What it Looked Like Out There This Week - People Photography & Messages (Saturday Post #2)

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Rain or shine, every day of the week, city center in Liverpool, England, is packed full of people. I take the bus into center every morning to train. When I leave, weather permitting, I spend a couple of hours touring downtown. I like to check out the local street art, enjoy a few street performances, and listen to some buskers before I make my way back to the Air B&B.

Each person I was able to help out was aware I took their picture, even Sapper Jones and his pit bull, Molly. And the magician, Casper, he’s from Poland—great entertainer! It was about a 30 minute magic show with comedy that made the whole crowd laugh with a chained and pad-locked, straight jacket escape, grand finale. He took a picture of my #steemit homepage when he was done—maybe he’ll reach out.

@steemitboard, is there a badge for releasing two articles on the same day? Welcome back—this is what it looked like out there this week.
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Saturday Post #1


You have a boss day 😘

Luckiest guy I know.

Howdy sir dandays! This is so interesting..the street performers are everywhere! There aren't that many in cities over here are there, like New York? What about when it rains? Anyway, what a fascinating look into the city culture over there. What do you train at doing?

Good morning, Janton. No, I’ve never seen the amount of street performers anywhere else, and I’m from Los Angeles. The Beatles... Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, everything is Beatles and I think all of the performers understand that possibly a scout will come by and notice them—they’re everywhere! I really like Liverpool. When it rains, which is quite often, it’s quiet out there.

Train. Good question. You see, it takes everything I have to feed my body with the nutrients and water I believe it needs. Along with that is strength training so I’m doing roughly an hour of practiced cardio each day, not to
Mention all of the other cardio we get just by exploring, but I also invest about an hour and a half into strength training. Not sure how and when I’m going to need but I like to stay prepared. Also, when I’m in the gym practicing my cardio and practicing my strength training, it’s the only time of the day I’m listening to my bible in my head. I have the bible.is app in my phone, I plug in my earbuds, train physically while training myself mentally.

Thanks for checking out this article @janton, I appreciate you leaving a comment. Do you remember the last location i used for my profile?

Proverbs 5:21.

Man, one recently presented itself to me in my ear at the gym and I had to stop what I was doing, rewind it, open my pages and read it again. So I changed my location on my profile here, you should check out my new one—let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon, Janton. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Howdy sir dandays! What a great idea..to train your physical body while building your spirit too! That's brilliant. Oh Prov 5:21 is such a great truth to keep in mind! Everyday.

ha! I had steemnow up and I thought it was steemit so I typed in dandays to see your profile images but you account came up, lol..I never look at anyone's account and I wasn't trying to this time but man! you have a healthy account!

I’m writing this before I look at steemnow, I haven’t heard about it until now, be right back....

Hey, that was cool! I never heard of that until now, that’s healthy you think? Well then, it’s a good thing we’re friends! 😉 As decent as that looks to you, the only thing I see these days are my record number of downvotes, I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to take that.

Stupid ish doesn’t typically bother me but I still have feelings man. Sure, I’m behind an illuminated screen when I say that but I’m not sub human. I’m very well aware nobody else on this whole entire platform (feel free to verify that) gets half as many downvotes as I do on every.single.post.

Add my record number of downvotes to the fact these big huge wallets have set boring azz accounts to autofire and they all just watch me get downvoted is beginning to take its toll.

I recently looked into Narrative, unfortunately it’s just not near as user friendly (yet, if ever) so I started taking a week off at a time, that’s what I did last week. I’m thinking eventually I’ll spread it out to two weeks and maybe, who knows, we’ll see how far I can push it because the longer I’m gone, the less I get downvoted which feels good and the less I have to think about all of the big wallets that support lame content but not me.

Anyone got any Kleenex? I’m feeling a little female doggish this morning.

Happy Friday, @janton! Talk to you soon.

Howdy today sir dandays! Sorry for the late reply, been working offline alot so I'm way behind here. Your case of downvoting is baffling to me, I have no idea why anyone would want to downvote you.

The only good thing I have to say is that you are far from the record holder. Go check out @mepatriot ..he gets hundreds of downvotes each day on all his posts and most of them are detroyed, grayed-out! It's the most bizarre looking blog on Steemit.

Some of the whales don't like the fact that he is a Christian conservative so they use the downvoting as a censorship tool. You can go down his feed and see hundreds of posts wiped out.

As far as your account..wow..mine looks tiny and inemic next to yours. lol..which is fine, I never compare, I'm just sayin yours is very strong, well done.

Thanks for always being nice to me, @janton. Know that I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. I really appreciate this comment too sir, thank you, great way for me to end my evening—I’m currently 9 hours ahead of you.

You probably haven’t had lunch yet and here I am, awake past my bedtime. God bless you, sir, I’ll catch up with you soon.

You're a good man Charley Brown!

Man - needed this post. Brightened my day, knowing how many buskers and street art for peace there is there. Would love to see.

