Beginnings of a Digital Nomad: The Remote Year - Day 150

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“He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.”--Italian Proverb


November 17th, 2017 - Day 150

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It’s not until we’re bedridden in the tight grip of a hellish fever that all we wish for is a full recovery, or limping around with a debilitating injury that we take our body parts & motor functions for granted.

Health = Wealth

It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day societal clamor that we easily neglect our healths. “One more cigarette won’t kill me,” or “I’ll start my diet tomorrow; until then, everyday is a ‘cheat day!’” Before we know it, we’re a pack-a-day deep in our nicotine consumption habit with a fat enough gut to serve as a backup floatation device.

Taking the right steps towards eating right & exercising regularly isn’t always easy. In fact, for some, it requires more amounts of willpower than others...let alone when you’re constantly traveling/on the road like I am.

But there never has truly been a better time than now. Here are three key practices you can implement TODAY that--if habitualized--will put you on a fast track to eating better, staying more active, & looking your best:

1. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Cycling periods of caloric restriction & consumption is hands down the best way to improve your overall lifestyle, as the list of benefits are seemingly endless. While IF has slowly been growing in adoption throughout Western countries over the past few years, it’s been practiced for decades upon decades in the Middle East & in Asia, as well as across all major forms of religion.


Breaking my fast in Bangkok with some Thai street food!

In addition to the religious beliefs/sacrifices its practitioners have adopted into their respective faiths, we’re slowly starting to discover how the benefits of fasting have a strong scientific basis to support them, including (but not limited to):

  • Increased metabolic rates (-->faster weight loss & fat burn)
  • Improved concentration
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, & much more


Just like the Pomodoro Technique that I mentioned here, I won’t go into exact time splits, as a quick search on Google will give you more than enough information to get started, and each “routine” is customizable based on preference, health, age, etc. But my personal daily routine consists of a 16-hour fast + 8-hour consumption period; as the 16-hour window provides adequate time for sleep, work, & a fasted workout followed by a break in the fast (thus, the start of my consumption period) with calories consumed regularly until the end of the 8-hour period, at which point I go to sleep.


IF’s basis is grounded in controlling your insulin levels. Being in a fasted state increases insulin sensitivity, which--in turn--leads to more efficient nutrient absorption, higher fat loss, improved brain function/mental clarity, & loads more. This list goes on & on...again, Google it!

2. Exercise

This may come as a no-brainer, but I often get asked, “What form of exercise is the best?” It all depends on what you’re looking for. But the most important thing is to just stay active.

As I mentioned in this post, just 10 minutes of walking per day is enough to increase endorphins & improve mental health (as well as improve blood flow/circulation, burn calories, etc.).


Those looking to shred fat should combine both cardio AND weightlifting, as combining aerobic exercises with weight resistance will put you on a fast track to fat burning since your daily caloric expenditure rate will be on lightspeed compared to your daily calories consumed. Just squats alone, for example, are enough to increase testosterone levels, release massive amounts of growth hormone, and improve overall athletic performance. In addition, supplementing cardio with weight resistance training improves physique while at the same time decreasing the risk of injury.

Those consistently on the road like me (who have a hard time always finding immediate access to a gym) can still get full-body resistance training done at a nearby park with:

  • Pull-ups (back, biceps, & core)
  • Push-ups (chest, shoulders, & triceps)
  • Body squats, lunges, & wall-sits (all leg muscles)
  • Planks, sit-up/crunches, etc. (abs & core)


Supplement your diet & workout with juicing!

Sports is another way to stay fit & improve functionality/athleticism. Travelers can easily combine fun with exercise by participating in the local activities that culture has to offer. A trip to visit my girlfriend in Europe allows me to hike the Alps, while a beach getaway means I get to swim & snorkel on daily basis; these next few months in Bangkok means I have the chance to immerse myself in Muay Thai training...the possibilities are endless & taking advantage of your surroundings allows you to fully immerse yourself in what the foreign land is known for.

3. Ketogenic Dieting (“Keto”)

A ketogenic diet = high protein + high fat + little to no carbs. The ketogenic diet started out as a way to reduce the number of seizures experienced by those suffering from epilepsy. But scientists/researchers & athletes alike are quickly discovering its more widespread benefits when habitually incorporated into your lifestyle.


