Travel with me #84 : The Ancient City of Ephesus

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Greetings Steemit friends:

In this edition of Travel with me, we'll be departing from the gateway between Europe and Asia that is Istanbul and making our way to a tiny little town in the far west of Turkey just a few kilometres from the coast bordering with the Aegean Sea. The town of choice is Selçuk, although modest in size, it is actually one of the most visited towns in all of Turkey because of it's proximity to the ancient city Ephesus.


As you can see from the map, travelling from Istanbul to Selçuk is actually quite some distance. The rail network is sparsely accommodating and would take you on a fairly long detour with many long waits in between so I would not recommend it.

Should you choose to take a coach, then expect a 9 hour overnight journey which might prove to be uncomfortable but a cheaper option.

On the other hand, taking a domestic flight to Izmir and then catching a short train journey to Selçuk is the quickest albeit more expensive option. To ease your mind over the costly sounding journey, you can expect to pay around 50 dollars for the plane and train ticket and save yourself around 4 to 5 hours compared to taking the coach.

Once you arrive in Selçuk, it is then a 5 minute drive from the town centre to Ephesus for which you will have two entrances to choose from.

  1. The North Entrance which starts at the The Bath of Varius.

  2. The South Entrance which starts with The Theatre

Other than seeing the sites in opposite orders, the only difference between the entrances come down to your preference of going up-hill or down-hill.

At this time of year, the temperatures at midday can reach 45°C. There is very little shade from the blistering sunshine. The sensible option would be to save your energy of climbing up a hill and start at the northern entrance.

If possible, I would even recommend coming in the late afternoon when the heat subsides, I made the mistake of coming right in the middle of noon and paid the price of getting a little heat stroke.


Ephesus is known as one of the best-preserved classical cities on the eastern Mediterranean and is an ideal place to stroll back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of life in Hellenistic and Roman times. It was once considered a commercial centre rivalling the infamous Alexandria.

Today, the city has done well to stand the test of time and there are many structures that remain mostly intact.

Walking along the "streets" of Ephesus, you can imagine the people of ancient times with their old carts trundling through the streets all those centuries ago.

Certainly, there is a strong sense of timelessness as you walk around.

Although almost all the buildings and temples have now collapsed, many of the pillars remain standing today. They now serve as markers for the perimeters of the buildings that once stood there.

The pillars at the front are the remains of The Temples of Dea Roma and Divus Julius. This was a temple erected in the 1st century for use by the Imperial Cult - a religious sect which never became truly recognised. Originally it was formed as a mission to unite the various religions amongst the people of the city.

Just behind the front pillars, you can see the remains of The Prytaneion which was the administrative building or city hall. This would have been used for welcoming visitors of the state, as well as meetings between officials.

This is the Memmius Monument, a sizeable memorial dedicated to Memmius son of Caius and grandson of Sulla.
I believe the partially intact stone statue on the side is of Memmius.

In the distance, you can make out the two pillars which would have been the entrance to The Domitian Temple. This temple was believed to be the first temple of the cult of emperors in Ephesus.

As required in all cities, ancient or modern, our long time cat companions. This was just one of the many cats I saw snoozing in the shade, hiding from the blistering heat. I do wonder whether the cats around here could trace their family tree all the way back to the ancient times. A passing thought!

All around, we see some really detailed excavations of some historical figures, or mythic legends.

This is the Greek goddess of Victory - Nike!

She is often called the Winged Goddess for obvious reasons!

The Odeon

As shown by the sign-post, the Odeon was used as a concert hall theatre, but actually had a second function as the Bouleterion (Senate House). Here, the senate and advisory council of the city would congregate and discuss city matters.

Theatres built by the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans were usually semi-circles, aside from congregational meetings, they were also used for performances. This is in contrast to the Amphitheatres which were used for Gladiator combats and were fully circular in shape.

Further along from the Odeon, we reach Curetes Street which starts with the Hercules Gate, and ends at the Celsus Library.

