Travel with me #89 : My return to Taipei and meeting fellow Taiwanese Steemians!

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Dear Steemit friends :

It's been a week again, and I hope you all haven't forgotten about me already! In any case, I know that I promised to let everyone know where I've been travelling to since my adventures in Turkey, but if you've had the chance to peruse the trending page, you might have already found out that I am indeed in Taipei, Taiwan!

Coinciding with my planned visit to Taiwan, I had the precious opportunity to take part in the first official Taiwan Steemit meetup. There, I had the lovely opportunity to meet and mingle with all the lovely Steemians residing in Taiwan. Strangely, despite never meeting any of them before, it felt like we had known each other for a long time already. Our conversations carried like we've known each other for years. For one or two of the Steemians in Taiwan, we've been acquaintences for more than a year, oh, how time flies!

Since this is my first introductory post about Taipei, I won't go into to much detail for any of the places below, rest assured, I will cover them more thoroughly in the near future.

Taiwan, take two

If you've been following me since the early days, you might remember that I've actually visited Taiwan before. In-fact, this is the second time that I've had the pleasure of being a guest to this beautiful island.

Taiwan has a special qualia. Most probably because of it's cultural influence from several different countries throughout it's various epochs.

To this day, there exists a lineage of Taiwanese Aborigines, Japanese colonists, and Mainland Chinese living on the island. Taiwan therefore, has become a very unique mixture of these cultures and you will be hard pressed to find a Chinese region quite like Taiwan anywhere else!

Throughout the urban sprawl of Taipei, we find evidence of Taiwan and indeed China's history. For some, the historical archives, monuments and exhibitions, serve as a metaphor for the early transition from a bureaucratic Chinese society, to a democratic one we see today. Of course, there was plenty of attrition along the way, and the process remains "in-progress" to this day.

More cultural appreciation on either side of the formosa straight will eventually bring stability in the region, we can hope through more cultural exchange, that a bridge can be formed, removing the need for idealistic and tentative political allegory driving the old fashioned narrative.

Perhaps one of the aspects I love the most about Taipei and most of Taiwan, is actually the old streets that remain functional and intact to this day.

Despite it's rapid economical growth from the 60's onwards, many of the buildings built during the Japanese occupation are still standing and used today, that is why a walk through a busy Taipei street may remind you a lot of Japan. Where other cities like Beijing have knocked down and rebuilt almost everything, several times over, Taipei has managed to retain a lot of it's old city streets, as if time never really progressed keeping the pre-world war two style architecture intact and reminding everyone of the Japanese style of life.

Perhaps the best examples of these cultural relics are the nightmarkets. Could you imagine a state like Taiwan, the 22nd largest economy in the world, still having nightmarkets all over the capital city? Well, they're absolutely everywhere and serve has one of the prime reasons people come to visit Taiwan! In posts coming in the future, i'll be able to show you some of them in more detail.

Taiwan Steemit Meetup

As I mentioned earlier, I had the pleasure of taking part in the first Taiwanese Steemit Meetup where I could finally put familiar names to unfamiliar faces.

I had no idea that some of these familiar names were actually living in Taiwan, but I guess I should have been more observant because in-case you didn't know. There are actually two varieties of Chinese writing. Simplified, and Traditional. The mainland Chinese who sought to reduce the barrier of entry to education, use a simplified script whilst people from Taiwan and Hong Kong have stuck with Traditional.

Semantics aside, I had such a lovely time getting to know each of these proud Taiwanese Steemians over lunch and a few drinks. One common characteristic I found across almost all people from Taiwan, is that they are all incredibly friendly and not afraid to be social with complete strangers. This is often contrasted with the mainland tendency to be some what apathetic or indifferent to people outside of their friendship circle.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of Steemit is the gender representation. At the Taiwan meetup, we had 4 ladies, and 6 gentlemen. Pretty balanced I would say, and the mix definitely made conversations more interesting!

Checkout the short video of the meetup!


