Travel with me #76 : Swimming with the Sharks at Compass Cay!

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Dear Steemit friends:

Bahamas is a dream destination for interacting with animals you won't find in your back yard!

Although some of the animals I've had the pleasure of interacting with have been in captivity, I've also had the opportunity to come face to face with many free roaming animals in the comfort of their own natural habitats.

So far, we've seen the cute and curious Iguanas of Allen Cay and had the odd experience of Swimming with the Pigs in Major Cay. Both experiences have been really hands on, whether it's feeding Iguanas little grapes on sticks (and getting bitten!), or mildly satisfying the aquatic pigs with Carrots, I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity come closer to nature.

Bahamas being a collection of islands surrounded by the expanse of the ocean, it is no surprise that they have some of the most amazing marine wildlife too. In Atlantis I was able to meet some Sea Lions and see just how intelligent these cats of the ocean really are. I've also had many opportunities to see a variety of fishes both at The Dig and The Predator Lagoon.

I've always ravished the opportunity to interact with Sharks because aside from their formidable appearance and reputation of being vicious predators, they're also some of the most diverse species of marine life in the world. From my visit to the Predator lagoon, I realised that not all sharks are blood thirsty, human attacking predators they are often portrayed to be.

Join me and let's find out how true that statement is!

Compass Cay Marina

For this Shark adventure, we'll be taking a boat ride from Nassau to Compass Cay Marina. Whilst this island is uninhabited, it is frequently visited by many adventurers who will dock their boats and Yachts at the Marina and then set off exploring the island's natural wildlife.

The journey from Nassau to Compass Cay takes around 1 hour by speedboat, and there are many excursions each day which can be booked from most hotels in Nassau.

Most people come to Compass Cay to see their family of Nurse Sharks and the Compass Cay Marina has been featured in many shows such as the Discovery Channel, Shark Week and Animal Planet.

Now it's featuring on my blog!


Travelling by speedboat is always an exhilarating experience. With the temperature pushing 37 degrees Celsius, the gushing wind is very welcoming.

There are many boats already docked at the Marina but this Yacht called Charisma stood out to be the most luxury one. Someone told me that this particular Yacht is worth $40 million dollars. Better start saving!

Our speedboat pulled up against these wooden docks and then we proceed to climb out of the boat onto the wooden pier.

This was our boat on the left, and behind it, you can see just how large the Charisma yacht is.

Just a short walk along the wooden pier takes us to a building where you can purchase some merchandise as well as some refreshments. Obviously, the main point of interest here are the Nurse Sharks swimming below this building. There is a ladder that leads us to a shallow part of the water. Just a few meters from the ladder, the is a swarm of fish and Nurse sharks swimming around!

Nurse Sharks

This species of Shark are abundant around Bahamas and currently are not considered an endangered species.
They are easily recognised by their curled, hinged mouth and little whiskers resembling a cat.

The origin of the Nurse Shark's name is not clear. Some say that it is called a Nurse shark because of the sucking noise resembling a nursing baby, when hunting for prey. Others claim the word "Nurse" comes from the old word nusse which means cat shark.

Regardless of how they named the shark, the Nurse shark is mostly harmless to humans and there have been very few attacks on humans ever recorded.

Despite their docile nature, getting up and close with the Nurse Sharks was initially a very terrifying experience. I've never been around fish anywhere near this size.

Did you know, Nurse Sharks can grow to 14ft in length!

As they swam around us in the waist height water. Some of the locals through some fish bait into the water to attract them.

They seem to be completely unfazed by the large group of humans around them and will happily swim between us.

As they swim by, they're happy for you to stroke them. They seem to be quite excited by the human company!

There's even baby ones!

I was quite surprised by the texture of their skin. I was expecting it to feel smooth like a regular fish, but it's actually very coarse.

I read somewhere that the water clarity here is amongst the best in the world. Even beating places like Maldives. From the pictures, you can see the Nurse sharks and the other tropical fish through the perfectly clear crystal water.

Check out the video !

Swimming with sharks is definitely one of my most memorable experiences. From interacting with them so closely, I've now cultivated a new love for them (at least the Nurse Sharks). Who would have known they could be so friendly and playful around humans?

If you are thinking about a trip to the Bahamas, then a trip to Compass Cay to swim with the sharks is an absolute must!

