvote my posts ill do same

Croatia win 2-1 from England, the results of the semifinal match is as I predicted..If you want to see please open my post 6 hours ago..


I am participat steemit World Cup Contest But my health is not good

more amusing and exciting with amazing steemitboard worldcup2018 contest !
Fantastic !

thanks :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

darn just noticed there was a competition best of luck to those that remain :p

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