Thank you to the Taiwanese Steemians who made me feel very welcome in my first few days in Taiwan. I'm very excited by the energy, enthusiasm and diversity of the Taiwanese userbase, hopefully this is a region that will see some good growth. I have good faith that the Taiwanese Steemians are doing a good job of spreading the word about Steemit and getting all sorts participants onboard. The next time I come, I hope we can arrange a meetup with many more people!

In my first few days in Taipei, I chose to live in the Wanhua district, which is the oldest part of Taipei. Despite it's age, it has some interesting places to stay. Searching through Airbnb, I was quickly drawn to a vendor which specialised in cartoon themed studio rooms. I decided I would try stay in two different rooms to get more of an experience.

The first room is the LINE friends theme.

Most people in the Western countries assume that Chinese people use WeChat as opposed to Whatsapp. You will actually find that most people in Taiwan use LINE. Thus, the LINE friends emoticons, avatars and characters are extremely popular here. You will often find them in adverts, clothing, or strange old Airbnb rooms like this one!

This particular room actually had some stairs which lead up to a second "floor" with another double bed. This would be pretty ample size for two people or even two couples who don't mind sharing a room.

The vendor clearly has a penchant for collecting soft toys, because on this book shelf, there are several dozen LINE friends lined up in neat rows wearing various outfits. It almost reminds me of my own obsession with soft toys and the UFO Catcher game.

Theme Room no. 2!

Nope, it's not Hello Kitty, it's My Melody! This character whilst not as popular as Hello Kitty, is still really popular in Asia, particularly Japan, Hong-Kong and Taiwan. Originally created in 1975, My Melody is a little girl rabbit who always wears a red or pink hood which covers her ears. It is said that her aesthetic is an attempt to portray Little Red Riding Hood, except the rabbit version!

This room is actually located in the same building but on a different floor.

The first thing you see when you walk in, is again, a cupboard full of plushies! This time, of My Melody. There are My Melodies of different sizes and wearing different outfits. Usuallly, she weas a red or pink hood and has a flower or bow.

The owner definitely has quite the collection, aside from the lovely collection of mini My Melody's in the cupboard, there's also a huge human size one upstairs by the bed!

This is actually the "living area" which doubles up as another place to sleep. It's actually quite a small room with barely any space to place your luggage.

The Taipei nightlife

One of the reasons why people in Taiwan like to come out at night, is that during this time of year, Taiwan is still extremely hot and humid. By evening, the temperature is slightly cooler and more bearable. This is usually enough to bring people out for a scurry around the pedestrianised areas.

Even though the nightlife seems very much alive, there are actually few places which will open 24/7.

Aside from Seven Eleven, Watsons, Karaoke Bars, and a few cinemas, most other places will close by around 11pm.

UFO Grabbers are one of the more popular games here, and some open throughout the night for people who need something to do when suffering from insomnia.

Perhaps one of the most popular pedestrian areas in Taipei, is Ximen. We'll explore more of this place later. But let's just say it's very busy, and full of things to explore.

Take a look at some shots of night time Ximen. Doesn't it remind you of mini Japan?

I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction to my short travels in Taiwan. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be posting blogs about my recent travels in Turkey, as well as Taiwan, hopefully you will find them interesting!

As always, I appreciate your up-vote if you liked my post, and a follow if you want to stay up to date with my activities. Also, please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think!






Hey Lady-Boss :) You are looking better than ever!

I love how much attention you pay to details. You are an inspiration to many my friend. I'm really liking that black flat-cap :) I think I am going to need to get one designed!

What camera did I see in the reflection of that mirror? Was that your 5D? :)

PS. How are you doing? I hope you are feeling fantastic!

Hey dear, so nice to see you, and you're looking very funny these days with these nice cartoons!
The camera I always carry around with me now is the Sony A9!

We'll have to catch up on Steemit chat when I finally get back on there.. So far it's a bit of a chore!

I definitely agree :) We need to catch up! Yeah, it's never fun if it has to be a chore. Ahh the Sony A9? Nice! Are you still using your gimbal? :D

It feels like I need a few more lenses.. they are sooo expensive though!

I still use my Osmo Mobile yes, but it's not part of the 'flow' yet. I'm still figuring out how to fit it in each time..