The Curetes Street would have had fountains, monuments, statues and shops on either sides. Even when the city was still inhabited in the ancient times, earthquakes were frequent and as a result, many of the structures on the street were damaged.

These were some of the houses people used to live in.

This is a closer look at the Domitian Temple. Parts of a huge statue were excavated and thought to be that of the Emperor Domitian.

The Nymphaeum of Trajan. This was a two story building which was built in honour of the Roman Emperor Trajan. The building had it's own private pool with water cascading from beneath a statue of the emperor.

The Hadrian Temple

The Terrace Houses

These were the dwellings of the rich people of Ephesus. The pictures below show many of the houses to be three stories tall, and many had their own courtyards. Interestingly, most of the rooms were without windows.

On the ground, there are intricate mosaics of mythological scenes.

It's hard to believe, but aside from these private houses being furnished to the highest standard, they were also fitted with fountains and even "central heating"!

The Celsus Library

As you can see, it is situated at the end of the Curetes Street and is one of the most complete structures left standing in Ephesus.

The Celsus Library was the third largest library in the ancient world and was built by Gaius Julius Aquila as a tribute memorial to his father, Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus.

To this day, the sarcophagus of Celsus lies in the crypt beneath the building.


After around three hours, we finally make it to the last structure, but as they say, "last but not least" we have The Theatre. One of the most impressive buildings in Ephesus. Originally a Hellenistic theatre, it was later restored into a Roman style and could seat over 24,000 people.

Believe it or not, the population of Ephesus once stood at a staggering ~250,000. As such, it became the capital of the province of Asia Minor.

Such a theatre would have been used for performances but also demonstrations of social, political and economical nature. It was also frequently used for gladiator games in the Roman times.

The theatre was originally two stories in height and was further heightened by the Romans at a later date.

Notice how the theatre leans on the side of a hill, this is how theatres were built in the Hellenistic period. It was the Romans who later invented free standing walls and thus the emergence of theatres which did not lean on the side of a hill.

By this point, I was extremely exhausted but an obligatory snap from the top of the steps to show just how big the theatre is was a necessary evil. I hope you enjoy the view!

Check out my video for some extra clips!

During my visit to Ephesus, I was approached by a very friendly German man who was interested in where I blog. He even asked me for my card! I realise I should probably get some Steemit cards to hand out but in the meantime I directed him to Steemit and hopefully he'll be interested in signing up!

Thank you for taking this tour of The Ancient City of Ephesus with me. I hope you enjoyed working your imagination in recreating the atmosphere of this ancient metropolis and at the same time picked up some interesting historical facts that perhaps you didn't know before!

As always, I appreciate an upvote if you liked my post, a follow if you want to stay up to date with my activities and please leave a comment to let me know what you think!






Impressive monuments ... but who is that beauty in red? One of the famous Greek goddesses who suddenly decided to appear the neighbor country of Greece, in Turkey? ;-)

Thank you jaki01, its just little 'ole me! Greek Goddesses rarely grace us with their presence if ever..

... its just little 'ole me!

;-) I know ... was just kidding. Great photos ... and by the way: you are not old! :)

Awesome place...
Loved all your images......beautiful you!!!!!!!!

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I hope you will liked it this poetry @sweetsssj :)

Hereby I knight thee the ‘white knight of the year 2017.’
Well done!

thank you for this my friend, i'm quite flattered!

My pleasure @sweetsssj❤✌:)

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wow you did it again, very nice place, the ancient place,looking for the history The Ancient City of Ephesus it's amazing, thanks for sharing with us.we are happy to see the place as if we are there also.
thanks for sharing your travel with us.the photo shoot is perfect. you got super 10000 million thumbs up and upvoted BY :::

last time you wrote that red is becoming your fave color
it suits you!
pretty hot out there :)

yes! I seeem to have quite fleeting favourite colours :s

At-least in Turkey, the colour red is appreciated very much! :)

I love it, too!
bloody sexy :)

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What am awesome post. I love the photos of the digs. Those are so fascinating. I would like to visit there some day!

Definitely very fascinating, I can't believe how much of it is still intact after thousands of years!

