Travel Digest #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Travel Digest, we're a little late to the party today due to the Steemit server issues, but here it goes! As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

If you want to learn more about Steemit Worldmap, you can check the introduction post!

#1 The stunning Cathedral Peak in South Africa

If you think of South Africa, mountains are probably not the first thing that come to mind. After reading this post, we're positive that will change! @diebaasman takes us on an incredible trip to a small church, in the middle of the mountains in the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal. There are tons of amazing images included in the post, to really give you a feel of being there!

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Cathedral peak

#2 Maldives from the sky

Flying can be either very stressful and / or scary, or relaxing depending on the kind of person that you are. But when you're arriving at your destination and see what @fiftysixnorth sees through the little windows, I don't think it would matter much! This is the first post in his Maldives series, and with such beautiful aerial shots we can't wait to see more!

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Cathedral peak

#3 Setting up a trip to Iran in Belgium

This is another post, setting up for more and bigger adventures by @joythewanderer! If you ever were curious about the Iranian consulate in Brussels or just generally want some information on how to go about getting a visa for Iran, this is just the post for you! Including the sign up of a new Steemit member!

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Cathedral peak

Honorable mentions:

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Really loving this digest and the travel blogs. Thanks for the honorable mention as well :)

We love your posts Shelly! 💙

So do I, it's just amazing to browse through all these cool stories!

You're so welcome, if we didn't have the rule of not selecting the same author twice in a row we might have featured you again, really really liking your posts!

Thanks so much.. its great to know that people are interested :) I have so many others I wish I could add to the steemit map.. but they are past 7 days :( If we were to add the map reference to comments would it put the post on the map - obviously not for voting or curation as that's passed.. but just to provide more content for the map for people looking at traveling to different places?

Yes, I was really suprised! I was hoping for give or take 150 markers on the map by now... we're at 450+ at the moment!

It's something I want to look into somewhere within the next weeks, but I'm not sure how far I can let the script crawl back to. I would have to talk it through with @blueorgy as that's more his side of things, haha!

I do hope that within a year or so the map is big enough that even people outside of the Steemit community start using it to find new places to discover they didn't know about, or to know more about a place they might want to go to, with some of them joining up for Steemit as well!

If we keep going at the current rate we'd have give or take 5.000 markers on the map in a year! But this whole project is still in infancy, so dare I hope for 10.000 markers in one year?!

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You are doing great my friend !

thanks for featuring my post :) I'm a little late to the party.. I've only noticed this morning that you are doing a regular travel digest. Its now on my top ten list of things to check every time I log into steemit :) First the map, now this.. you provide a great service to all steemians! thank you! :D

You're so welcome! It's each day at give or take 6 PM UTC! Oh, I love that, that's awesome! I try my best, the community has helped me so often when I did nothing more than just ask, this is the least I can do to repay the favor!

You're doing an amazing job! :)