Travel with me #87 : One night in Cella Boutique Hotel & Spa - The real gem of Selçuk!

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Dear Steemit friends :


A few articles ago, we had the pleasure of visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus. This historical relic has served as the primary draw for people visiting this part of Turkey and indeed gives a significant boost to the local economy, in particular the small town Selçuk.

As previously mentioned, the easiest way to visit Selçuk is by train, directly from the Izmir domestic airport. There are fairly frequent train services to Selçuk and the entire journey takes just under one hour.

Of course, visiting Ephesus means that I had the choice of either staying further away at Izmir and making a day trip down, or staying at Selçuk which is just a few minutes drive away from the ancient city.

In the end, I opted for the latter and in hindsight, i'm very glad that I did. Why? Because I had the pleasure of staying at one of the best hotels I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, and sadly, my schedule only allowed me to stay for one night before moving on to my next destination.

Izmir Airport is modern piece of art

Izmir Airport was a real surprise. With a population of under 3 Million, the airport seemed larger and more modern than the one I left at Istanbul. Not only that, but the airport has succeeded in combining a grand visual excellence with a subtle artistic flare, making it stand out amongst the other airports I have passed through in Turkey.



From the airport, you can purchase a ticket to Selçuk for 5 TL (~$1.5 USD) then enjoy the scenic train ride for just under 1 hour.

One thing I like about the transport in Turkey is the level of service they provide throughout the journey. There is an attendant for every cabin, and they will serve you food and drinks for the entire journey. On coaches, the drinks and snacks are inclusive in your ticket, and on the train, it'll cost you a little more.

When we first arrived in Selçuk, I made the bold decision to walk from the station to the Hotel. No doubt, some of the previous reviews were more than optimistic about the distance of the hotel from the train station, citing a brief 10 minute walk. Pulling luggage along under the blistering sun, it's more like a drawn out 30 minutes or even more.

In-fact, I had to call the hotel to ask them to pick us up. We were tired and lost, like two survivors in a dessert looking for our oasis sanctuary.

To our surprise, one of the hotel staff pulled up by the road, and asked us if we were going to Cella Boutique Hotel. He was a silver haired knight in shining armour, loading up our bags and then driving us the remainder of the journey.

Turkey Cella 9.jpg

This was the beautiful "shining armour" that we were picked up in. It turns out that the driver was actually one of the partners of the hotel. Ali was his name, and he must have been well into his 60's or even 70's. Despite his age, he was full of energy and enthusiasm, welcoming us not only to his hotel, but Turkey!

Turkey Cella 23.jpg

A stone statue of a maiden functions as the water fountain in the centre of the car park. She sets the tone for the hotel, reminding us of the Greek Heritage of the area and it's ancient city of Ephesus.

Turkey Cella 7.jpg

Cella Boutique Hotel & Spa

The outside of the Hotel is very clean, and looks very new. In-fact, the hotel was only opened some 3 years ago. Since then, it has built an enviable reputation on both Trip Advisor as well as

Let's go in!

Right at the check-in desk, the hotel has a section on the wall with it's awards. As you can see, it's been given several prestigious awards from tripadivsor as well as

We were welcomed with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and some small biscuits whilst we wait for our rooms to be prepared.

The waiting area has it's own little bar, but the chairs here remind me a little bit of Sanderson Hotel in London. All sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours, like a chair museum.

The size of the room is not too large, but it also needn't be. It has a very homely feeling, and I love that about it.

Turkey Cella 18.jpg

This is an example of one of the many antiques the owners have placed inside their hotel. It's little things like this record player that make it feel down to earth and just like my living room back home.

Turkey Cella 2 3.jpg

Turkey Cella 19.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 5.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 7.jpg

Turkey Cella 17.jpg

Turkey Cella 6.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 8.jpg

Staircase and passageways

Marble flooring and decorated floor tiles are used throughout the hotel, aside from giving it a more authentic ancient city feel, it also keeps the place looking neat and tidy. The railings are a lovely floral design and at a no point did I feel the passage ways to be too narrow. A mistake that many other hotels make in an effort to conserve space and maximise the number of rooms.

Turkey Cella 1.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 2.jpg

The Room(s).