Oh yeah? Well I needed this response to brighten my day--thank you @artwatch. I was just checking out your poetry. 👍🏿 Thanks a lot for the resteem.

I've never seen so many buskers in one location, true story. And I'm from Los Angeles! Every.single.day the streets of Liverpool will have a minimum of 10 buskers and 3-4 street performers, we've been here since June, it doesn't matter what day of the week it is... Tues, Sun, doesn't matter, they're all out there unless it's raining.

I really look forward to my tour after I've trained for a little bit. I'll be taking another one here in about 2 hours. 😉

Thanks a lot for stopping by @artwatch, I'm glad you enjoyed this article.

As always you are great @dandays.
There is a badge for releasing four articles on the same day.

for you

I sure am glad you think so @eii. Thank you! Two more for a badge huh? Some other time 😉

Thanks for the tour @dandays! I am a fan of four of your native sons so when I hear Liverpool I think 60's. It was nice to see it in modern-day.
#quality #original-content indeed!

My pleasure, @summertooth, I'm so glad you appreciated it--thank you! This was a really kind response and quoting my profile is the coolest things I've read all day.

Man, (I'll try to make this quick) I'm from LA, my wife and I left the states Jan. 1, spent the first half of the year in central and South America, can't to England in June--we'll be here until next month. Ok... there's the back story.

I didn't know The Beatles were from here... do not tell these people that, they'll have my head!! 😉 Well, you cant help by love them here, there's a John Lennon Museum, there's a Beatles Museum, Liverpool loves their Beatles and so do the rest of us.

Well, I put an article together about a month ago and documented their timeline. The platform really appreciated it, I hope you do too.

Cavern Club - The Most Frequented Club in Liverpool

Thank you for supporting my content, it means a lot, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

LA!? I lived Fullerton in '80s & '90s!! Felt like I grew up there, going to junior high and high school and coming back after a year of college in Arizona. Move out permanently in '98 but I still visit on occasion.

Nomads! Awesome. Props to you and your wife for adventuring and choosing Liverpool. I didn't want to gush too much when I first saw this post as I thought you were from Liverpool but man, I have been a Beatles fan my whole life.

That's hilarious you did not know The Beatles were from Liverpool. I would think time would STOP if you said that out loud while in town.

Nice to know you @dandays. I'm gonna hop on over to your Cavern Club post now. See you around...

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This is so nice you guys, @lizanomadsoul @steemitworldmap thank you!

This is so nice you guys, @lizanomadsoul @steemitworldmap thank you!

I love the street art works on each corner as well as how much performers are out there.

Nice, @johnarvee12, I'm glad you liked this article--thank you! I'm a big fan of the performers, too, it's one of the hi-lights of my day. When it's raining out there and I don't have a few hours to spend touring after training, the days seem to lag and, we just got here in June, we’re leaving next weekend—it rains here a lot!

Have a great week, sir, it’s nice to be met.

Hope you get to have few more days to spend there after your training! Where are you from?

Los Angeles, Ca. Born and raised in California. We have the opportunity to travel around for a little bit an are enjoying every moment of it.

Good thing you can travel! I’ll be checking more of your travel posts!

Cool post!

I'm glad you liked it @edouard. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wow, what an awesome post @dandays! Guess you're seeing the best of the area, so cool. You could spend all day just checking out the free entertainment...and then hit the tasty cafes. Quite a wealth of talent. Love the first picture in your post, the saying on the door... oh so true :) Have a blessed day!

Good morning Birds, I’m glad you liked this. Thank you for checking it out.

Yeah, that first one, I agree! Really made it easy on my choosing a cover image. I spend about two hours each day after the gym just touring, listening, and watching. Unless of course it’s raining which it does that here every day too. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend @birdsinparadise, it’s always a pleasure to hear from the cover image Guru.

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Thank you @steemitworldmap. I wish i would've known about you at the beginning of the year but at least we know each other now. 👍🏿

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Somethings are quite the same in every big city now days. Homelessness, buskers, lots of people, poor or wealthy and boutiques. And this is only what's visible on the surface. Sadly nothing much we can do to change this, except be nice, or better say kind. Yes kindness is the key in this crazy world! Great post my friend @tipu curate 😊

@lenasveganliving thank you! You’ve always been so supportive of what I’m doing around here, I’m a big fan of yours young lady, I can only imagine how delicious your home must smell right now.

Thank you even bigger than THIS for the Resteem and the tipu—you’re the best! I’ve seen so many people using that tipu lately and it’s really working nicely, what do I need to know? Should I go over to their page and check it out, is it pretty simple?

Thank you @lenasveganliving. Have a great week.

You are mist welcome @dandays, I am just happy to see you! You know I am allover the place, still running FAVM and working on new recipes and trying to keep up with everything, lol.

Oh an if you are interested, it is very simple...........@tipu nominate

I hope I did it right........will see lol.