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Hi it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. Today's featured posts takes us across three continents, starting from Itay in Europe, to Peru in Latin America and and we will finally arrive at Nara in Japan. Let's go!!

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Travel Digest

#1 A day with history, archelogical and nature: the medieval BARSENTO’s Santa Maria Abbey. by

The area of Barsento is located halfway between Bari and Taranto, on Murgia foreland, between the town of Noci, Putignano, Alberobello and Gioia del Colle at 420 meters above sea-level.The whole area is surrounded by trees and a vast expanse of Mediterranean vegetation and certainly is no exception the Abbey.In the fall, the dry branches of the trees give a glimpse of the entire abbey complex, but no doubt that Barsento's Abbey natural surroundings are hard to beat in springs.

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#2 Travelblog Peru part IV: Colca Canyon and lake Titikaka by @haastrecht

One of the stops that you have to make is mirador cruz del condor! A stunning view point on a narrow part of the canyon! Cruz del Condor is a very tourist place, where you can get very close to the condors. The gorge is the habitat of the Andes Condor, a protected species.In the morning and evening the condors sometimes fly past you only five meters away. It is not really flying what they do, they float through the air on the warm air term, they are literally carried by the warm air!

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#3 TacoCat’s Travels #37 (Japan Ver1): A Very Endeering Experience by

So I read that deer are considered the messengers of the gods in Japan, and Nara's over 1000 deer have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated as a natural treasure. Deer crackers (shika senbei) are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed. Nara's deer are surprisingly tame, although they can be aggressive if they think you will feed them, so make sure not to tease them with food. And this is no joke.

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Where is the hotel?

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Whoo!! What can I say except to thank you!! I’m back in the mood writing about travel again, thanks to you..You believe that? :-)

Congratulations! 😊

Thank you, dear, congratulations to you too!

We've have enjoyed reading about your travels

Thank you very much @LivingUKTaiwan @steemitworldmap! 😊💖😊

you are welcome :)

Beautiful place

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Thank you so much @LivingUKTaiwan @steemitworldmap for the feature! Really appreciate it 😊

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It's so nice you have a deer there, and I think they have nice qualities too. Deers are very mild and harmless animals, and they can be found in the wild with other animals there. They don't have sharp claws or sharp teeth that's why they are beautiful animals that we have. I like the deer but they can be victims or preys to predators too... And I'm one of those who are against deer hunting...

I’m really grateful for this @livinguktaiwan @steemitworldmap. Thank you for recognizing each of the featured authors of #711.

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