Fish liver soup: high protein, high fat, zero carbs. An ideal dish for those looking to start a ketogenic diet.

On a normal diet, the brain uses glycogen for energy, which is converted from both complex carbs (potatoes, bread, etc.) & simple carbs (fruits & sugars). Removing carbs from your diet & replacing it with fat forces your body to go into a metabolic state called “ketosis,” in which it 1) becomes more efficient at burning fat, and 2) carries out a process in the liver in which fat is converted to ketones, which the brain uses for energy instead of glycogen.


Stay away from foods like these when going keto!

As stated above, fat-burn rates become much faster on a ketogenic diet. Research has also shown that those who put their bodies on a caloric deficit (consuming less calories than what they’re burning per day aka "dieting to lose weight") through ketogenic dieting experience less muscle loss/more muscle preservation due to the high protein & fat intake.

Aside from the above benefits, “keto” is also used to treat cancer (ketones weaken cancer cells), brain-related diseases (Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s), and acne (lower sugar & processed food consumption).

Now that you know how to improve your health, let’s improve your coin portfolio!

From STEEM Power to WePower, Unleash the Blockchain Beast!

After countless more hours of research, I’m really excited to share with the Steemit community WePower!

In the same way that Steemit tokenized social media, WePower is tokenizing renewable energy. They are, in essence, a free market for green energy in which each token is backed by real, renewable energy. I understand that many of you reading this are into cryptocurrencies for the money, and that altcoins are a business (and even a livelihood for some). But I really do believe that by supporting this project, you’re both making money (through investment diversification) AND helping the planet.


As we all know by the Paris Agreement earlier this year, climate change is a very real and very serious problem. The Earth’s ever-growing population is leading to an increase in energy demands, increase in energy costs, and worst of all, an increase in carbon emissions & fossil-fuel consumption as a result of trying to meet these demands.

With advancements in technology + an infinite supply of renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, etc.), why wouldn’t we place green energy at a higher level of importance? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of:

  1. A lack of funding
    • It’s primarily large institutional investors that have access to energy investments
    • In recent years, these institutional investors have chosen to invest less into green energy (the green energy industry saw a 25% drop in overall investments in 2016 compared to the previous year)
    • Those who do choose to invest in renewable energy face a high barrier to entry due to costly intermediary fees & limited investment distribution options
  2. Outdated infrastructure
    • Current power grids are not optimized for the characteristics inherent in renewable energy sources (like wind fluctuations or solar overload problems)
    • Grid reinforcements are required in order to optimize them, which requires additional funding/investments

Renewable energy has the potential to completely replace traditional, fossil fuel-based energy forms; yet only 25% of the energy consumed today comes from these clean energy sources.

With their three core principles in mind (decarbonization, democratization, and decentralization), WePower plans to revolutionize the industry by connecting energy producers with consumers & investors of all sizes.

They’re providing the public--for the very first time--with a free, open market in which to trade renewable energy through the use of smart contracts. Doing so allows buyers to purchase future energy at a lower cost while also eliminating the need for a middleman (and its associated costs), increasing trade speed, and allowing for trade transparency by executing each transaction over the blockchain.


I like to think of WePower as the Elon Musk of the cryptocurrency world, as they’re not only putting an emphasis on renewable energy, but on artificial intelligence (AI) as well. The company will use AI to help balance their electrical grids, optimize energy production, and predict consumer habits & behavior in order to better serve the public.

For being established in just January of this year, they’ve come a LONG way! There’s already an alpha demo of their platform available on their site (, they’ve secured a partnership with a green energy company in Spain, and have received the full support of Lithuania’s Minister of Energy.


There are currently several similar projects on the market: Suncontract, Grid+, PowerLedger, and Greenum. But a detailed analysis comparing each project/coin side-by-side shows WePower to be the most promising in all aspects. From their blockchain technology to the whitepaper to the team to the token model, and even the social responsibilities they’re undertaking to reduce the impact of global warming, WePower has covered all their bases; making it both a solid investment & the most impactful clean energy solution on the market.