Each room in the hotel has a slightly different theme and design. The rooms we stayed in were the Standard Rooms, although there are also sauna rooms, vip rooms, penthouse rooms etc. for those looking for something a bit more luxurious.

For most people, the standard rooms will already be more than enough. The standard rooms come with a very large double bed, plenty of floor space which can also be used for additional guests, or just more space to put your luggage.

Turkey Cella 5.jpg

The room is very bright because of it's large french windows and also because the two French windows are perpendicular to each other meaning more natural lighting.

Turkey Cella 4.jpg

Each room has a modern air conditioner fitted which is automatically shut off when you open the windows.
Believe me when I say, the air-conditioner is a life saver. This part of Turkey frequently floats in the mid 40's and having the windows open only make the room even hotter.

In case you feel peckish or thirsty will also find a mini bar with complimentary water and coffee / tea and a well stocked fridge with some soft drinks and spirits for measure.

Turkey Cella 3.jpg

Unlike the hot tub and sauna rooms, the standard room comes with a standing shower. You'll be happy to hear that I had no complaints about the water temperature of the shower here. Seems like they sussed out how to get the water temperature just right.

Turkey Cella 2 1.jpg

What was really impressive to me was the toiletries provided. For those of you that are mindful about brands, you will recognise BVLGARI and L'Occitane shower gels, shampoo, conditioner and soaps are provided.

It's a little detail, but an important one because I wasn't expecting the toiletries to be from such high end brands. I was certainly impressed!

Since the hotel is also a spa, a menu is provided for the different kinds of spa services you can expect. As you can see, the prices are extremely reasonable. I was really looking forward to booking a session, but sadly I didn't have the time.

Another nice touch was the selection of pillows. Everybody sleeps differently, and mostly likely prefer a certain kind of pillow. The hotel knows this and gives you an option between, Hard, Medium, Medium Soft and Soft pillows.

Outside one of the windows, you can see a piece of grassland with a single horse grazing happily in the sun.

This is our private balcony which give us a really nice few of the farmland and mountains in the distance.

Turkey Cella 28.jpg

In the distance, you can see farmland stretching all the way to the edge of the mountains. Selçuk is not a very large town, and Cella is actually located at the edge of the town nearest to Ephesus.

Turkey Cella 2.jpg

Turkey Cella 29.jpg

Room No. 2

So me and Tania actually stayed in separate rooms. This room which is also a standard room, was hers.

I can't help but be a little jealous because I prefer the decoration in this one much more. The floor tiles are more traditional looking, and the walls by the windows have a stone like texture to them.

The room also has a less 'modern' theme to it with more neutral balanced colours.


In any case, you can see the room dimensions and layout are identical, the differences lie in the theme.




Swimming Pool

A hotel in climates as hot as Turkey would not be complete without at-least a paddle pool. Cella does not disappoint and has a pool large enough to swim rounds in and also deep enough to fully submerge yourself without bending your legs.

The partners at Cella take turns with shifts during the day and night, and amazingly, will keep the pool open throughout the night if you wish to go for a swim.

In my only night at the hotel, I had the pleasure of taking a dip around midnight, and Ali was kind enough to keep an eye on us whilst we had a swim.


The Spa

Tania was adamant on using the Sauna in the spa, so after having a quick swim, we went to the Sauna for round two of sweating till dehydration. You'll notice that they actually have the facilities for massages, Turkish Baths, as well as the Sauna. However, the spa services are only provided between 9am and 6pm.

Like the pool, the Sauna is open all night, but you will want to ask Ali or Mustafa to turn it on an hour or so before using it to heat it properly.

Ornaments and Collections

It is clear that either Ali, Mustafa or one of the other Hotel partners have been collecting antiques for quite some time. Just like in the waiting area in the lobby, each floor has a cabinet full of some interesting collections.

These are a wonderful attribute to the hotel because as mentioned earlier, it adds to the feeling of homeliness. I expect the owners have built this hotel to be like their second (or even first) home. I'm sure all the guests appreciate this sentiment because it feels extremely welcoming.

Take a look at a few of the objects I captured. There are cabinets like this on each floor. In total, there are 5 floors including the basement where the Spa is!