Lovely photos. You deserve a vote. Please check my blog.

Very nice you smooth talker you! :-)



so sweet, i get some extra knowledge from you. thank you very much dear.

Absolutely stunning imagery. Thanks for the beautiful tour.

thanks again for sharing about your travels sweetssj. I liked reading about the city of Ephesus.

you're welcome edolo, hope you learned some things, I certainly did!

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I have read a lot about Ephesus. It is immutable to see they did not have the knowledge for electricity. It they were pushing their prowess to build such beautiful buildings.
Thanks for the great pics.
Always on top of your game

thank you pouchon, you're right that they did amazingly well despite not having the technology we have today that we've come to take for granted..

Are you saying you think they had electricity? I know some people say the ancients had electricity - like apparently there are Egyption hieroglyphics that show it. Like wall paintings. I think Ephesus is mentioned in the Bible.

I'm not sure about the electricity part, but I do know that the Apostle Paul apparently spent 3 years at Ephesus during his missionary journey.

Interesting, I wonder what he did there. Three years is a long time! Are there artifacts about his journey there?

Sadly there isn't any physical artefacts left there to show his stay, but there are many clues in the bible. Many people believe that Paul wrote the Epistle to the Philippians during his alleged imprisonment there.

OK interesting. Is the prison still there?

Hi @sweetsssj! Thanks for this wonderful post. I love the letter of Paul to the Ephesians. Just curious.. what's your religious world view?

I'm leaning on being agnostic, but I think it's a pretty grey area, or a gradient. I was brought up in loose Buddhist background but I don't agree nor consider myself to align with that school of thought either. Later on, it became more and more clear to me that there is no religion out there that I can fully put my faith into. The very idea of having to rely on faith and not logic really deters me from having any religions affinity!

Well...actually Buddhism in its ultimate form isn't faith based.... It's actually logic based and somewhat agnostic as no creator being is posited as such.
But I understand what you are both saying...even in Buddhism there is a tendency to deify the Buddha in some places even though he himself strongly discouraged it.
I could give an example of such logic but don't want to be overly rude by going on too long ( since I am interrupting already :)

You have a point there. Religions have a tendency to be rigid and closed-minded. I know of a person who preached that true religion is tending to the poor and the widows.

There is Virgin Mary's house nearby Ephesus.

OK, interesting, how do they know? Have a wonderful day! Where are you from?

Wow. Really gorgeous!


Welcome to the continent of Europe. I have been there for 5 years, it is amazing.




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I only come to see your post for see the lovely lady :D

Very beautiful picture.
I noticed you started to visit the Islamic area.
I would like to ask, what attracts you to visit an Islamic / Muslim-majority area?
Because maybe I can suggest you to visit my area.
Because my area is the majority of Muslims.
And may also be said to be a very tolerant area of ​​religion.
Maybe my suggestion could be an input for you to consider.
But for sure I always like every post you.
Thanks for you..

Yes, it does happen to be a largely Islamic country but these ancient cities were largely Christian. Nevertheless, I like to visit places regardless of their religion, as long as it's welcoming (and mostly safe)!

As always really interesting blog. It feels good to read your blog, whenever I read your travelling blog it feels like I am travelling with you. Really enjoyed a lot .
Hope you post more .

thank you raku, I will do my best to keep posting interesting content, stay tuned :)

Ya I sure will looking forward to your stories .
And I followed you, can you please follow me back .
Thank you

Touring the world, i wish to experience that feeling someday. Africa also have amazing and beautiful tourist sites you would like. I bet you will be left in awe if you ever visit here @sweetsssj, you have got a detailed post by the way

thanks dgtoons, i've been hearing lots of lovely stories of Africa which I need to check out with my own eyes and experience it myself one day. Thanks for reminding me!

Great shots as usual.

"I do wonder whether the cats around here could trace their family tree all the way back to the ancient times."

Cats are notoriously poor lineage catalogers.

Thanks! I guess they can be quite promiscuous at times..

They also have no respect for the written word.