If you enjoyed my post, I always appreciate your upvote, be sure to follow for more exciting travel blogs, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

我喜欢巴哈马的原因,大概是因为这里提供好多机会,能和许多特别的动物互动,而这些动物也许这辈子我都不会在其他地方看到。在巴哈马旅游都每一天都是难以用言语形容的精彩,这里是动物的天堂,也是我的梦想目的地。虽然有些动物是被人类圈养的,但是我依然得到了一次宝贵的机会,可以和海里自由自在游走的鲨鱼又一次互动的机会。到目前为止,我们已经看到了顽皮机灵的 Allen Cay岩鼠蜥 ,并且还约会了Major Cay岛上的小猪,直到现在,我都难以想象我拥有这样奇怪的经历。无论是喂葡萄给岩鼠蜥还是喂面包胡萝卜给小猪们,我都超级享受这样亲近自然的机会。

巴哈马群岛是海洋生物栖息的天堂,在亚特兰蒂斯,我遇到了可爱搞笑的海狮 ,他们好聪明好灵活,特别通人性。当然我也在水族馆捕食者的湖有机会接触到了大量的海洋生物,难得一见的sawfish锯鳐和黄貂鱼,每一次都让我印象深刻,非常感动。虽然我也谈不上特别勇敢,但是自从听说岛上有可以和鲨鱼近距离接触的活动,看见可以抚摸鲨鱼的照片,我的眼睛就离不开了。并不是所有鲨鱼都会被当作攻击人类的对象,护士鲨就可以和人类和睦相处。今天我们就一起去护士鲨小港Compass Cay, 约会一下性格温顺可爱的护士鲨吧。护士鲨又叫铰口鲨,白天它们会在海底或者岩洞内休息,晚上会醒来捕食,这点生活习惯,还挺像小猫的。护士鲨捕食通常以吸食的方式捕捉鱼类、甲壳类和软体动物,所以在接触它们之前,当地人特意提醒我们,不要把手指放在它们眼前,不然会被当作是可口的食物,可就不好了。听说护士鲨这个名字,就是因为它们吃食物的方式,像小婴儿在吸奶的声音,英文里叫nursing。我们的船靠近Compass Cay,就看到好多我从来没见过的,超级豪华的游轮,有的上面带一个长长的滑梯,想象游客们从船上坐滑梯到海里,感觉一定超级清凉。还有部分漂亮的游艇应该私人的,都停靠在Compass Cay看望护士鲨。第一次看到这么大的“鱼”在水里游,并且我还要下水和它们亲密接触,心里难免紧张。



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thanks pal! Glad you enjoyed it!

Human sharks are more dangerous than sea sharks from what i can see :)

Almost everything is less dangerous (statistically) than sharks ;) The yearly risk in the United States of dying from a shark attack is roughly 1 in 250 million. The yearly risk of dying from a vending machine accident is roughly 1 in 112 million. The vending machine is roughly twice as lethal as the shark! Imagine a Vending Machine Shark. Truly a dangerous creature.

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And also @sweetsssj - this looks like an amazing time.

that must have been quite the adrenaline rush to swim with those sharks!

I was near sharks in the Pacific ocean in California once, and noped right out of there :)

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I like your posts so much that i think I'll ask then in marry lol

haha andyluy hope you're joking! :)

Great post and pictures as always. Must of been scary to swim with sharks.

Seconded, those are some really amazing photographs. Well done.

you got a follower :)


i can't even imagine how terrified I'd be to swim with sharks!

Wow nice , I think that sharks are vegetarian

Where there is fear, there is adventure. And there is the fun for life:).

Would have been much better if you use your red flag.


hahaha funny caption

That is exceptional :)

Lol steeeeeeeem it

Yup..along the lines of what I was thinking too.... :)


it's like swimming with lawyers......

That may actually be worse

they're not all sharks !

Swimming with sharks is insane!
But nice pictures.

yeah, it's pretty insane. With so many of them too. Thankfully they turned out to be very docile creatures!

maybe depends on shark. but not all are like this. you have to take care of wild animal.
red flag stays.

yeah, you're right. I wouldn't be so calm around great white sharks that is for sure..

Wow, awesome!!

@sweetsssj It is great that you are reporting about sharks in such a positive way.
Mass media mis-informs the world about how "terrible" sharks are when actually humans are the monsters.
@allSteemians Shark killing and stupid shark killers movies need to be stopped!



thanks blocklab, that's a very interesting figure you have there. I think the stats for nurse sharks show they have not killed a human ever!

But this doesnt mean that its good to stay with some random shark.

of course not.
but sharks are not the monsters humans are -.-

I learnt pigs are very intelligent too, even as much as a dog. I love to see the wild too and play with dolphins especially. I can imagine the fun you had over there at the bahamas. Those are memories that sticks. I love the picture too, it shows your connection with nature.