The home cooked breakfast

I've become very accustomed to having eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, beans and bread for breakfast, but Cella have made such a distinguished effort to cook a home made breakfast for their guests.

It is probably the most balanced breakfast I have had in my entire stay in Turkey, and definitely one of the most tasty.

Turkey Cella 26.jpg

The dining area is simply stunning, it exudes so much class, and isn't too cluttered, with people or even things. Again, it feels like a dining room in someone's home.

Turkey Cella 24.jpg

Turkey Cella 13.jpg

Turkey Cella 11.jpg

Throughout the day, you will find a small snack bar which has some Turkish Biscuits, Muffins, Walnuts and other mini snacks, complimentary to your stay.

Turkey Cella 25.jpg

These are the nuts, and dried fruits which are available all day.

Turkey Cella 2 16.jpg

A selection of Cheese served in the morning.

Turkey Cella 2 17.jpg

This is our lovely selection of organic dishes freshly prepared on the day.

We are certainly spoilt for choice but you'll notice that a lot of the dishes are vegetables. I suspect that since both owners are quite elderly, they have taken great care to serve food which they themselves would like to eat.

Turkey Cella 2 15.jpg

Turkey Cella 15.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 9.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 10.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 14.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 11.jpg

Turkey Cella 14.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 12.jpg

Turkey Cella 2 13.jpg

Finally, we have the Spinach Pancake. This was the first time I had this dish, and I was offered it by the girls who worked in the kitchen in the morning.

I couldn't believe how delicious this was, so much so that I had to get a second serving.

For the rest of my journey's in Turkey, I was constantly on the look out for the Spinach Pancake, it really is fantastic!

Omelette is served on request!

Check out a quick video tour of the Hotel and some Drone footage of Selçuk!

Thank you for joining me on this tour of Cella Boutique Hotel & Spa. I can't recommend this hotel enough, once in a while, you visit somewhere and get the feeling that everything is done just right. This is one of those places. Both Ali and Mustafa are terrific hosts who looked out for our comfort and enjoyment at every single point of our stay.

We took a taxi to the bus station and was surprised to see Ali had also followed us there to see if we needed any help with getting to our next destination. He is such a sweet heart!

I enjoyed the hotel so much that whilst I usually like to experience different hotels, I will be coming back to this one and spending some proper time instead of treating it as a one night stop over!

If you're visiting Ephesus, then this is THE place to stay.

旅行途中,有欢笑也会疲劳,一天的观光结束,最希望的就是有一个像“家”一样的温暖居所,给你提供最大的后援支持,让你好好休息“充电”,再迎接第二天的黎明。今天带大家探索一家对我而言,像“家”一般的酒店,这是我在土耳其的旅行途中最难忘的经历。这家酒店的风格很古典,环境很清新,2位已是满头银丝的酒店老板的热情服务给了我永生难忘的愉快体验。Cella Hotel & Spa Ephesus位于塞尔丘克历史区,就在以弗所古城和以弗所大斗兽场附近。








Hi... It's so beautiful!! Awesome photography, beautiful interiors, as you said, the furniture, the staircase, all good... and even the food looks mouth watering.... Thank you very much for sharing a good post... :)

thank you geetharao, always a pleasure, and i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Wow, what a great little spot! I just love the decor and look at that amazing food 😳😋
Must admit - they car is a nice touch too!!
Thanks for the post again ☺️

thanks I was really lucky to have a ride in that vintage car, I've never had that opportunity before! :)

That's awesome!! My dad actually had a 1969 Jaguar XJ6 rebuilt - just love old cars 😊
Hope you having an amazing time as usual?

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What beautiful places and what qualitative photos -- a pleasure to watch...

thank you cryptoeera, hopefully you have a full picture of the place with all these photos!

@sweetsssj ....i love the Cella Boutique Hotel & Spa..the best way to remove our stress.. love to see that also..thanks for your video..the food also was fantastic and looks so yummy..i got a new poem here to share...

I noticed a new gadget you have @sweetsssj and it's drone. It's really nice to see photos from above. I always read the booK of Ephesus in the Bible, at least now I had a glimpse of the town. Thanks and God bless!

