Bratislava - Part 6 - Random Photos From Bratislava - Part III.

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This is part 3 of my travel blog of Bratislava. Please scroll down to the bottom to find the links to my other posts about Bratislava.


Last time I've posted about the old city center, where the old town hall is and most of the embassies are situated.


Behind the statue you can see the Japanese flag because most likely that's the Japanese embassy building. The statue is in front of the old town hall symbolizing the guard that was once guarding the town hall.


This is the back of the statue.


This inscription was on the side of the statue. The writing may not be visible on the photo, so I'm typing here the text.

Town Guardhouse 1767 - 1860
From the 17th to the 18th century, when it burnt down, the wooden building of the town guardhouse stood in the southern part of the square. A new brick guardhouse was built by builder M Walch in 1767. This baroque guardhouse was removed from the square in the 1860s.

This statue of the guard reminds us of another era when there were no surveillance cameras nor sophisticated alarm systems. Everything was done by humans.



This is the Jesuit Church, or the Holy Saviour Church. The church is situated on the Franciscan Square, was built in the 17th century and was once a protestant church. The construction of the church took two years and ended in 1638. It has an unusual architecture even though it is a medieval building. It doesn't have a spire because the King said it can resemble a Roman-Catholic church. Back in those times religion played a huge role in people's and society's life, some died, were executed because of their beliefs.


I have a thing for old wooden doors and this one is definitely worth paying attention to. I don't know if it dates back to those times or not but it looks old enough to be genuine. It's a wonderful artwork.


The other door of the church, just as wonderful as the other one.


This is a tough one. I had to dig deep to find out what it is as I've only had the engraved marble plate on the pedestal and the text is in Latin. It's been ages since I've learned Latin.


It's the statue of St Mary that was commissioned by Leopold I., King of Hungary in 1675.


The inside looks like the crest of Hungary but the outside is not.


Narrow streets paved with cobblestones that take you to another wonderful square. The streetlamps are matching the medieval style of the old city center. A musician is trying earn a few euros by playing music to tourists. Looks like playing music on the streets is allowed in Bratislava. I've seen musicians in Budapest in subway stations and in Paris as well.


If you get tired of walking the streets of Bratislava, you can get an ice cream at the Gelateria. Based on the name it seems Italian as gelato is ice cream in Italian.


The board is in Italian. Let's see what you can choose from. Strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries, lemon ice cream with Sicilian lemon, raspberry, berries, mango, blueberry, hazelnut, coconut, pistachio, dark chocolate, stracciatella, vanilla, cheesecake, chocolate and salted caramel.


Don't worry, don't cry, take a gelato and fly. Got it?


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