That camera takes so good pics. No cheap camera

Mmmm good points there. Yeah those lenses can get pricy hey! Are you using any filter by the way? If not, you should definitely get one! I think for the Osmo Mobile.. I'm think if you get a drone, you can start collaborating the smooth ground footage from the gimbal, with the smooth air footage of the drone. You have a ton of potential with the various pieces of equipment of this day and age! A lot to take advantage of :)

sometimes i use a filter depending on the lighting condition, and good points about the gimbal and drone. I'm still in the process of acquiring a new platinum mavic pro. That should join my phantom 4 nicely!

As for lenses.. urgh.. nothing is under 1k for something that takes advantage of the A9.

how much effort do you put into being this sexy?!

or is it just effortless? :D amazing! better than any instagram girls! steemit girls win!

queen of the blockchain! glad your home on treasure island!
Pacific Rim Rules! Pacific Ocean is the future!

also hey look i almost caught you at 13333 followers by pure chance just now!

13334 followers u have! im almost at 2999

dude i was worried its been 10 days! thought the great firewall got you!

can i chat with you both? u can send messages to urrbody

sgonna be great! anya yagunna hava easy time assin queshins (thats California new speak,

heres another example
did you eat yet? no, did you ? No, let's go


"jeet yet? no joo? no s'go"

crazy right? its shorter! more compressed,
looks likatooot allydifferent languish

a very enjoyable trip. and of course very cute with your photos

thanks boyasyie :)

Nice post

The pleasure is ours! We are all thrilled to learn that this is actually your first meetup! That's something to brag about in the future book <Steemit: A History> ! :) We are also very happy to have you as a family member too!! Don't you forget to come back home from time to time ok? :~~

你竟然對LINE這麼了解,還去住了主題旅館, I真是服了U了 !可惜你已經不是台灣之友了,你已經是台灣人了~~~~

I finally have something to be brag about in steemit 😭😭😭 touching. I have kept the trending number 1 screenshot somewhere very safe and when steemit is as big as facebook? Watch out for me, i will tell everyone about that day :))

oh wilkinshui, you have one of the most prominent personalities around.. I'm sure if more people knew.. then you would be infectious around this place!

aww deanliu, thanks for treating me like one of the family. Very happy! Yes, I suspect a lot of our early adventures will indeed make a mark in the history "books" to come when Steemit goes big time! Now that i'm a part of the family, I can start inviting you guys to dinner too!! Next time (hopefully soon!)


@sweetsssj come to Malaysia as well. We welcome you.

I can always read the care and appreciation of local culture and people in your traveling journals. It's my honor to attend Taiwan meetup with you. You really give me the motivation to move forward.




hi sweetsssj..may i ask a favor..kindly see my post, this is my 1st entry on the contest hoping for your loving support..thank you so much ..

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Amazing post loved all your pictures... especially the LINE stickers are over cute

thank you! I think the Line bears are so cute.. they almost look like cats!


Taiwan is a fascinating place to visit, @sweetsssj, with its mixture of three cultures.

Political views aside, it is a melting pot of different traditions and cultures as well as a showcase of different styles of architecture,

The city seems very modern and the late night markets are reminiscent of Seoul Korea.

It's interesting that Taiwan is the only democratic Chinese speaking government in East Asia.

I'm familiar with the cartoon characters featured in the Airbnb rooms, although most familiar with Hello Kitty thanks to my granddaughter who was obsessed with that character at one time.

The fact that the city's nightlife shuts down at 11 pm reminds me of my stay in Washington DC where they seemed to roll up the sidewalks at night LOL!!

I'm glad you were able get together with many Taiwanese Steemians and share that common bond.

I'm looking forward to future posts about the island and its attractions.

Your photos were colourful and captured the lively vibe of Taipei.

Did I mention, those tall steins of draft beer looked delicious!

A delightful post today, sssj.


Good point about Taiwan being the only democratic Chinese speaking government in East Asia. The country hasn't been democratic for very long, so there are still surviving echos of a bureaucratic society if you go outside of the big cities and or speak to people over the age of 50.