City of Ephesus

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Paul wrote six chapters to the Christian community. The first three chapter inform us of what Jesus the Christ has done for us and the last three chapters inform us what a follower of this Jesus should do.

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A beautiful post.
I see the picture is so stunning.
Someday I will come to visit the place.
But there is something I want to ask.
How does the community welcome in the area to visitors from outside?
Because I had a bad experience while I was vacationing in an area in europe region.
Maybe you want to help me explain a little bit about how the people of that region respond.
Thank you for your post.

hi @sweetsssj..!!A very useful post for all steemit users around the world, hoping those who read it can post every piece of their writing beautifully by using such a good basic procedure, organized and nice to read, how not to. Using the clues you share can give birth to works that look very unusual.
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Those architects were amazing. Had it not been for wars they would still be, proudly standing tall.

Great job on documenting that site! And nice choice on picking a bright coral/red dress. Made you "Pop" in each photo!

You have a talent, man. Can you set up some Steemit meetings while traveling?

Goddess Theia is happy to see you here, it made her nostalgic :)

Aha, theia has arrived! :)

Great post again @sweetsssj thank you for sharing! I was unable to visit Ephesus when I was in Turkey so it is awesome to be able to see it from your point of view! We were only in Turkey for a few short hours but it was an amazing place and im glad you traveled and shared this with us!


thank you joe, hopefully you got a fairly good idea of what to expect if/when you decide to visit for yourself. There are still quite a lot that I didn't cover - a single post couldn't cover the entire scope obviously, but that's an opportunity for you to fill the gaps in with your own blogs later!

Plane ticket from İstanbul to İzmir starts from 12$. Try Pegasus or Sunexpress next time.

thy kazıklamış herhalde bunu

Istanbul looks like a really nice city, and that cat in your picture is adorable!
Hope you had lots of fun :)
Thanks for posting.

thanks my dear, this is actually not in Istanbul, it's part of the Izmir province

nice to see another of your travel!
May i ask you wich device you use for take your photos? thanks!

thanks! I use the Sony A9 !

my steemit girl

My imagination is running amok from this post! I can't help but wondering what living in Ephesus must have been like. It is such a beautiful place, even today.

Yes, let that imagination run wild! It helps to stand in the middle of all the fallen structures as it helps give you perspective and scale on what it originally would have been like. I imagine things were a whole lot more colourful than what it is today..


Wow. The perfect mix of fascinating history, beautiful design and landscape, and the cuteness of @sweetsssj. Well done.

thank you steemdoge you have a way with words I must say!

stunning !! 💖

Hello! You are as always on top! I like your videos! Beautiful and talented! with love

thank you andrianna! You're always so kind, very happy to see you! :)

Right now am confused. All the place look awesome. I will surely pay one of those places visit some day. You look awesome. Keep on the good work. Am your big time fan.

The Terrace Houses is so cute.

I just resteem and upvote.

Thanks sharing this amazing places with us.


U can check on my post and upvote plus resteem for me.

Really enjoyed all your post

I was really happy to visit the terrace houses actually, because it's actually the only place in the whole site to be in the shade.. but you're right, it's amazing inside and still has so much detail! They've done a great job excavating it carefully..

But we planned this trip together. Why did you go alone. Am sad lol. U better bring my gift. Such a nice place to be

U can check on my post and upvote plus resteem for me. That is the price you will pay me for leaving me behind while you enjoy the tour alone. Lol

Really enjoyed all your post

Excellent choice of dress color. The color was complimentary with the light color backdrop of the rocks. Sorry to hear about the heat stroke problem. A parasol would have added even more elegance and would have protected you from the midday heat. Hopefully lesson learned, huh? As usual, great article and pictures.

thank you celsius100, I really did take the heat for granted. I'm usually quite resistant to the Sun, but not when it's mid 40 degrees!

Awesome post, looks beautiful!

I used to flag your posts but as I looked into them they're very inspiring and have given me great ideas for my future travels, keep it up!

thanks chrone, i'm really happy to hear you've found my posts to be useful and valuable to you. I really appreciate the new found support :)

Nice post!


