Travel Digest #304

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Lucerne, Switzerland

First, @for91days takes us to the picturesque Swiss city of Lucerne, where he spent five days trying not the break the bank given how expensive things are here for tourists. Instead, he embarks on free walking tours including around Lake Luzern (Vierwaldstättersee), the Old Town, Kapellbrücke or 'Chapel Bridge', and the old city walls. Thankfully, one of the city's main attractions, Löwendenkmal—a famous lion set in stone which receives 1.4 million visitors/annum—is also free.

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#2 Tram ride, Budapest, Hungary

Next, @budapestguide shows us how to save money in Budapest, Hungary by taking the No. 2 tram instead of the hop-on-hop-off-bus to the major tourist sites. Starting in the north at Margaret Bridge, the tram takes you south past the newly reconstructed Hungarian Parliament, then along the Danube where more beautiful buildings, the Chain Bridge and Buda Castle come into view. The line finishes Palace of Arts and the National Theater. You can then take the tram back, stopping off at the sites you want to visit along the way.

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#3 Lost passport, Mendoza, Argentina

Finally, @soyrosa shares her experience of losing her passport in Mendoza, Argentina. Just as she and her friend were about to leave for their next destination, she realised her passport was missing. After checking with the hotel reception and the bus station where it was last used, it was time to involve the Tourist Police. This adventure involved deliberate lying, four police stations, handwritten forms, a typewriter and a free phone call to the Netherlands.

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This made my day - it means so much to see our picture first on top of the list of so many other great posts. And thank you also for the honor! WOAH!


You're welcome! You had some great photos in that post.

I just want to say the same at @for91days. So happy to see my post as one of today's featured posts. Thanks a lot!


You're welcome. We enjoyed your handy tips!

Awesome! Thanks a lot for including me in the digest @choogirl, appreciated <3 Gorgeous posts from @for91days and @budapestguide :-)


You're welcome. Hope it all worked out ok in the end.

Been to Lucerne. Great night out

very good information of that city

Oie, thank you so much for the mention! Congrats @for91days on the amazing post.

Love you all!


You're welcome.

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