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RE: Travel with me #84 : The Ancient City of Ephesus

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I have read a lot about Ephesus. It is immutable to see they did not have the knowledge for electricity. It they were pushing their prowess to build such beautiful buildings.
Thanks for the great pics.
Always on top of your game


thank you pouchon, you're right that they did amazingly well despite not having the technology we have today that we've come to take for granted..

Are you saying you think they had electricity? I know some people say the ancients had electricity - like apparently there are Egyption hieroglyphics that show it. Like wall paintings. I think Ephesus is mentioned in the Bible.

I'm not sure about the electricity part, but I do know that the Apostle Paul apparently spent 3 years at Ephesus during his missionary journey.

Interesting, I wonder what he did there. Three years is a long time! Are there artifacts about his journey there?

Sadly there isn't any physical artefacts left there to show his stay, but there are many clues in the bible. Many people believe that Paul wrote the Epistle to the Philippians during his alleged imprisonment there.

OK interesting. Is the prison still there?

Hi @sweetsssj! Thanks for this wonderful post. I love the letter of Paul to the Ephesians. Just curious.. what's your religious world view?

I'm leaning on being agnostic, but I think it's a pretty grey area, or a gradient. I was brought up in loose Buddhist background but I don't agree nor consider myself to align with that school of thought either. Later on, it became more and more clear to me that there is no religion out there that I can fully put my faith into. The very idea of having to rely on faith and not logic really deters me from having any religions affinity!

Well...actually Buddhism in its ultimate form isn't faith based.... It's actually logic based and somewhat agnostic as no creator being is posited as such.
But I understand what you are both saying...even in Buddhism there is a tendency to deify the Buddha in some places even though he himself strongly discouraged it.
I could give an example of such logic but don't want to be overly rude by going on too long ( since I am interrupting already :)

You have a point there. Religions have a tendency to be rigid and closed-minded. I know of a person who preached that true religion is tending to the poor and the widows.

There is Virgin Mary's house nearby Ephesus.

OK, interesting, how do they know? Have a wonderful day! Where are you from?