Good eyes! I have actually made a few posts with drone footage before, but they are going back quite a while now. It's really rare these days to have an opportunity to fly it because the regulations in places are becoming more strict and tighter. It's such a shame :(

I am really impressed of your drone shoots. Please continue with it :)

Just be a bad girl and fly the drone when noone is looking!


@sweetsssj wow upvoted ..its amazing the place is very relaxing..thanks for sharing...i love your dress you look so pretty tooh..the food looks so yummy..the photoshoot was perfect..the drone photoshoot was very cool...i love love to go on that place..someday,somehow,i will go there..thanks for sharing this with's kinda as if we are there to witness the beautiful place..all in all..100 percent thumps up..kindly see the post..@dontryme2 his post was very good will gonna love love it also..

and also my post..its dedicated for our friendship here at the [email protected]

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I agree with you. She shared many photos for us to appreciate but no really a big fan of Spa.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

sur its pleasur to watch this nice work and nice pic

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I agree, @sweetsssj, the Cella is the best hotel you've featured thus far.

I was reading back over your comments and looking at the pics and vids which are commercial grade and very professional ( the Cella should use your vid as its promotional film) and I was stuck by one thing - the attention to detail.

All the dishes featured were eye-catching and beautifully presented - all the amenities were first class ( my wife loves L'Occitaine), we both love antiques, and an all-night swimming pool? Amazing!

I think your whole experience is testimony to the anticipatory thoughtfulness of the owners who place themselves in the role of hosts and see their clients not as customers but guests.

They had the consideration to stop and inquire in the street to ask if you were guests and to save you a walk in the heat. Similarly, they accompanied you on your way when departing, always available if you needed assistance. You were in good, capable hands during this short stay which I'm sure will turn into a longer visit should you ever return to Selçuk again.

Such a first class hotel for such a small town!

Another beautiful post, @sweetsssj

John, thank you for sharing my sentiment.

For me, the hotel doesn't come at the top of any list if I compare it's individual traits. But I think with these things, there is definitely a compounding effect when all the elements are pieced together just right. Cella is an example of this and all the little details they've put to everything have escalated my personal appreciation of it far and above any Five Star luxury hotel I've ever stayed in.

The fact that it is based just a short distance from Ephesus is the icing on the cake.

I'm very glad that your wife and I have a similar taste in toiletries, it's something that the hotel have gone far and beyond what is necessary and honestly, I appreciate it very much.

As you said, the entire stay felt more like a visit to a family home, and we were the guests. There is tremendous value in taking care of guests and being attentive to the meticulous details. Ali and Mustafa have surely proven this and I imagine it comes from years of being avid hoteliers.

Thanks for the wonderful comment John, always refreshing to read such a detailed comment!

You're only going to keep growing in popularity on steemit until you hit a wall when steemit just doesnt have enough users for you!

And hey the detail at which your revioewing these nice hotyels is like as if you are curating Bread and breafasts!

its like your curating for AirBNB!
Maybe you can help develop a steem system for curating more than just content on a blog
Maybe the curation model can be used for more

or maybe steemit can tap into the massive hotel rating and travel industry, you've already demonstrated how your blog has become almost like a travel engine! generating the funds to make it possible to continue traveling! Its like youve fought to make travel your profession, you have proven that anything is possible! You really did pave a nice road for others to become steemit travel bloggers and actually support themselves and their life of traveling around the world! Where the experience becomes in demand and youre traveling not just for yourself anymore but for your audience! XCD its awesome lik youre JOB is top do what most people have to might get to do on vacayion once a year if theyre lucky!

You really did find a great exploit in the video game of life! youre like a reality hacker who hacked life! Its like you found cheat codes for infinite money and infinite travel!

Hi @sweetsssj,

For a while I was worried that you wouldn’t post anything else for a few more days. I was relieved to see you in action. So I am happy to declare that the maestro strikes again. As always, your posts are awesome and so professionally done. From the writing to the photos. It all blends together well. Again, I cannot overcome the way you infuse yourself into the photos. It does something to enhance the narrative, both pictorially and otherwise.

