Roman Experience - Iconic Structures, Monuments, And Architecture Of Italy

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Surrounding Rome is the third century constructed Aurelian Walls—a 52 foot tall by 11 feet thick, concrete and brick design that extends 12 miles, originally built to protect the 3,500 acre settlement of Italy known as The Roman Emipre. Inside the walls is astonishing, I can think of a several words to describe it. Strategically placed and showing their presence on what seems like every street corner, around the clock, are highly armed military personnel sworn to protect their city and each of the historical structures you’re about to see.

Since arriving in Rome, I’ve been the tourist obstructing the foot path of local Italians, there’s #history and beauty everywhere you look—everything is a picture worthy scene. It isn’t what to photograph or when, it isn’t even whether or not the frame is in focus, the biggest challenge is capturing all of it. Having been here nearly three weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion a month isn’t enough time, I don’t even think a year would suffice, there’s just too much going on.

The cover image alone, Trajan’s Column, has more than 1,900 years of history, built on top of what remains from the original Roman Forum. To the right of Trajan’s Column is the church of Santissimo Nome di Maria and to the left is Santa Maria di Loreto, another church, both were constructed in the mid-18th century and that’s just one of the 79 photos you’re about to see.

In this first series of photos is a second view of what remains from the Roman Forum, just from a different perspective, two shots of the still standing Aurelian Walls, and two photos of the military personnel positioned on nearly every street corner. Before I get into the next series of photos is another church I pictured while venturing the city. Though I can’t recall the name of it (there’s just too many to keep track of), it earned its own mini-series in this article. Just as I snapped the photo, a flock of birds began swarming overhead so I snapped several more photos from the same view. Mapping out the images of this article, researching their names and historical significance, is proving to be challenging so I’ve since decided, when I’m unsure, I’ll resort to my faithful dirt bike riding technique—close your eyes, lean back, and give it gas.
All images/editing - iPhone 8+

Roman Experience - Iconic Structures, Monuments, And Architecture Of Italy















In this next series of photos, six in total, is one of seven world wonders—the most anticipated tourist attraction in the world. At the time of its construction, it was the largest amphitheater ever built, designed to accommodate between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators.

Built in only 10 years, between 70 and 80 AD, during the reign of Titus Vespasian, spectators would gather from all across the world to witness gladiatorial contests, human executions, animal hunts, and many other spectacles. In present day, it also serves as a Roman Catholic pivotal point as each Good Friday the pope begins his torchlit Way Of The Cross procession at its monumental

The first view you’re about to see is looking directly out the front door of our current Air B&B stay. Zoom in about four blocks, you can’t miss it, followed by a handful of images I had to take from a distance and still had difficulty fitting the massive structure in the lens of my camera phone—The Colosseum.







The next seven photos is Horti Palatini Farnesorium, the entrance to Farnese Gardens, a botanical garden located at Paletine Hill, approximately 1/2 mile north west of the Colosseum.

A walk up one of many narrow, cobble-stone roads, and continuing under a section of the Aurelian Wall is where you’ll find it. Just on the other side of the wall is Pontifical St. Thomas Aquinas University followed by one of several entrances to the garden where you’ll find many different footpaths guiding you along numerous historical landmarks including sculptures, a water feature, and a monument dedicated to Augustus Caesar—the Roman Empire’s first emperor who reigned for 41 years until his death in 14 AD.








Next is a series of 23 picturesque structures spread throughout Rome between the neighborhoods of Trastevere and Monte, as seen from their entrance doors, beginning with Trinità dei Monti, which means “think tank, ” a Catholic Church. The names of each structure following “think tank” are:

Santa Maria della Scala
Istituto nazionale per l'assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro
Santi Claudio e Andrea dei Borgognoni
San Marcello al Corso
Casa delle Letterature
Sui iuris
Santa Susanna
Sant’Andrea della Valle (1:2)
Sant’Andrea della Valle (2:2) photographed at night.
House of Farnese
Capitoline Museusm
Fontana dell’Aqua Felice
San Gregorio Magno al Celio
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano
Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano
Palazzo Delle Esposizioni

With more than 900 active churches just in the city of Rome, not counting all of Italy, I was unable to identify the remaining four at the end of this section. Rather than remove them from this article, I’m opting for the reliable method I mentioned earlier—“close your eyes, lean back, and give it gas.”























