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Hi everyone! Happy weekend greetings from @livinguktaiwan. I have some rather unusual featured posts for you today, hope you enjoy reading them all.

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Travel Digest

#1 Three Spots In Chania Off The Beaten Path

@for91days have set off again, this time to Chania in Greece. Now they've settled down in their temporary abode, they've found some new off the beaten path places for us. Technically they're closed off to visitors, so if you do go and get caught, blame they guys! The first one is the West Venetian Walls, a 13th century fortification from when Chania was occupied by Venice. The second one is Bastion of Schiavo which is nearby by the West Venetian Walls. And finally is the Byzantine Terrace which overlooks the Venetiona Harbor. They saw people here but it took them a few days before they found the secret entrance which they've shared in their post. It's now become their favourit sunset spot.

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#2 The International MSP NOLA meet-up: The huggening

@choogirl went to New Orleans in USA recently. Sightseeing didn't seem high on her list apart from one place - Whole Foods - a supermarket that sells organic foodstuffs. She went there everyday, and on some days did multiple trips! Being vegan, she took the opportunity to visit the local vegan scene, most got the thumbs up from her. Of course we wouldn't feature a post here it if had no travel content. @choogirl and her mates went off to the annual gay festival in NOLA during their weekend, but sadly it was so packed and they couldn't get into the actual festival part. They did have a great time hanging around nearby. And finally on Sunday she took a walk around NOLA wandering through some interesting abandonded houses and artwork.

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#3 The Sunken Cemetery: The Only Living Underwater Graveyard In The Philippines

Visting an undersea cemetry may not be everybody's cup of tea but let's see what @joyrobinson has in store for us. This undersea cemetry, the only one in Philippines came about after a volcano eruption in 1871 followed by an earthquake. Initially, you could still see the gravestones during low tide, then another volcano eruption in 1948 submergd it some 25ft under sea. A big cross is erected in the middle of the sea now to mark the cemetry, and as become a popular diving spot as well as to admire the beautiful sunset.

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Thank you - it fills us with pride!

Hope you keep on finding some nice palces for us to visit

Unexpected third spot.
Muchas gracias @livinguktaiwan @steemitworldmap ❤️

You're welcome @joyrobinson, hopefully those gone can now find peace under the sea

Why thank you for the feature!

Did you stock up from Whole Foods before you leave? ^_^

Thanks so much for the mention of my Nepal Steet Art post @steemitworldmap!

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