Travel Digest #419


Hi. It's @choogirl here covering for @martibis with today's edition of #traveldigest. Apparently he's gone to to the jungles of Bangladesh in search of tigers.

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Travel Digest

#1 Santiago Snapshots by @itchyfeetdonica

"When it rains, the mostly snowcapped Andes mountains at the backdrop can be viewed more clear. It's such a magnificent scene that appears frequently in postcards of the city."

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#2 My California - Bear Mountain by @derekrichardson

"The mountains base elevation is 7,140' and the summit elevation is 8,805'. They operate 8 chairlifts and have lots of different terrain for all skill levels from beginners to experts."

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#3 Vestmannaeyjar — islands splashed with blood and lava by @steem-hikers

"The Vestmannaeyjar is one of the largest populations of puffins in Iceland. Unfortunately, during this trip, the only puffins that we managed to observe were those on the signposts."

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Thanks Choo for the feature! And good luck to Martibis with his tiger search, haha.

You're welcome. Santiago is a cool city indeed.

Geez, @choogirl seeing you only interact on steem as a map icon is totally weird. It's like you've fallen on hard times! Dye your hair rainbow colors and post on that! You don't even need to spend too much time writing the post, the picture will say 1000 words for you!

No point post from my own account. I make less than $4 now. Fuck that. It's not worth my time. It's so much less than minimum wage. At least TD posts are doing ok and they don't take very long to write.

I know somewhere deep in your money-making heart, you love us. And that one day you’ll write us a poem free-of-charge titled:

Hey shit c*nts!


I’ll stop, it’s just so fun to troll you.

Thank you @steemitworldmap / @choogirl for the honorable mention and support! On into Day Seven ...

Look forward to it, we're enjoying this series.

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