Beautiful temple !!!

I guess some of those steem-people commenting here fell in love with you...

i like a picture of the cat <3

What a magnificent trip back in time @sweetsssj!
I hope you recovered quickly from that heat stroke 😓, that's not something to take lightly, especially when traveling.
Wonderful photos, looked pretty tiring, but rewarding at the same time 😀

thank you sandstorm, i'm all okay from the heat-stroke now, it was just a very mild one, probably partly due to dehydration! It ended up being very rewarding indeed!

That's good to hear. The sense of awe being in such a place can be so inspiring, and your post proves that, nice video at the end too, feels like we're there with you 😀

Upvote. Resteem. Thank you, I want to move back to Europe when I see this monumental work of humans who had a "Mission". I love it when people have goals and a system to get there. That is exactly what the builders had in mind.

Sweetsssj, this most interesting post is really the cherry on all your great posts. Thank you so much for the monumental display of historic architecture and cultural events. Absolutely fascinating are the many pictures of pillars, walls, floors, paintings, sculptures and your good self portraits inbetween.

Your dress shows again the style you prefer, with your shoulders free and non-traditional cut-line at the bottom. Your thorax and legs always perfectly in line, I am always looking for an expression in your face. I found it. "HEAT". "HOT". And no wind to cool you down at that point. Here it is:

You're quite an inspiration @sweetsssj for new Steemit users but also for people who want that kind of lifestyle. You do an amazing work, kind regards :)

wow just noticed that the cat in your post looks like my cat Klamsy haha. Hope you are well and will soon post. I miss your post.
In support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue . Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend

wow the red dress looks great on you..very beautiful indeed. How do you cope with the heat? hope you drink a lot of water ...the location is great and lost of wow effects, upped. More success.
I referenced you on my latest post: Steemit: Poor People killer Or A Strategic Solution For All ?
feel free to check it out. More success to you, and keep steeming.

thank you charles1, I thought I would be better equipped to deal with heat after spending all that time in Bahamas, but it appears direct sunlight is my weakness! This is one of the problems and probably a good thing about Ephesus is that other than at the entrances, there are no stalls set up anywhere for Water so you pretty much need to bring a lot of it with you when you first enter to last for the visit!

I will check it out thanks! :)

Absolutely, I noticed it in your pic that the sun is attacking you however you tried your best to be professional and the cap looks great on you. Dont you think that white dress will help against the sun? hope you have good sun creams and pls never forget your water haha...keep it up and more blessings.

thats beautiful photography and you look like went to some old places which was forgotten in these days.. that structure and field is really nice and old type like king times where they lived. thanks for sharing..

thank you, and you're welcome too. I'm not sure this city could ever be forgotten, it has very significant history through many civilisations!

i want to say that this place is really nice and this kind architecture not get see more..

Turkey is actually a place with lots of this kind of ancient cities, I will be sharing another one in a post a bit later! :)

wow thats nice and i am so excited for your next post..

amazing place, very perfect view if you wear queen dress in this place, Great Photograph @sweetsssj

thank you jamhuery!

Welcome My senior travel @sweetsssj

ephesus is truly an ancient city with lots of ruins and your narratives portrayed the site and city beautifully... thanks for sharing this... although the response came late but your posts always draw me to it....great work dear...

Thank you for the insightful post. So much historical significance can sometimes be overshadowed by the saturated social media that we are used to. Thanks for bringing it to the front for us.

you're welcome! I'm glad you found it of value! :)

Hi @sweetsssj !!!

I have made a pencil painting by taking your face, and I have loaded it in the post, hopefully you are not bothered with it.

Thank you , this is a very interesting interpretation, upvoted in your main post :)

Thanks about that!!!

I really appreciate your upvoted, hope your days are always fun. And I am waiting for your next travel activity.

Want to get a chance to go there. Hopefully soon. Some great pictures as usual. Traveling is awesome and something that I enjoy doing.