Overall, WePower is offering a quality product supported by high core values. I see them as a disruptive force in the energy industry that can’t/won’t be stopped thanks to what they’re offering: a seamless solution to transitioning from “dirty energy” to the way energy SHOULD be.

Thanks again to everyone who took time out of their busy day to read this post! Your support means the world to me & I hope I was able to provide even the slightest amount of value to you & the Steemit community!

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Wepower sounds amazing, looking into it now. It's time for the people to take back the power (literally). Green energy can save the planet, but the money hungry governments are doing everything they can to maintain the status quo, including some outrageous taxation, like the 800% increase in solar power taxes:

As far as a healthy diet goes, I'm always trying (and often failing) to improve my eating habits - it's really difficult to cut down on carbs these days. I'm a firm believer that the best and easiest way to improve your diet is by slowly introducing good habits rather than depriving ourselves of the wondrous variety of food. The number 1 good habit is to drink large amounts of water (2 litres per day) - this alone is a great start without making any other changes to your diet.

As far as a healthy diet goes, I'm always trying (and often failing) to improve my eating habits - it's really difficult to cut down on carbs these days.

You're telling me! Carbs are my favorite & have been the hardest thing for me to ever cut out when dieting; let alone when going keto!

I'm a firm believer that the best and easiest way to improve your diet is by slowly introducing good habits rather than depriving ourselves of the wondrous variety of food. The number 1 good habit is to drink large amounts of water (2 litres per day) - this alone is a great start without making any other changes to your diet.

These are definitely great points :) You can never drink too much water! And yeah I completely, 100% agree that a good way of habitualizing something (be it cutting out something from your life or introducing a new, positive aspect into it) is by slowly tapering it in/out. Coffee intake, for example, shouldn't be cut out in a "cold turkey" approach, but rather, lowered in gradual amounts over a steady period of time.

Love this quote “He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.”--Italian Proverb from your blog
I'm a great believer in healthy eating and healthy lifestyle
Also envy your digital nomad lifestyle - definitely aiming for that myself - and visited Thailand earlier this year - loved every moment @theywillkillyou

Thank you, thank you!

visited Thailand earlier this year - loved every moment

Awesome! Where did you go & was it your first time? How did you like it? The tourist trap aspects of it can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you can get over that it's a really great place! The expat community here is really vibrant too; great energy all around with nice vacation getaways just a stone's throw away :)

Great article @theywillkillyou - have upvoted and resteemed - read through quickly as I'm snowed under this morning - but will read through again this evening for a more valued comment

No worries Christine! Wanted to also thank you for being #2 on my new CCC channel, it's so very kind of you to be so supportive all around :)

Ah - I feel privileged Angelo - feel like I've made history to be #2

Great blog @theywillkillyou - Ah for Thailand - loved my trip there earlier this year

Thank you!

Ah for Thailand - loved my trip there earlier this year

Very nice! Were you there with @leelektrik? It's hard to be the warm climate, amazing food, & exotic culture here :)

A man after my own heart @theywillkillyou - I live a very healthy life - foodwise and exercise - so great reading - Also visited Thailand early this year - enjoy your stay there

Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

I live a very healthy life - foodwise and exercise

Happy to hear this! It seems like society these days is becoming more & more health-conscious overall, which is really great; esp. compared to, say, 10 years ago. Makes for a more enjoyable day-to-day experience when you look & feel your best :)

So true @theywillkillyou - I was there with @edenmichelle and @deimus - we had a wonderful holiday

Upvoted and resteemed @theywillkillyou - well researched

Thank you for your support! It's fun writing about these things ;)

Upvoted and resteemed

love the work you put in! now I need to match your post, really think you contribute to the platform.

Thanks buddy! Meeting up with Dan @world-travel-pro here in Bangkok in a few days; really looking forward to it :)

Get your ass out here asap!!! Those suits need a new a place to see outside of Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport hahahah

hahah I know Angelo, think we should talk about that soon, enjoy hanging out with Dan

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Hi! I just discovered your blog. Exciting to read what you're working on.

I'm from Germany and in my area there basically every house has private solar panels on their rooftop. Just for hot water, I guess.

I'm currently doing a travel documentary series for Steemit and I try to figure out how to charge my camera with solar panels - small enough to take on the trip.

Let me know if you have any ideas!


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