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RE: Travel with me #84 : The Ancient City of Ephesus

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What do you say to the most beautiful girl
The most beautiful girl in the world
How would you say
That her smile brightens your day
She is a site to behold
A treasure more precious than platinum or gold
She is poetry in motion, a work of art
How do I win her heart
She is the most beautiful girl in the world
How do I let her know
How deep my feelings go
How do I say that she is the sun the moon, my starlit sky
The apple of my eye
She is the most beautiful girl in the world
Never has there been, never will there be another such as her
To fill my heart with joy and laughter
She is the most beautiful girl in the world
How do I tell her my heart is true
What is a man to do
When the most beautiful girl in the world is you.
I hope you will liked it this poetry @sweetsssj :)


Hereby I knight thee the ‘white knight of the year 2017.’
Well done!

thank you for this my friend, i'm quite flattered!

My pleasure @sweetsssj❤✌:)

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wow you did it again, very nice place, the ancient place,looking for the history The Ancient City of Ephesus it's amazing, thanks for sharing with us.we are happy to see the place as if we are there also.
thanks for sharing your travel with us.the photo shoot is perfect. you got super 10000 million thumbs up and upvoted BY :::

last time you wrote that red is becoming your fave color
it suits you!
pretty hot out there :)

yes! I seeem to have quite fleeting favourite colours :s

At-least in Turkey, the colour red is appreciated very much! :)

I love it, too!
bloody sexy :)

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What am awesome post. I love the photos of the digs. Those are so fascinating. I would like to visit there some day!

Definitely very fascinating, I can't believe how much of it is still intact after thousands of years!

Lovely photos. You deserve a vote. Please check my blog.

Very nice you smooth talker you! :-)



so sweet, i get some extra knowledge from you. thank you very much dear.