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Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy! =)

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Travel Digest

#1 5 Bulgarian dishes you need to try by @haydae

This multicultural legacy definitely makes for an interesting food scene, mainly based on fresh vegetables, meat and dairy. The shining star of Bulgarian cuisine has to be the infamous Bulgarian yogurt, otherwise known as bacillus bulgaricus. Yet, there are other gems to be discovered. The Shopska salad is definitely on par with the beloved Greek salad while rose-flavoured Turkish delights could well be renamed as Bulgarian delights, which would only be fit for the land of the roses.
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#2 Vietnamese Coffee - A general rant about coffee snobbery, the French and some history of how Nestlé was invented and the story of condensed milk: it's me, it's not that serious, OK? by @nathen007

So, let's get back to the Vietnamese and as I said, I went in three, actually four but I will come to that later, coffee shops today and not one of them used a French drip! They all made the coffee using an Italian style high-pressure coffee maker and served it expresso style with a separate glass of hot water, no milk and a cup of tea. "Up yours Delores" as the Sun once said. Two drinks for the price of one and I have no idea what the tea was in aid of. I should have asked for coffee with milk but I can't utter a word in Vietnamese save for the fact the word coffee in English and Vietnamese is near enough to be understood so I got what I was given and lumped it!
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#3 Flying Over The Canary Islands by @manoldonchev

What can I do, with all that awesome terrain below our plane, I could not resist but try to take some aerial photos, no matter how low the chance of quality images. Moving at that speed, shooting through a not perfectly clean illuminator, double-layered and polarized…sending rainbows up my photographs…
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