As an amateur photographer you need to give me the secret behind how you manage to make your photos so clear and vivid. How can I forget, you look beautiful in the video. I can see how much you put in these posts, in is quite humbling for me personally looking at the sheer quality.

Thanks for writing this, it was worth the wait.

nicholas1983, what a pleasure to have your audience again.

I've been balancing quite a bit more curation lately with some of my own writing when I can free up a good amount of time to get some solid writing done!

I think it's hard to separate photos from the narrative / descriptions sometimes. Each rely on one another so the overall "quality" is dependent on the worse of the two. Writing isn't actually one of my strong points so I like to let some of the photography help me out with the story telling and I'm lucky that in this world of competitive attention, that seems to be the way things are headed.

As for making the photos clear and vivid, I must say, I struggled with this for a very long time, and actually continue to do so. From this set of photos, I had to go through several hundred more 'outtakes' which just didn't make the cut because of how mediocre they turned out. Obviously, I had to do quite a bit of work on various post editing programs like photoshop etc. to make the images more consistent with each other. The excessive sunlight actually makes it difficult to get shots with consistent lighting, and almost always requires some touch up afterwards.

Thank you for once again for visiting my post, and of course leaving a very valuable comment.

Looks like you had a beautiful stay. Unfortunately youre not in more shots.

thank you, it was a wonderful stay indeed, I promise the upcoming posts will have more of me! :)

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Great travel post thanks - love the airport photo!

thank you katy! I thought the airport was really quite special, someone could probably spend a good number of hours in there taking more photos. It's certainly a very photogenic place!

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It is very good.
I really like the interior.
The outside landscape is perfect too.
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Thank you @sweetsssj for pleasure to travel with you! ! Great pictures! My feeling as though I was there!
Travel with me near medieval fortress!

Amazing travel @sweetsssj, thats a good place, good story, and also good experience, nice to follow your post and your activity 😀

thank you my dear, it's my pleasure 😊

You're welcome @sweetsssj 😊
I beg for your upvote in my post 😉

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I like that your appartment are made in black and white colors, also antique shows that this hotel is gotta be expensive :D ( also cosmetic stuff of Bulgary in bath room) Turkey is cool but look out, there are might be Russian tourists

Actually this was one of the cheaper hotels during my trip around Turkey, it's just over 100 eur a night, which for what you're getting is honestly -very- reasonably priced. Of course, you also have to take into account the wonderful customer service, the inclusive breakfast, the simple yet adequate facilities..

That's actually very cheap because this is luxury 😃👍🏼

Oh, well, we have different opinions on what is cheap :D okay, so for 10 nights on 3 people we payed around 2000 $ I think it's divided by 3 is around 667 dollars and divided by 10 is 66,7 $... But! I haven't mentioned that in these money was included flight in two ways + transfer to hotel and it had "all inclusive" which means you can eat and drink for free as much as you want :) And also it wasn't far away from beach and hotel was 4 stars with entertaining programms and etc. So yeah, we have a different meanings of cheap :D but when I see Bulgary, I'm thinking that it might cost a lot :D But you know 100 is fare enough for such appartments :)

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Very visual and aesthetic tour so that I feel half visited and half eaten. Thanks for sharing.

From the artist point of view, these places and decorations look dreamy and surreal. Good job keeping steemit alive and vibrant :)

Yes can you do the same?

thank you theia7, i'll do my best to keep contributing to the vibrancy of this place!

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I really enjoy every post you @sweetsssj, always perfect.
thanks for sharing

thank you for viewing tika, :)

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Yes exactly the same from my side

thank you amri, it's a really lovely place worth visiting for sure.

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OMG. that looks super fun? hope u enjoied yout trip keep it up the great work.

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thank you lolocabra! 😊😊😊

Good food for eyes and great tour. Amazing drone work too :)

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Sweet s j -- you are the Queen of Steemit as far as i'm concerned!

Cheers! from @thedamus

you're too sweet thedamus, thank you so much! :)

I was reading this offline and I thought wow!
your photography has just stepped up to the next level!
this one looks like a commercial of this place
they should pay you!
makes me want to go to that place
you made it look so chic like you are!

aww thanks englishtchrivy, I'm actually very thankful to my friend Tania for some of the interior shots, she does really well with them! We managed to use a nice wide angle lens and I think that made quite the difference!