The following series of photos begins with three shots of Mausoleum of Hadrian Castel Sant’Angelo, a cylindrical castle, now museum, in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy—built in the second century and once the tallest structure in Rome.

About a week ago, I was out exploring by myself as I’ve been doing lately with the unhealthy, and still stunning, @puravidaville unable to explore. Oddly enough, within seconds of seeing this structure, I opened my phone to look it up and, at that exact moment, she sent me this link. I sent her the first picture you’re about to see and said “how weird is that? I’m looking at it right now.”

Immediately following Castel Sant’Angelo are three photos of the well-preserved, multi-centuries old, ancient ruins of the Roman Empire beginning with the last remaining marble steps at the entrance to Forum of Augustus. Next is what remains of the Roman Forum located in a small valley between Palatine and Capitoline Hills followed by the Forum of Caesar, located just to the east of the Roman Forum.

Two more stops remain on this picture tour. Before we get to the Spanish Steps, following what remains Roman Forum, are five more photos of ancient ruins found in various locations throughout Rome that have stood the test of time more than 2,000 years.












Next stop, the 18th century built, Spanish Steps—a top five tourist attraction in Rome. At the base of the steps is Fontana della Baraccia—a fountain designed in 1627 by Pietra, the father of Vatican architect and artist with artwork currently on display inside The Vatican, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The fountain is located at the base of Spanish Square and is sculpted to depict a half-sunken ship with water overflowing from its basin.

Looking up from the fountain, toward Bourbon Spanish Embassy, are two views of the Spanish Steps. The final picture in this series is from the top of the steps looking down on Piazza di Spagna.





The remaining 12 photos of this Roman Empire picture tour were taken at Altare della Patria—a National Monument. Rather than inserting a popular cliche right here, I’ll just say it’s certainly the largest structure amongst all of the tourist attractions in Rome with the exception of the Colosseum.

Located just north of Capitoline Hill in Piazza Venezia, built to honor Victor Emmanuel II is a statue lined monument standing at 266 feet by 443 feet wide, decorated in Italian flags and protected around the clock by heavily armed Italian military. After 50 years since the beginning of its construction phase, it was finally completed and open to the public in 1935.

King Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy was the first King of unified Italy. His monument represents Italian unification and preserves the Altar of the Fatherland as well as the shrine of the Italian Unknown Soldier. Below is a view of the structure looking at it from the front, followed by one of two water features on either side of the monument. Following the water feature is seven pictures of the many statues lining the monument. Lastly—a view looking down on Piazza Venezia from the top of the monument followed by two photos I took of the monument at night, one being slightly festive than the other because it’s that time of year.

On behalf of D and A’s, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, #steemit, this is the final stop on this tour. We hope you’ve enjoyed this Roman experience and don’t forget to tell your friends about it—suggestions are welcome in the comment box below and tips, though not required, are accepted in all forms of #steem. Happy holidays!
















So much going on everywhere. I love you! Good job with the research. xx

It only took a minute.. but who's counting? Thank you. The only way to stop taking pictures is leave the phone behind but then I feel naked.

iheartu all the time beautifulest. Merry Christmas Eve.

And then you borrow mine 😘

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Whaaat?! It must be Christmas. Thank you @oldmans, bigger that THIS! Happy holidays, sir.

You are very welcome @dandays! Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

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Merry Christmas @dandays!


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I’m greatly appreciative of this acknowledgment, thank you for noticing @for91days, I have a lot of effort in this one, I’m glad it caught your eye.

Thanks for the motivation, @travelfeed. 👍🏿 Merry Christmas you guys.