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Wow! Hard to imagine a better colour for your dress! :)

How beautiful! I love to visit ruins like this, you can hardly believe that these stones are where people really used to live.
That's how I felt when visiting the colosseum in Rome - there is so much culture and ancient history in these buildings, it's so fascinating!
And of course, your shots are beautiful and make the experience even better. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you agent, i'm looking forward to visiting the Colosseum in Rome actually, I've read and seen quite a lot about it but still not had thee chance. Certainly it'll be great to compare the architecture between the ancient monuments in Turkey and Rome!

Wow.. the ancient city of Ephesus 😍😍 .. and Agean sea itself already beautiful, and the area within ( Turki part) has beautiful culture too

I love your posts... I find it so exciting and uplifting to hear about all the things that you are doing with your life. I have wanted to know this for a long time now but I have not asked it yet... What is your favorite place that you have visited ???

thanks samvogan! It's a really hard question but a good one. I think it would have to be Samui, Thailand. Island life has it's uniqueness and I particularly liked the mountain and forest range right in the centre of the Island where I had to push beyond my limits both mentally and physically to climb to the top of a waterfall through raw jungle!

thanks for sharing that's a nice place to visite the details of your story is really good keep going

hi,,i am a=new member,,i like your post,i hope you visit me,,and thanks

That place has so much history. Plus that was a really cute cat.

haha good analysis my friend! Thank you :)

Freue mich dich kennen gelernt zu haben gruss aus der schweiz

hello from Germany,
this is a nice article! Never been there before but it's definitely on my list :)
Today is my first day here and I am also sharing my travel experience.
Since you post here from day one I would be very happy about you letting me know what you think about my first post :)
Hugs from Germany,

I think if steemit equipped with translation mode on post page we can read and understand all content by steemit user in different langguage. for more reason you can read here

Great GIF, it adds a lot to the post. Keep up the good work!

thanks cryptoindex, i've tried to reduce the amount of gifs I use because the post can take quite a long time to load, especially with so many pictures!!

Thank you for sharing.

Great pics.

You're welcome tradingpotential. Thanks for visiting! :)

Hello. Nice experience lived in the City of Ephesus, excellente photos. I liked your post
Gog bless you!

Hi nice post,

Nice to follow ur post hope u follow my posts

thanks vikramrana, i'll take a look :)

It is always interesting to see ruins like these. You just realize that people's lives were lived there and it is all long ago history. We are but a flash in the pan for the whole grand scheme of things.

I had this sudden epitome that maybe in thousands of years, people would look back at current buildings which would probably be the same as the way we look at Ephesus today. What would people think then? The same?

It is just amazing to see all these structures @sweetsssj! When we imagine the amount of work that needed to built these up and today it's desserted! But it's great that these sites are preserved for the generations to come to witness!
I'm just wondering what more you'll make us discover with your Turkish trip! Simply mindblowing!
Thank you and have a lovely day!

Thank you progressivechef, it is incredible what the ancient people were capable of that's for sure. I imagine it took them many centuries to build it all!

Sometimes sitting on the train and going through tunnels, I wonder what people thousands of years from now might find and describe of our current society. Would they think the same?

Oh that's an interesting subject you raised @sweetsssj! I do think they will think the same and wonder how we built all these big buildings as they will be even more advanced than us!
This really makes me think a lot! We will be history dear!Lol!

I feel like I'm there watching your pictures! Thank you so much for be so detailed with your descriptions and the info. Thank you too for your red dress, you absolutely stand out with that color. Have a great day, I'm following you now

upvote to my first post and follow me back

You always do such great work, telling a story that draws us in and makes us want to travel with you

thank you johnnyray, Ephesus makes for an interesting location to tell a story, especially with such a rich history as it is. I think it's a must visit for anyone thinking of going to Turkey

For a great historical city like this , everythings seems to be there with a meaning. Thank u for spreading the spirit of steemit to the rest of the world.

you're welcome, and thank you :)

dang! living that adventure life again! luck :P, nice hat by the way ;) upvoted-

thank you maninjapan1989! :)

nice, i like it the your post thanks