I see, she does take wowza shots!

Great work as always , thanks for your creativity and dedication !!

thank you aryan, always appreciate your comment! :)

seems a 12 star hotel lol, really awesome and luxury!

I'm not sure what star it is but at this point, I think it doesn't matter because it could be a 1 star and I'd still love it more than all the 5 stars i've visited!

lovely photos

i think - that's not you!

Up, if i right about this))) LOL

you have a mad fan following... I envy you :D

aww, we're all family on Steemit anyway, i'm sure we'll all rub shoulders some where down the line!

<3 where is my wife in the family :D just kidding :D

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Thanks. Appreciate your effort put in to produce these best in class articles.

thank you oldman28, I really appreciate the appraisal, i'm really flattered by all these lovely comments and of course, I will do my best to keep improving my posts!

Perfect reviews... Nice trip.

This is fantastic place.thank you for showing us around. What was your favorite surprise? Ihave also heard that turkey is best place for hair transplant, did you see any advertising for such

Ohh what an interesting question, I suppose I would have to be looking out for it to notice. Sadly I didn't see any of those advertisements around. Honestly, the surprise of this place was how attentive the hotel owners are to looking after you. They are all elderly people and yet put so much energy into making your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I have never experienced such a sense of responsibility from a hotel and it is definitely a very refreshing experience indeed.

I hope to go there next year to have my hair done. In the united /states it is around $16,000 to $20,000 procedure. I have heard only $1000 there and the quality is much better.
One more thing, be sure to experience Turkish coffee. Men have special Turkey coffee rooms, but will allow women in with them especially to do a documentary piece.
Thank you for doing a great job, my friend

wow so this is how the post is written :)

Here in indian trains they also serve amazing food during the entire journey. Hotel and spa looks realy beautiful especially the black and white theme of the room. Food is looking so colorful and delicious. I noticed that you like colourful thing. Why dont you choose India for travelling. It will be great fun here. Everything is so colorful here especially the cultures and food. You will definitely love them.

India sounds like a place I need to visit very soon!

I had a lot of friends from India when I was studying in UK. It's actually a good time to go visit them! Perhaps we can all meetup and arrange a steemit meetup there when I visit! :)

steemit meetup is great idea. Let me know whenever you come here. It will be a great experience. ☺

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Your posts have something magical, attract you, compare others without anything to take away from them, is no comparison. I really like the picture where is the vintage camera, a friend made me a photo with a similar camera, I'm waiting for the developments.

Since you like cats, I thought you might like my last post, during a fishing session I met this stray cat, to which I am attached. I hope you don't see this as spam, I share it only for the fact that you like cats.

hey stea90, thanks for your lovely comment. I wonder what the pictures would look like with that camera, I must say, i have no idea how to operate it! THanks for sharing the post, i'll check it out :)

Thank you so much, I have to say that with that camera is not simple, I had to stand still for 10 minutes to take a shot. :)

I've been in Kusadasi, Ephesus and Selcuk. Beautiful place, especially Ephesus, that has such a magical atmosphere... We didn't have the luxury you had though, but hé, if you can afford it, why not! Nice post!

Drop-dead gorgeous images. The one of the Swimming Pool was very good; that deep #blue is startling ! The picture right after that is pretty sweet, too - of the #Sauna. Wouldn't mind gettin' a massage there.

I had to look up the definition of 'Turkish bath' (as I was curious). The precise dictionary definition :

"a cleansing or relaxing treatment that involves a period of time spent sitting in a room filled with very hot air or steam, generally followed by washing and massage"

Watched the video, too.
LOVED the Whole thing. Truly .

I was curious to enjoy the spa in the cella hotel, r it's only for women or the public? but you look beautiful day to day. 🤗

thank you my dear, it's actually open to the public, but of course the massages are in private rooms. Sauna is public though!

hehe 😬 !!! One day I want to spend my vacation time with you 🤗


Wow i love everything about this post....The place where you are standing is amazingly beautiful...the hotel rooms are stunning....

