Beginnings of a Digital Nomad: The Remote Year – Day 15

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Remote workers require "portable offices." That said, here are 5 essential items you should never travel without...along with photos from my trip to share my experiences with you! Note: these are items I personally can't travel without. Some may disagree/feel differently, but that's all subjective.


July 5th, 2017 - Day 15

We soaked up the sun on our last full day in Gili Trawangan at one of their countless beachside lounges before trekking back to Bali tomorrow for two nights. From there, my girlfriend Christina and I part ways: she flies back to Europe to continue fashion school while I head Stateside to see my family @offoodandart for a weeks, followed by Colombia for business purposes with @matelopez and @world5list.

Essential Item #1: Universal Power Adapter
Our reliance on technology nowadays has made us ever-more dependent on power sources to recharge, and traveling across several continents requires adaptability in power supplies. There are many universal adapter available that let you insert your native prongs, which outputs whatever foreign two- or three-prong setup is required (in my case, I can plug in my American cords to adapt to any European/UK/Australian-style power socket).


Use a universal power adapter to stay fully charged, because rain or shine...I still stay Steemin'!!!

Essential Item #2: Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Not to be confused with noise-reduction headphones, which don't do as good of a job in silencing your surroundings. A one-time investment of a few hundred dollars in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will return tenfold in productivity and sanity! I personally use/recommend the Sony MDR-1000X for its impressive noise-cancelling properties, quality sound, bluetooth capability, touch control, and comfort. Tip: on long airplane rides, combine this with some disposable earbuds for a quiet, serene, Zen-like experience!

Zen at Gili Trawangan's Sunset Beach—no noise-cancelling headphones necessary here!

Essential Item #3: External Hard Drive
Paperless processing, large amounts of data, and countless photos/videos on your phone you'd like to cherish require A LOT of storage space. Thus, it's important to always keep your files backed up in a source separate from your computer, especially when your work is so dependent on these computer-based documents/files (God forbid the day your computer gets fried!). There are a ton of affordable options on the market offering several terabytes worth of storage; more than enough for most online professions. Another alternative would be cloud-based storage, although that often requires a monthly subscription that adds up over time.


Use an external hard drive to back up your important files and photos, like the photo of this Gili Island goat...that way in case your computer crashes, Gili goat stays happy and YOU stay happy :)

Essential Item #4: Melatonin
Traveling across different time zones on a regular basis inherently leads to jet lag. Melatonin is a safe, over-the-counter supplement that helps treat this. As a natural chemical that's already produced by your body, it allows for deeper sleep by helping regulate your circadian rhythm. And unlike traditional sleeping pills, you don't develop any sort of dependence on it. Melatonin is available at almost any pharmacy near you.


Use melatonin to treat those long, sleepless nights caused by jet lag and traveling across different time zones.

Essential Item #5: Athletic Shoes
Working long hours by staring at a computer screen nonstop will drive any person crazy. Therefore, cardio/sport is a MUST in order to clear your brain and keep you productive. Even 10 minutes of walking is enough to release significant amounts of endorphins, which—in turn—increases productivity, focus, and creativity. In fact, Aristotle used to give walking lectures, as his thinking was enhanced and ideas flowed organically/more naturally while doing so.


The Pearl of Trawangan beach bar/bungalow: one of the many beautiful beachside resorts I discovered during my run on Gili Trawangan.

Bonus Essential Item: Your Loved Ones
Because "good experiences are best shared!"

Last essential item: mi amor <3


Interesting story and useful.
However, I think if you aren't in jungle, you can charge all you gadgets in each on cafe for a tips, or some of them has such options. I mean, power banks are good, but not only one option. But still in grand trips out of cities this things are necessary)

Good point, thanks for sharing!

Living that freedom lifestyle :)

All day every day brotha!

I want to sit on this swing.

You CAN and I'm sure you WILL sometime soon ;) Once Steemit takes off to the moon!!! We're all working hard to make sure it does

Thanks for sharing, definitely agree with your essential items. Universal adapters are clutch for travel

And thank you for taking the time to read it! Your kinds words are truly appreciated :)

Good advice. Although I don't need an external hard drive so Google photos does the job nicely for me (but I'm not a photographer either).

Google has some great options too! And it takes up zero extra space :) But for what I do I definitely need more storage space than what Google offers :)

Nice pictures! and handy tips..

Thanks for your kind words brotha!

The internet has brought an enormous opportunity for people to earn anywhere in the world without in the usual corporate office. I would love to be one someday and just to travel the world while carrying my office - LAPTOP. Cheers for more travel adventures. Check out my post too on my recent trip to Cebu and hopefully, you can visit here too. :)

You'll get there soon, especially because of Steemit & the wonderful opportunities it offers!

Great post by they way...followed! I love the personal finance tip too; it's something that I always keep in the back of my mind. And I hope the @randowhale vote I've just sent you treats you well :)

We have been traveling and living the nomad life for over a year. I'm on board with pretty much all your long stay travel abroad must haves. We are actually in Bali right now! Great post!

Thanks glad you enjoyed it! Which part of Bali are you staying in? I really enjoyed Seminyak and Ubud :)

We are in a small village a stone's throw from Ubud. We are off to Gili in a couple weeks. If you have any must eats or must do's in Bali, we'd love to hear it!

  • Justin

Sorry for the late reply, been busy traveling the last few days & actually heading out to the airport again shortly...I spent some time in Gili Trawangan too & really loved Naty's on the main drag (there's two I think, but one of them has a really impressive, newly-opened rooftop deck where you can have dinner/drinks at), everything there is perfect!

In Ubud: Three Monkeys is beautiful & serene with a great menu to choose from! Hope this helps :) Also check out the Sacred Monkey Forest, you'll have a blast there playing with all the macaques!

Best of luck & keep me updated on everything...I'm really excited to hear more!

Great list, thanks for sharing! My husband and I are digital nomads too and we have some collection of power adapters and external hard drives already, though we always need MORE HARDDRIVES 😂
Melatonin souds interesting, I should try it...
p.s. I love Gilis too - we spend most of our time on Gili Air out of the three 😎
Followed you ;)