I had no idea you had a granddaughter john, no wonder you read as wise as you sound. Nothing can substitute living a long well rounded life, if only by the time I was your age I could have the same broad wisdom, I would be very satisfied with how my life went.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in the next post! (It might be about Turkey) :)

You blend in beautifully in Taipei, I can see that you felt really comfortable there.
Again, your posts are so well written that I'm hooked and read them throughout.

The most fascinating thing I found about from your post are the nightmarkets. Sounds like something I would really enjoy.

Looking forwards to the other posts from Taiwan.

thank you kingmotan, i'm glad you enjoyed this one. I'm still not done with Turkey yet, but i will be posting a mix of Taiwan and Turkey for the next few. Hopefully you get some enjoyment from them both!

Never been to either, but I feel that I like Taiwan much more .

Might be because my country was under the Ottoman empire for about 400 years

Great to read you again!! :D
I'm getting jealous about all those persons that have to opportunity to meet you. Those places looks really amazing and SO cute, I want a room like that. Taiwan is in my Favorite places to travel. Hope one day could go.
Glad to read you all the time. You all the time make astonishing photos that make everyone who reads you travel with you.

Thank you jokossita, really appreciate you taking the time to actually read as well as look through the pictures. I spend quite a lot of time writing, so it's worth reading it!

I enjoy reading you, hope to be like you someday!! I'm totally your fan.

I have taken @jokossita under my wing, the same as you did for me. I would appreciate it if you could go and see her last few posts. She is a hustler like you are, and I see a lot of you in her attitude and wisdom. I have never done this for anyone else, but I really want to give her the attention she deserves :)

that's fantastic, you have done a great service. I will keep a look out :)

All this time I have improved by your tutelage and unconditional support, believing in me from the beginning, even writing as Yoda. Thanks for helping me out SO much. I'm anxious for the opinion you're going to have about me @sweetsssj I hope I can learn more from both. Thanks for everything !!

Don't even mention it :) Let's do this!

I really love travelling with your dear because its always an amazing experience.
Your photos are always very crystal and seem to be very keen to details.
You do not miss a pin ma dear

More power to your elbow @sweetsssj

thank you samuelwealth, always a pleasure :)

Hey sweetheart, i usually watch from the sidelines..I just wanted to say your posts are always visually stunning and you can tell u put the work in and don't skimp on effort. My favorite part though is how you take the time to reply to all your followers! You deserve all the success you get. Keep up the awesome work! GA

thank you goldenarms, I hope to see you off the sidelines more often. It's great hearing your angle on things :)

As we know that your every single post rocks with unique stories and content u develop in your own words. I m following u from couple of days and read your more than 7 post and i love them.
Let's come to the point , actually today morning i was reading post loudly a little bit and my younger brother who is 10 years old and i know never ever getting interest in any reading. But today it was like an inspirational speech him that i spoke using your lines of post. He got impressed asked me to sign up his account and make sure to follow u only because he want to read you past post as well. So i gave him my id to read past post and he read 3 more post by around spending near about 1.2 hours and said me that he want to become a writer. What. I mean what - actually that was my reaction.
That time i realize your thoughts that grab and write step by step in post is really move effective that i was expected.
I love your post again and work as well. I love your cap also

Such a lovely story and very inspiring too. Thank you, i'm looking forward to seeing your little brother on here, make sure to tell him to mention you so i remember!

yeah sure.
Actually i gave him my own id with password. whenever he has some time, he will love to read your post and learn something new by analysing your content. and i appreciate u love it.

Excellent narrative as always
Am lucky to find your post on time today having being usually late on previous ones. Taiwan! What a place..when i want to write to some Chinese friends...i use Google translator and get confused on traditional or simplified Chinese but you have put that to rest. Now i know Hong Kong and Taiwan uses traditional while mainland China simplified but what's the difference from both...can one understand and write both? The bond with China & Taiwan seems strong. Was Taiwan formerly part of China and why is Chine bent on ensuring Taiwan stays as part of it's territory. I love both culture, people , food , historical sites which am gonna enjoy reading about through my very own @sweetsssj
Nice post...great steemians... Beautiful lady... Keep it up...🌹🙌😘

Thanks ken! Actually, the characters can differ quite a bit, but usually proficient readers of Chinese in either simplified or Traditional will cope with the other just fine.. As for the bond.. well, they are bound by the same origin, but the ties have been sparse over the course of history, and remains so to this day. The story behind it is quite complicated, but I intend to explain a little more in the coming posts so do try to follow!