Again and again, amazing travel sweet

thank you!! :)

Big article)

Always nice to go back to your post my dear @sweetsssj its very beautiful and entertaining to read...
Would you pls see my latest post on why steem is undervalued? your upvotes will help me a lot as a motivational factor to continue posting great contents..more success to you.

Not that it matters one bit, but I'm enjoying a nice cup of green tea as I check out this post @sweetsssj! This hotel/spa looks wonderful beyond compare. I trust it was a very relaxing and recharging stay :)
Great drone footage of the grounds and immediate area too, nicely maneuvered.

oh of course it matters! Hopefully the Green tea will help make the post a bit more soothing! I'm glad you enjoyed the drone footage, i'm still very rusty with it having not used it for a while. My friend Tania was better than mee and she doesn't even have one!

you're doing great.. keep it up

thanks roykie17 :)

You're welcome @sweetsssj . Stay Awesome! :)

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wow the location look awesome and you my lady look amazing and beautiful

I always liked you on your yellow dress but this red one look great...happy to see your post again and more success to you my dear

charles! Thank you very much, i'm so glad to see you're still very active! :)

Yes I am active and will remain active in this wonderful platform especially when someone like you is active and send in great posts-you always have my upvote. Wish you a blessed week.

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Hi @sweetssj,

You're so popular in #steemit and you've thousands of followers.

You should visit Nepal, a country full of fun and adventure. Some of the top mountains in the world are lies in Nepal, including Mt. Everest.


very exciting indeed!! 😊

i love turkey...very nice country

Very interesting journey and very beautiful hotel and photos of hotel @sweetsssj,I wrote post about journej to the Odessa on sea4 parts yesterday the fourth came out about The best restaurant "Moldavian cuisine" in the city Sergeevka near Odessa. Where we traveled 3 days ago. and I'm very sad, because I tried hard and worked on this article and him was not seen by many people. Look at my post in my blog @bugavi in that post there are links to the 3 previous parts of my trip maybe you will be interested to look.,In 4 part of my trip I there showed photos of decor of this restaurant and the desserts we ordered, here is one of them:

hi bugavi, nice to see you are still here and doing very well. I'll take a look 😊

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This is such an awesome project,sportspodium has a bright future ahead. You are right it deserves to be up there in the top ten. Wishing you all the best in the upcoming ICO :)

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The pictures are stoning!!! Congrats 🎊🎈🎉 you guys all the time are catching the soul of the place, beautiful as always @sweetsssj 😁👍🏼🎶🎼

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thank you my dear, one to look out for if you're in the area!

If you are going to visit Ephesus (the ancient city) then I must request that you stay at this hotel. It is simply the best!

yes thank you for the information @sweetsssj

wow...nice post hopefully I can join you for a vacation at another time @sweetsssj

Great place and great quality photography! One can truly visualize the experiences you share through writing and imagery. What was that guy carrying in the steel tray?

It's called Semit, you can call it Turkish Pretzel.

thank you! I'm not sure who you mean?

The hotel looks quite nice, and I absolutely love the old phonograph and standing box camera in the lobby. The rooms look very comfy and cozy. I really like the pillow thing as my wife or myself usually find the pillows comfortable when travelling but never do both of us have it how we like it.

I agree with your floor tile preference, but then I am always leery about checker board floors, as well as the owl pictures in the hallway as they both hold occult symbology within Freemasonry.

As for the the pool and stuff, a midnight swim and sauna sounds awesome.

The dining area reminded me of my grandmother's house, and the food looks incredibly good and fresh. I've never heard of spinach pancakes, but hey, I like spinach, I like pancakes. I would give em a go.

Thank you sweetsssj, for sharing your Awesome experience with us.

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Details, many good shots & animation!

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beautiful scenery, very interesting, I am interested in your posts, like to follow your adventure, how to take photos is very interesting so that I can learn how to take a picture of menarik.lokasi comfortable to relax and clean so that looks amazing panorama to indahannya, thanks @sweetsssj for posting nya.salam @amre

thank you amre, glad you enjoyed it :)

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I would like to visit there

Me too! (again)

Amazing. . I like it, thankyou for sharing @sweetsssj. 👏👏👏

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