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Hi there it's @lizanomadsoul here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest.

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Travel Digest

#1 The Struggle of Independence Museum in Renon Bali by @putu300

Hello all steemians, I would like to share my visit to Bajra Sandhi Museum, in the town where I live. What unique about this museum officially opened in 2003 is that it is shaped like a bell. It is one giant bell located in a middle of a square in Denpasar. You can see the shape of this building clearly from afar. From the main street, walking toward Renon Square, you can see the entrance to the museum. First you will see two statues of mythical figures that you can find in almost every gate in Bali. These figures are called dwarapala or door guardians.

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#2 A Day Off with Kids to: Adventure Farm Molenwaard by @lion200

The kids had a week off from school, but I had to work so we didn't really have quality time together while they were off from school. Today, the weather was nice and sunny, so we decided to go to a place where they would be outside enjoying the weather but also do some activities together as a family. We went to the Adventure Farm in Molenwaard. This is an animal farm where you can see animals but also get to do some tasks to finish the day with a "diploma" :)We were not that early, so some people were already leaving while we were entering the farm. One advantage of not being very early is apparently there is no waiting time to buy tickets :)

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#3 California 2013 - Mono Lake [EN/DE] by @patschwork

This time I want to take you to my favourite spot on the whole trip through California: The surreal landscape of Mono Lake. Coming from Lone Pine, the weather got worse, it started to rain and we even had some snow. So we approached the small village of Lee Vining on Mono Lake.

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Heyy @steemitworldmap and @lizanomadsoul. Thanks a lot for featuring my post!

Amazing 😍

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I really appreciate the mention and the upvote you guys, thank you! @steemitworldmap. @lizanomadsoul.

They got great places to visit!

Thank you very much @steemitworldmap and @lizanomadsoul for the mention 😍🌞

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Thank you for your support and for selecting my post 😊