Sure... i have no other option but to do the needful, and the needful is to follow my favorite blog in steemit managed by @sweetsssj
keep it coming... wish i can place an alarm to know when its coming...but can you inform m hat time to expect more...GMT time?
I also did update many blog posts...wonder if you like my style of blogging?
keep steeming hot!

I really dont want to miss a day without a single post of are indeed make life here on #steemit is all that you give us...the photos are simply spledid and so are you...
繼續與我們分享愛情,我也喜歡這個人,你真是太棒了 @sweetsssj

是的,很高兴得知你去了台湾参加了他们当地的Steemit聚会。这真是两岸一家亲的感觉呢。我也很期待我们周末的UK Sheffield Steemit Meetup.

Yes, I am very glad knowing you went to Taiwan and attended the local steemit meetup. Feels like it is a family get-together. Thank steemit for all of it. We are also look forward to attending the first ever UK Sheffield Steemit Meetup.

If only I was in UK, I would love to join you too! Maybe in the future!

Amazing post my dear @sweetsssj. I wrote post and on photo which I put in it, in my opinion, I'm similar you. Look please:


Thank you for your blog. I was planning to visit Korea next month but this blog helped me chose which should I visit first. So loved the pictures! Keep it coming :)

Hello @sweetsssj..
Always working to influence new steemians to meet the Steemit platform, the people of Taiwan seem to be very receptive, a very beautiful place! You made good choice of his room with very cute subjects. The country billboards are amazing. Your travel post is very amazing, always well detailed. Congratulations ! I'll be looking forward to new posts!

I must recognize the superiority of your journey from one place to another, you make a meetup with Steemians around the world. it seems like you should try to go to Indonesia, here I am waiting for your arrival @sweetsssj.
You also have a beautiful face, I'm almost crazy Because of your beautiful face this. hahaaha everytime I look at your face, I wonder and ask, why Sweetsssj as beautiful as this? hehe
I think in this world you only have the name Sweetsssj, that extraordinary, right? :-D
I also imagine what if I meet you, but it is not possible. Because let me meet you in the real world, in the dream also I can not meet you. is that possible? I do not think so! hehe :-D
I'm just kidding, but your beauty is real.
you are incredible bro! haha :-D

Wow sweetsssj,

your profile is fantastic. You're now really one of the first I have found here and I love your reports and colorful pictures. You definitely have a new follower!

Sorry for my upgradable English. But I learn. Soon it will be better! :)

Nice photos! Been to Taiwan in the past and it's a lovely place to visit.

thanks 4 sharing
Nice thanks.

you're welcome sir :)

It really has a high quality, you give a lot of inspiration to everyone. all eyes will be on you sweet.
thank you or your kindness give me great voting, I choose you as my witness. : D :)

Great people, great place, great foods, off course, great tour blog. I like the bunny theme hotel rooms. Great work Taiwanese Steemians and @sweetsssj :)

Awesome @sweetsssj great post thank you for sharing and inspiring us all! The beer looked amazing :D


you're welcome joe, thanks for dropping by again, (and always without fail!) :)

You must really like Hello Kitty...

taipei great city and beautiful .. hopefully someday get there. moreover there are @sweetsssj so the more beautiful city.. 😁

Wow, Amazing @sweetsssj
Awesome travel,
When you any time traveling to my country? I'm very happy for welcome.
Greatings from Aceh

Thank you sweetsssj for you succes ,thank you good job

What a great post! Insightful. Interesting. Will keep tabs on your posts now.

You take amazing pictures and you have an eye for beauty. I'm sure you're a perfectionist. Excellent work!

