Beginnings of a Digital Nomad: The Remote Year – Day 8

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Sleep deprived. Alcohol induced. Adrenaline fueled. They say the years go fast, but the days go slow. I couldn't disagree more. In my world, the years go fast, but the days go even faster. Who's with me?

June 28th, 2017 – Day 8

It's frustrating when you go to bed exhausted, manage to sleep for only 3-4 hours, and wake up wired. I try to relax, but the thousands of thoughts buzzing through my head leave me restless: work on the next video, send him assets, check stats, text, text, text, accounting, “boy a coffee sounds nice right now,” optimization research, metadata, '___ sent you a message' “I'll get to it later,” like/share, redirect traffic.


Bangkok nights with Christina.

Christina lies peacefully asleep upstairs in the second floor of our Bangkok apartment while the chaos called “my mind” ensues just below. Maybe all those nights out trying to keep everyone entertained and strengthening connections with those around me would pacify all this, but fuck it...I'll sleep when I'm dead. Sometimes I wonder how much money I would've saved if I never went out; but then I also wonder what my relationships would be like without those experiences that were enhanced by certain “social lubricants.”

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to make a living wherever I want, with only the internet being my prerequisite. I feel so grateful for this in every minute of every hour and every waking moment of my being that I wish to be able to impart this freedom onto those around me; my parents being the top priority.

Some say I overwork myself, but I don't think I work enough. “Too much money ain't enough money.” Why, you ask? Two reasons: Abner and Anna Atienza @offoodandart. 29 years ago they brought me into this world. 28 years ago they left everything they had—everything they knew—in order to bring me from the Philippines to the United States, where they gambled with the unknown for better opportunities for my upbringing.

Fresh-faced and starry-eyed, the weary young couple touched down in San Francisco with little cash, the contact information of a few Filipino relatives in their phone book, some suitcases full of clothing, and my dumbass; loud, infantile, and dependent on my parents' warmth at less than a year old. From there on they endured the struggle, adapting and assimilating to American culture in order to attain the American dream...all the while doing their best to raise me and my younger brother in the best way possible, while still trying to preserve our Filipino roots in a society still trying to find its own true sense of culture.

Through countless trials and tribulations, toils and turmoils, they've succeeded. Now residing in the damp city of Seattle, they work towards their goal of retirement, and I'm here to speed up that goal. Their years of sacrifice act as my daily motivation to earn as much as possible so I can gift them the ultimate reward of rest. They say money doesn't buy you happiness...but to me, it buys you freedom. I've bought it for myself, and now it's time to shift my attention to buying it for them.


Thank you mom and dad. Everything I do, I do for you.

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Wonderful to care for your parents. My three @deimus, @leelektrik and @edenmichelle care for me - I love my children so much ! Your parents are blessed to have you

I feel so blessed to have my son, Angelo. I'm glad your three sons are taking care of you as well.

Thank you!

Thank you, you must be blessed to have three amazing children as well :) Followed!

Thank you so much @theywillkillyou - i hope to bring some interesting articles to the platform

That is too cool and awesome to work towards you parents freedom. I WILL DO that for mine too!!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! I would do everything for them :)

Halohalo sa Chowking is the best.

Voted up.

Please follow me @yehey
Thank you

Hands down the best! Already following kababayan ;)

Really Amazing stuff and beautifully shared by you...
Thank you for sharing and have a good day :)

Thank you for your kind words! Have a good day too :)

Thank you I truly appreciate it! Have an amazing day as well :)

Love your post and your personality. I can really connect with you. Followed!

Thank you very much! It's great to see how many people share the same thoughts about family and how important it is to be surrounded by people you love :)

Cool post! Happy nomading :)

This is just incredible!

nice post. it's remembered me for my momery

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed reading it :)

I am very enjoying

Nice Post Buddy!

Thanks a lot brotha! Looking forward to seeing more of your content as well :)

Angelo, I am touched by your post. Thanks for your genuine love and attention. Your dad, brother and I love you too. Hope to see you soon!

Nice post, true, your parents are blessed to have you!

Thanks a lot! Family is everything for me :)

Awesome backstory, pare! Where's day 2-7 though?

Salamat kababayan! Been too busy to write a day-to-day series, but trying to post as much as possible :) Btw have you seen this yet? It's a GREAT way for us pinoys to help one another out :)

I actually commented on that earlier as well :D I had been part of the Pinoy list when it was just small. We had initiatives that were aimed to unite all Filipino Steemians, but it didn't pan out. I don't know why I was left of that latest list, but I submitted my name in just to be included there as well.

Awesome, you're one of the most proactive Steemians I've come across :) Keep it up pare!

Thanks for noticing! :) I really try to make everyone feel welcome, and since my votes don't amount to much, I try to give back by really reading and commenting on posts, apart from voting of course. It's my way of telling people, "Hey good job on the post. Your hard work is appreciated" :D

how do i steal your life? jk. looks all like fun and adventrures of meeting new people

Haha thanks! Work hard, play harder ;)

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