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Hi everyone! It's @LivingUKTaiwan here. Hope you enjoy reading all the curated posts!

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Travel Digest

#1 Iceland drone trip and Aurora Borealis! by @haastrecht

After 1 hour we were in the middle of nowhere and we stopped at the first parking! I jump out of the car because i really want to get pictures of it. That was also the first time i experienced the arctic temperatures and wind. It was so extreme. I jumped back in the car to put on my artic clothes and wile i did that i fell down hard because of the ice... that was the real iceland experience there

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#2 The remains of the Brekov castle by @delishtreats

Nowadays, there are 23 volunteers investing their time and effort to make it a better place. Imagine walking up and down the steep hill every day to work on a restoration site that doesn't belong to you and you don't even get paid for your work. They only use traditional techniques and everything is done manually. There don't use any machines to help them.

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#3 Cooking eggs: how is a happy Sunday in Thailand? by @helgalubevi

Sankapang Hot Springs is located approximately one hour from Chiang Mai, one of the largest cities in the north of the country. In spite of the proximity, the place is not much visited by "farangs" (the name given to the foreigners by the Thai people), which leaves you with the feeling of being more immersed in the local culture.

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What an amazing job Steemitworldmaps does; I've been an advocate for some time and I have to say the quality of the posts is really impressive and they just seem to keep getting better - Congrats to all!

Agree with you there, despite the reduction in author rewards, we do seem to be seeing more quality content which are rewarded for their effort. Thanks for you support to the Steemitworldmap!

The amount of steem I get seems to go up and up - I don't really do it for the money, but I love collecting crypto!!! its nice to have a reward :)

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thanks for the support guys! Always good to have a mention here!!! I feel more motivated and happy!

Happy to have you here @helgalubevi and to do what we can to keep the travel community going