Thank you thollarkingz, you're right, all the experiences here have been really memorable and more so because of the interaction with the wildlife !

Oh that's great, nature is life so live it on. If you are alive then you must live!


You are a one beautiful lady with great talents. :)

thank you funnyman, you're too funny :) :)

@sweetsssj You are doing amazing. I follow all your post. Even il be starting posting blogs from monday. I am trying to form a company by name of silentshor. We also have a website. The whole idea is to promote steemit and our blogs which will be in all different categories like travel, photography, architecture and so on. The team behind is my friends with amazing talent and different fields. Please follow me if you can and suggest me I would love to learn from you. Infact everyone here on steemit. Also i am trying to give a platform for all steemit members where they can send me their blogs and il do all the promotion of their work on our website and all our social channels. For which they will be paid. Because i have some money invested into steemit and i am thinking to invest more. Making myself early whale member of steemit community.

Thank you sukhpreetsingh, i will take a look at your blog. Do let me know what your website is when you have it ready

Thank you for your reply. You are really cute :) i'll Let you know as soon as its ready. Most probably next week.

@sweetsssj the Nurse sharks, or Grey Nurse sharks as we refer to them here in Australia are certainly one of the more gentle sharks, beside the huge Whale sharks. I really enjoyed reading about the experience you had and seeing these intelligent creatures close up on my screen - it was a joy. I have heard you can hug them in the water and turn them over by rubbing their belly. Once this happens they will become dosile. Now I'm not sure if this is true (a fisherman told me) but if I'm ever there I will have to try it out!

Thanks for sharing as always! Must be the time for animals. Grace and I saw at least five whales today. I'm sharing a post about it tomorrow. Resteemed and Upvoted :)

Oh that sounds lovely myday! I didn't get to hug them as I was still a little scared to be really physical with them. Maybe the next time i'll try that! Looking forward to your post! :)

wow. Great.......................

Shit.. i will be very scared being around this wonderful creature.. not to talk of hugging them or rubbing their belly.. Lol

yea, scary, but amazing too, yeah, wow

yes you are right

i will be scare too :P know a lot about these animals...since I saw you Resteemed and Upvoted @sweetsssj post...I did the same.

thank you cheekspear :)

I am so honored! I feel so blessed that I got a reply from one of the most popular persons here on Steemit. thanks @sweetsssj

Hi @ sweetsssj..what's your news .. FANTASTIC ...! You very brave @ sweetsssj, what is a shark photo ..? Be careful playing with wild animals, i do not wanna see you in the matter.
I like your photos, but with this photo I am very worried..thanks

Thank you kardevis, there's been no reports of attacks from Nurse Sharks! They're very safe :)

well said

Now I am willing to do many things!, However that right there is absolutely crazy. Sharks? Really? Wow! And the way you talk about the texture it's like it's so normal :O ...

Great post :) but crazy stuff :/


haha, okay i'll admit its out of the ordinary, but these things make it really deeply ingraining in your memories of the place!

Your damn right about that :) scary! :O

Beautiful place that you share. you make more beauty.
Please follow me @patricksanlin and upvote. Thanks

Never thought I'd see cozy sharks. First guy who discovered these was probably quite relived when he realized they weren't out to eat him as he helplessly splashed around in the water, but instead just wanted to be stroked.

Wow thats really great adventure of your trip because shark is really dangerous sea animals and mosr of people not go close to it or fear from it and glware doing swimming with it. I like your sped boat choice because its also one kind of adventure too and we will get too see beauty of sea and its wonderful. I really like your all photos and specially with of shark. You are rocking

Don't get eaten.

I survived!!

you are so beautiful , I love following you and seeing your pictures, videos and adventure.

keep doing what you do. much love from Nigeria

thank you dante31, glad you enjoy it :)

Loved the post,that looks amazing,to get up close and actually touch a shark must be one of your most treasured memories.
Did you know shark skin has been used for hundreds of years as a kind or sandpaper to smooth things down with

I actually had no idea about that! I was really surprised to find the skin so coarse, no wonder they used it as sandpaper!

Beautiful day to swim with the sharks! Great content and photo's as always ;-)

thanks truth-be-told 😊

Appreciate the effort you put into all your posts. A perfect example of quality content. Those pictures are awesome.

Thank you knowledge1, just trying to do my part 😊

Lovely post as always, what a paradisiac place, the color of the water and tho pure colors of vegetation, just lovely. I will always wanted to try swimming with sharks, they are one of my favorite creatures and always admire them so much. Really enjoyable trip it looks, and really good pics, keep it up. I'm becoming a fan of your work, thanks for sharing.