Ah yes, you take me back to the ancient streets of Rome and my time there with this post. I've been to the places you mention and recall fondly the way I felt, sort of small and insignificant, surrounded by such history. The ruins also reminded me that all things end, and to live my best version of life now.

A nice post.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

This was a really nice response to wake up to @galenkp, thank you! Merry Christmas.

The history here is incredible, isn’t it? The city center of Rome is so tiny, by the time you walk it your phone only counted about four miles but, in those four miles, worlds have collided. Just on the other side of the walls, though, oh man! It’s heart breaking. It never collided over there at all, sir, it just never started.

We had planned on taking in as much of Italy as possible, a few train rides here and there but it isn’t in the cards for us. Pura is just too ill right now. Another thing about Rome before I wrap this up, and this coming from a guy from LA who’s traveled around and spent time in places like NYC—this is hands down, without a doubt, the most expensive place I’ve ever been in my life—ouch!

Thank you checking this out, galenkp, I appreciate that, and thank you for the kind comment, I always look forward to what you have to say. Happy holidays, sir.

You're very welcome. A shame to hear Pura is not well. She had that rash thing a while back, is it still complications from that?

Yes, Rome is wondrous...And very expensive!

Yeah, the same thing. We finally think we have an idea what’s going on and are actually making progress. Now that we’re approaching it different, we’re realizing back home while addressing this thing, those doctors weren’t testing the issue at all and were actually complicating things.

It’s an infection in her gut which is causing the autoimmune in her skin like that. She’s taking all of the natural supplements right now to counteract it and we’re making steps forward. We had to cancel all travel plans for now, gonna go to UK on the 4th, settle down for at least three months and do things like get blood work and have her biome tested. Plus there’s one medication we’re missing that you can’t even get delivered in Italy.

Did you know the leading profit in the medical industry in the states in 2019 was guy problems and relative digestive issues. Even more than cancer—$3.3 Billion in one year. It’s gross. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thank you for asking, @galenkp, I plan on releasing an update before too long. So many people have been so supportive including yourself.

It's amazing how things are connected within the body huh? Great that there's been some light at the end of the tunnel and that you have a way forward. Some stabu5 back in the UK and the right treatment will see you guys back on deck and traveling in no time.

The medical industry all over the world is messed up...It seems sick people (and those who think they are sick) are good for revenue!

I'll keep an eye out for the update on Pura and in the meantime, safe travels.

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I could kiss you on the face @itchyfeetdonica. I really appreciate you noticing the effort I have into this one—than you.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours—I’ll see you again soon.

Howdy sir dandays! I'm without words again! Rome has to be the most amazing city in the world as far as incredible sites and architecture and monuments.

I think you’re right. Before we left England last time, the guy cutting my hair told me, upon hearing we were going to Rome, “oh Wait’ll you see the buildings there!” I told him something like, “uhm, what, haven’t you see your own buildings?” He said, in his English accent, “mate, you haven’t seen nothin yet, chap!” Well, @janton, he was right.

We got to spend New Years there—what an experience. I’m glad you didn’t miss this one, thanks for keeping an eye on me, sir.

Hey have you had time to try out Whaleshares? And if so, how do you like it? It would be a big loss for steemit if you left though!

I have not. A friend of mine from the comedyopenmic channel who’s over there now even made me an account, same user name and all but i haven’t signed in . ‘Yet.’

Just to be clear though, sir, I don’t want to leave, I’m actually beginning to get recognized here and I’ve met and befor ended so many good people. However, I felt with the downvotes for at least 4 months now. I’ve heard everything from “you’re just ok a downvote trail, don’t worry about it” to “don’t pay attention” and I’ve been doing that.

But I’m at the point now where my alerts are turned off on esteemapp because I’m alerted to a downvote about 5 times/hour, so I turned those off. I can’t tell you the last time I signed into steempeak because my downvotes are on the front page there. I recently began avoiding steemworld so that I don’t have to see my downvotes—I’m averaging about 30/article.

