Travel Digest #720


Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy all the wonderful travel stories! It's Christmas time, and I'm now in The Philippines where it's as festive as it can be. =) Happy holidays to you if you also celebrate it in your part of the world!

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Travel Digest

#1 Roman Experience - Iconic Structures, Monuments, And Architecture Of Italy by @dandays

Since arriving in Rome, I’ve been the tourist obstructing the foot path of local Italians, there’s history and beauty everywhere you look — everything is a picture worthy scene. It isn’t what to photograph or when, it isn’t even whether or not the frame is in focus, the biggest challenge is capturing all of it. Having been here nearly three weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion a month isn’t enough time, I don’t even think a year would suffice, there’s just too much going on.

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#2 An exhausting hike to Seekopf and Hirschwand by @schmatz

In this story I want to present one of the most exhausting hikes I did during the Summer of 2019 - a hike to the summits of Seekopf (671 m above sea level) and Hirschwand (620 m) near Rossatz-Arnsdorf in Lower Austria.

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#3 Melipoly Bee Friendly Honey Beverages at the cultural street! by @davidke20

I will have to make this a multiple entry due to the fact that this place is marvelous hangout place for traveler, tourists, friends weekend hangout. I would like to introduce this modern Boba tea cafe, that is at the same time a honey factory, and also educational free tour place for natural studies.

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This is such an honor you guys, thank you for featuring my article, I can’t type THANK YOU big enough—I have of effort in this one, the recognition is greatly appreciated. I’m glad I caught your eye @itchyfeetsonica. 👍🏿

You’re running a smooth ship here @choogirl @martibis @livinguktaiwan @lizanomadsoul, I’m happy to be a part of it.

Congratulations @schmatz @davike20, I’m heading over there next.

You are welcome! Keep your good content coming.

Hello @steemitworldmap,

Thank for the honorable mention of my post.

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