Hey, Its a great post again, you always share with us better travel photos. Taiwan is awesome place to visit , specially I like those cute cartoon rooms . Have fun with those friends, enjoy @sweetsssj :)

Hope all is well always love seeing your post and you are a huge inspiration since day one, Do you have a steemchat account or email would love to chat with you!!!!

So cool!

so awesome that you take the time to meet up with other steemians looks like yet another amazing adventure!

thanks bitcoinflood, it was really kind of the Steemians in Taiwan to treat me like family actually, since i'm not actually in Taiwan, I am quite the outsider to their community! Of course, it didn't feel that way at all! :)

Great photos and you look lovely as always. The street food of Taipei is delicious. You certainly boost up the spirit of the Taiwan Steemians. Here is an open invitation to visit Malaysia for a Steemit Meetup as well.

good to see you working so hard. I was in Alaska on a cruise with no internet connection for 2 weeks. You do an amazing job.

thank you johnnyray, sometimes you just have to take the time to just travel, and not mix it with blogging. I don't know how I would live without reliable internet these days.. It was like that for me in Turkey and I felt so claustrophobic!

I understand and hope to travel in turkey one day, it is the one place I have not traveled to. Keep doing what you're doing my friend.

Welcome back @sweetsssj! Your taipei family misses but your Steemit family also misses you A LOT! :)

Ximen really gives me the feels of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. If you didn't said that you are in Taipei, i would've thought you were in Japan! What a lively and delightful place indeed! Another place to add up on my bucket list. ;)

NOW, WHERE ARE THE CATS??? @[email protected]

Good to have you back!

thank you hebro, good to be back! (I never left! )

nice pics @sweetsssj!
love the cute room full of stuffed toys
the child in me wants to sleep in it :D
looks like you all had so much fun
the beer mugs are quite huge :)
and you still look fav despite a lot of eating :)
take care !

haha, englishtchrivy,, so lovely to hear from you, thank you for keeping an eye out for me and all the little details in my posts too! :)

Hello my Beautiful Friend , You are looking so excited and happy on this trip . It's like a reunion and I am glad you enjoyed this so much. Taiwan Meetup is amazing , Lucky people I say as they meet you. I wish I will meet you some day , that will be great . This city is very beautiful wonderful people and cool places . You are really having fun, those theme rooms are amazing . I am amazed with the night life of this city , beautiful streets and what a comfortable view it is. Thank you so much sharing this one, loved it as always. Have a great day dear , keep smiling 😊

@sweetsssj - 你好。你好吗。希望你正在享受生活
OMG - you are in Taipei!! One more of the places I have visited in the past. I have visited Taipei at least 5-6 times during the last 7-8 years!

It is wonderful that you got to the Steemit meetup. The people look so enthusiastic and Steemit with Beer seems to be a great combo. :)

I love the photos of the AirBnB rooms. Both, the Line themed room and the My melody room are awesome! You are right - it does seem like Hello Kitty at first but I could recognize the My Melody because I have seen it in many shops in Ximen shopping district.

I always had Tofu from Street vendors in Ximen in the evening. The area near the station is great and there are many toys, robotics shops that I used to visit.

Fantastic to see a blog on Taiwan from you.

I hope you get time to visit my blogs. Though you said you would, I think you could not get time a few days ago. Hope to see your nice comments on my latest blogs. Thanks



Taiwan has always interested me, and now I can experience it from Miss Awesome @sweetsssj's perspective 👊
Cool meetup, lots of of laughs & smiles all around 😀 and of course the lovely photos and I just have to vote for the LINE friends room 👍
Great to see you back in action with such a nice post, always top shelf my friend 🙌

Good read, as always.This is a small gift for you.This is a logo i design for you Hope you like

Participented In Drawing Challenge👘Muffler Boy👘 Portrait Of A Child-Pencil Drawing♨️

looks quite cool, thank you for that! :)

the place of taiwan is very great..i felt so happy to see your post,meeting some friends in taiwan taipei, it's nice to see you happy and the growing true friendship in the community specially when you meet-up and you guys have a good time together in the place.i felt so jealous" LoL"....meeting with new friends on the community is such wonderful experience,the moment is priceless. it's the time for Getting to know each other such a moment to so happy for you,

anyway the market place with lots of street foods. The Taipei nightlife much very alive,many people on the street. i like to buy some street foods,im sure the price is very affordable and have many choices to buy and eat more and more.LoL ^_^.