So, like I said, I don’t want to leave and, no, i haven’t signed I to those other platforms. But, @janton, I’ve almost began avoiding all fronts so I’m almost out of options. I’m not doing as much consuming anymore because I don’t want to sign in, I’m releasing less articles, and avoiding several platforms. See where I’m going with this? I don’t want to.. I just don’t have any options.

@janton. Thank you for always being so nice and thank you for such kind words, sir. I’m glad we met.

Howdy today sir dandays! I understand. There should be a way to help the situation but apparently there isn't one or someone would have told you or you would have found it by now. It royally sucks. I'd back off too.

On another topic though, you watch the crypto space..what is your prognosis for this year with altcoins rising in price with all the big money coming into the space now and Bitcoin's halvening and Wall Street getting involved etc.

I mean do you think Steem will rise too? I don't even know what investors look for in a crypto and if Steem has what they want!

I think steem will rise. I’m seeing more platforms with a similar concept, that’ll bring competition. And with competition comes advancements. So long as steem stays ahead of the competition, which they’ve been consistent at, I think their coin will continue to rise.

That is, of course, ‘if’ we see another big run in the market. As of late, the past week or so, it’s been looking pretty good. This is just my opinion of course and certainly I’ve been wrong about it with about every prediction. But with the halving, I think Bitcoin can only rise and I have a feeling it’s going to rise a lot! I doubt we’ll full see the effects until maybe this time next year—maybe I’m wrong. I know I’d like to see it a lot sooner but I’m guessing about a year from now.

Now, whether or not JP Morgan, Fidelity, and the other big fincacial institutions are responsible for assisting in the rise or contribute to a crash is yet to be seen. I’d rather they didn’t get involved so that part makes me nervous. Wall Street doesn’t see things like innovation, they simply see numbers and how to take.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, @janton. Good morning from England.

Howdy sir dandays! Yeah I think we'll start to see big things in 2020 but I doubt if it will really take off until next year but then maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Wall Street is going all in on crypto because they want the billions in fees.

They figure they'll make 250 billion a year in just the fees of crypto products they'll come up with. All the major banks are coming in too. So yes, total control. I just hope the big money likes Steem.

Where are you getting this information, @janton?

Thank you!

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Good morning @dandays, I hope all is well and that Pura's health issues are still moving in them right direction.
Seeing this blog when it was first posted 9 days ago, it was not until now that I could find the time to really sit back and enjoy.
The pictures are spectacular and they almost bring the past back to life.
I can see why you say that a year could be spent in this area, and still one wouldn't be able to take it all in.

While you were out and about on a solo adventure visiting the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelogive, and at the same time getting a text from @puravidaville with a link to this place is a little weird. But, many times in a relationship that is tight, there seems to be a special connection where two people can communicate without being in each other's presence, and conversation can occur without ever speaking a word.
As always, I enjoy the links that accompany your posts. Kicking them up and reading the info really paints a clear picture of the magnitude of what you are highlighting in your photos.

(I’ll resort to my faithful dirt bike riding technique—close your eyes, lean back, and it gas.)
So this is how you ended up with so much metal, and I'm not talking about precious metals.

Thanks for bringing me along with you on this adventure.
I'm glad I saved this one for the appropriate time, what a delightful morning this read has provided!
Stay safe!

Four, count’em! Four helicopter rides, @thebigsweed, and only one was intentional. I haven’t ridden a bike since 2004–it was the only way to stay out helicopters.

Interesting, right? Receiving that message from Pura just as I approached that castle. You of all people should know about that karma-shared/esp thing.. you guys are setting a great example.

Thanks for coming back and dropping me a line, sir, I appreciate that. Having just turned the new year, Christmas, and now relishing in grandchild #7 has got to be quite a bit, the fact you still made time to stop by here really means a lot. Thank you, sir!

God bless the farm, don’t be a stranger. Chat at you soon, @thebigsweed. And thanks for clicking the links man, most of the time I feel like I’m putting in way too much effort when I see little to no effort receiving a lot of attention. It’s when people like you show your appreciation it makes it worth it.

With age comes wisdom, or is it with pain comes wisdom. No more helicopter rides please!