Travel Digest #737 (Our travel contest ends Today 12th Jan 2300 GMT!!)

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Hi everyone! @lizanomadsoul here with the sunday edition of the #TravelDigest.

Our Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest today, Sunday 12th Jan at GMT2300. If you haven't entered yet, you still have time to choose your four favourite posts pinned to the Map in 2019 and tell us why they're special to you. You never know, you might win part of the 150 Steem reward pool!! Check out all the details here.

Of course I've seen already a few of your entries and I am looking forward to curate them and see who winns the price reward pool! For sure that will be a tough choice!

All featured posts will be put on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by the @steemitworldmap team and by @blocktrades.
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Travel Digest

#1 The Best of Copenhagen Part 2 - Travel #47 by @vegoutt-travel

Dear Steemit friends, let me take you on the enchanting second part of my journey to Copenhagen, Denmark. Following on from where I left off, Bernie and I had just enjoyed some vegan treats that we found in the city. The little souvenir shop that we came across was right in the city square. The one and only souvenir shop in the city. We walked through the square towards the main canal, heading towards The Little Mermaid statue.

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#2 My New Year's Hike to the Jubilee Lookout Tower in Dross by @schmatz

On this year's New Year's Day my son and I made a short, but beautiful hike to the "Jubiläumswarte" ("Jubilee Lookout Tower") in Droß in Lower Austria. Our hike started at the "Gemeindeamt" (municipal office). From there we went first in western direction. At the castle, the road turns left.

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#3 Again in Venice. Repaired my bike. Day 24 of cycling Ukraine-Portugal by @boga4

Second day I am hanging around Venice :) How it happened? If you remember from my previous post, the front wheel of my bike was somehow broken - looked like "8". So, had to fix it, but I have no skills in bicycle repairing... In the morning, Adriano (my host from Warmshowers) helped me by taking my bike on a car to a bicycle mechanic in a nearby town. The shop was full of people, people are friendly, understand how to deal with bikes clearly better than me (I felt like a complete idiot for all the technical issues in these 2 days).

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Thank you very much for mentioning my post, @steemitworldmap, I do appreciate the service you are offering and your support 🙂


Thanks for sharing your experience on the map with us :) I love waterfalls! makes me happy to see more of them to discover on our travel guide ;) Cheers, Liz

There will be many more waterfalls in the following months - so many of them are waiting to get photographed for the Steemit Worldmap 🙂


Awesome! I am looking forward to it :)

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