i like the specialised in cartoon themed studio rooms this is amazing , you look so pretty on the photoshoot. the contrast and the blended with lights and true color combo on your camera is perfect with right angle caption.

hope to see more adventure in taiwan, the country is very progressive in terms of economic growth. the people of the community are so friendly.

thanks for sharing the adventure and your good times with new meet friends with us, as if we are there also to witness the joy and journey on the steemit community on your life.
i love your article and i give you my best appreciation on what you have share on this community.such a wonderful person and very kind of personality.
that's why we love you so much.
take care always..

May the lord God shower you more blessing and protection on your travel.



wonderful comment mrblu, thank you. I'm enjoying my time in Taiwan very much. It's a shame that i have to leave so soon! Hopefully, you will enjoy my adventures here :)

yup, i will look forward on your next your article as always..thanks for sharing your life on this community i really appreciate the effort you have done just to show to us here that you are a real person..and very humble and's my pleasure to be your follower on this community you're such worthy to be adored and be praise by others..because on your passion on your work ..take care my dearest friend..see you on your next adventure.

Babycakes, when are you coming to Los Angeles?

what an odd nickname you've made for me!

Not sure when, but LA is in the pipeline!

Let me know, I'd like to see your real face.

I would be happy to meet with you. Unfortunately, I do not have such an opportunity: (You are a very unusual person, it's interesting to watch you.) Meetings of close people are always fine, you have very happy faces, and I am happy with you)

Hey, You always make me feel like I'm literally there with you when you make an article of your adventures. Next time you could really consider taking me with you on one of your trips lol.
And you always dress so so nice :) The pink cap and the water bottle killed it for me.

hey kingbach, thanks for that. I do try to keep my posts as engaging as possible. I see you noticed a few finer details.. good eye!

Oh, good! I'm going to spend 3 months traveling through Asia. I loved your photos.

Dearest sweetsssj,

its such an honor to see the most beautiful young lady of the history of steemit community, the meet-up with new friends in the place was very intertwining of such wonderful found friendship. love the place of Taiwan, the people there are so friendly, the night are very much alive, the street food such wonderful experience you with friends.i love this community, people here love to share there personal happiness with great joy meeting up with very young lovely ladies and handsome fellows are fantastic. guess you have a lots of fun there.^^thanks for sharing this..anyway they are so lucky to meet you.^^

the photos captured true moment of friendship and the place of the custom room with lots of cartoons staff and character, the staff toys are so cute.

the lovely photos you taken touch my heart..i felt so amaze on your photo's how i wish i will visit there also..

hope to see you more explore the wonderful place like taiwan.

take care always..i love your article as always and i give you my respect of loyalty and passion..following you on this community,,even do i can't see you on person but i'm contented with your lovely photos. it enough for me to see you happy..

upvoted and resteem your post..thanks for sharing...

love and care


thank you dontryme2, always a pleasure :)

i cry out loud know why? because you reply on my msg. huhuuhuh

it just that i'm so happy, i can't explain it.

truly i will always love your article.


We don't forget you because you are the steemit queen @sweetsssj we just wait for your awesome travel,nice to hear you visit Taiwan and arrange #steemit meetup Taipei

thank you irfansardar, that's very encouraging to hear :)

My pleasure @sweetsssj you are always welcome :)

@alirazaamjad That camera takes so great pics. No modest camera and you are so beautiful

@sweetsssj I love the way steemit country group are trending and also paving ways for people in lots of communities. Kudos to the Taiwan brothers and sisters for welcoming. Steemit is now joining the world together and putting smile on faces that were hopeless.
Place take your time to check @travelguide tutorial

The second one is
Thanks. Love your pics

fantastic, travelguide, thank you for these. You are doing a terrific job! :)

Taiwanese Steemians are very lucky because they have a great Steemian like you. Have a nice day.


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wow what a nice post, I was following your for Turkey trip in your posts, I would like to go to taiwan, I love your fresh style, I would love to try the taiwanese food, the nightlife looks amazing, your video is fun and great, everyone your friends are looking cheerful, the rooms are very sweet, they must be dream, I would definitely love to know a place as nice as that, my best wishes for you, cheers my evenings when I read your work, affectionate kisses and hugs @sweetsssj
Upvoted and Resteemed!


thank you hector, fear not, the Turkey series is far from over It's just taking a while to get through that one because of my irregular posting. However, it means i'll have a bit more diversity in my posts coming up which won't just focus on one location that i've visited. Hopefully you'll enjoy the Taiwan series of posts too :)

Wow! it seem to be an amazing place. I never knew Taiwan was under japan rule for so many years. I thought it was a province of China and parted way with them. Thanks for sharing the informational and useful post.

Yes more on that later, there is factually quite a complicated backstory around that. Thank you!

You are welcome dear... I have been forward to your post and am glad you are back now...

The chinese is one thing i am a bit agog about. Did u actually typed it in or google translation

Wow I love your post and since I can not travel because of my pocket at least I can travel with your post.

Thank you for sharing your travels and experiences with the whole community.

Greetings and thanks again because a post of yours was that I decided to enter Steemit and thanks to that my life begins to change a little.

I'm honored to have given you the motivation to join up. I hope you have a very welcoming and enjoyable time here and hope to seee more of you around!

Thank you for your words you're very nice ;)

Thank you so much for a very nice tour of Taipei. I have never been to Asia, but I am fascinated by all things Asia, especially Chinese art and culture. (And I might add, the beauty of Chinese women.)

I really love the Theme Room no. 2

that's my favourite too.. I grew up watching My Melody, only recent years have I come into contact with LINE friends..

Taiwan really is an amazing place

This is gonna spark plenty of ideas. Social currencies for all.

Very nice and impresssive post.
very sweet @sweetssj

Really Nice! You look great

This world is such a fascinating place.... so much beauty around!! just open your eyes and look!

Hi, I love the way you displayed the life and culture of the Taiwans. I hope to visit some day and have a taste of their food. It's my dream to travel around the world someday.

What a wonderful post! I just started a bachelor's degree in Chinese studies and now I'm always interested in hearing more about the culture(s) associated with this language :D Thank you for sharing the details of your trip!
I was also intrigued to hear of the similarities between China and Japan since I spent a year in Tokyo to study Japanese. I had no idea Line was popular in other countries - let alone that they would have a themed room of it! :'D Again, thanks for sharing!

How to be YOU???? hehehe I'm a girl but I admire you and your travel post.. I'm starting to share my travel destinations also.. Beautiful pictures and your so Gwapa :) ... upvoted and followed you..

Oh, what a story @sweetsssj, u had a great opportunity, traveling to a beautiful places and captured a great photos as well, i love that "Line Theme" room, as a girl for sure..:), and it's seem the first Taiwanese Steemit Meetup is fun, u made a good influence and motivated them ! cheers :)

thanks, it was definitely a very well rounded visit. Some more details coming up in the near future!

Im waiting ur next story sweet.. :)

Looks like you had a great time! Love that room! That's awesome how they have a Taiwan Steemit Meetup! Good to see steemians hanging out! Where you going next? Keep up the good work and best wishes from @kenentertainment!

Hey! I'm still currently getting through the Turkey posts and now Taiwan, i will probably hold off travelling somewhere new until I finish blogging about these places.. I need a while to get grounded again!

#Je suis ton plus grand fan
(I'm your biggest fan)

I Upvote and Follow you :)))

A nice addition to your travel blog @sweetsssj. This place looks so beautiful.

thank you dear, it's qute a distinct beauty that for now seems unique to Taiwan. Hopefully, I can share more of the beauty with you in up coming posts :)


我喜欢你微笑的方式。^ _ ^你是唯一一个我会遵循的。爱女人尊重的象征


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