I really love how you love sharks, I didn't know how much I'd like them and interacting with them until I was already doing that! Thanks for the lovely comment :)

That 40 million dollar yacht looks inspired. Time to start saving indeed. We saw quite a few of these monster yachts in Qatar a few months back. This one you noted was a dead ringer for one I saw at The Pearl island in Doha. Mad money in that marina. Like billionaires row.

Wow.. i think qatar is one of the richest countries per capita in the world. It doesn't surprise me they have such monster yachts! Still, it's going to take several lifetimes to save for that!

Wow, you go to the most amazing places! It seems like it's a new place every day lol. I'm glad you're having a great time and getting nice weather too. Thanks for taking us with you and sharing these great experiences! I look forward to your next adventure :)

thank you cryptodata, I only had about 10 days in Bahamas but I managed to fit in a lot of adventures during that time! Just getting round to posting about them now! thank you 😊

Awesome post, love reading them. Pictures are beautiful as always.

thank you sid!

Wow thats awesome.
These facts on Sharks that are awesome too:

  1. Female sharks can reproduce without any contact with male sharks. This is known as Parthenogenesis.
  2. Most of the sharks have a light emitting organs called Photospheres.
  3. An average Shark can live 25 years, whereas some can get as old as 100!

amazing bits of information, thank you!

enjoying the world .. steemit is a good platform for everyone to live their dreams. live your dreams my dear @sweetsssj

thank you nairamallam, you're so sweet :)

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Oh, you like to swimming with animal very much!

Travelling by speedboat is always an exhilarating experience. With the temperature pushing 37 degrees Celsius, the gushing wind is very welcoming.
Current temperature in my country is 48 degree Celsius and i really want to use speedboat in the sea, right now this is the most tempting wish i have

48!!! Where is that? That's the highest temperature i've ever heard! Must be horrible!

In the same continent where you are living, i mean in asia, the temperature of 48 degree celcius is very normal in summer's in Pakistan. And it is indeed boiling temperature, It is really hard to go out, sweat is all around on body all the day, it is damn hard to live in it, so the picture of speedboat and waters are very tempting.

I learnt pigs are very intelligent too, even as much as a dog. I love to see the wild too and play with dolphins especially. I can imagine the fun you had over there at the bahamas. Those are memories that sticks. I love the picture too, it shows your connection with nature.

Thanks for the post and taking us along on this journey...I went to Mauritius a few years go and although couldn't swim with them :( we did see a lot of them during our glass bottom boat and catamaran trips...was sooo humbling to be between these majestic creatures...I will do a post on my trips to Mauritius and definitely tag you in, went to a few places that might give you activity ideas for your next blog...

thank you philip! I have yet to goto Mauritius myself, but one of my good friends is from there so i'm looking to visit real soon! Really looking forward to seeing your posts about it! :)

Heya @sweetsssj....please have a look at my posts...I would appreciate any tips/hint pertaining to how I could better these as I have a whole bunch of trips that I have done, which I haven't blogged anywhere yet...

Thanks a mil!

@sweetsssj good job (upvoted 100%) not only are the shots very beautiful , the color of your swimming suit (yellow) and yes you yourself look amazing too..thanks for the update , be safe and keep it up.

thank you charles! Glad you like the swim suit colour, it's one of my favourites :) :)

welcome my dearie, and more success. Wish you a blessed weekend.

Very nice place and experience swimming with shark very challenging it feels i really interested to try it but unfortunately in my place there is no se seeks it to swim with shark best tegard community steemit indonesia. @sweetsssj there is plan not road to indonesia

Whenever I heard the word shark.My mind use to fill with fear and stories of white shark and some shark attacked scenes of movie Deep blue sea.Honestly speaking first time I heard about nurse shark while I saw your post.
Anyhow you enjoy their accompany that really great...

Ha I haven't seen that movie, but now that I love sharks I will go look for it! These sharks are so gentle, I can't actually imagine them attacking any human.. they just eat shell fish mostly!

@sweetsssj, It is always fun to read your posts and enjoy the photography. I was looking for it earlier but you had not posted it yet, thank you for sharing your life experiences with us all, this really highlights for us the best vacation destinations to visit.
I have written a blog that I am sure you will enjoy, please look at it, if you like it upvote, comment and resteem. Thank you for your support!

thank you pastorlea, I will take a look!

You reflect those characteristics...

I would love to travel with you ;)

woww Amzing, thanks for sharing

you're welcome hamzaoui 😊😊

Thank, please visit my blog

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I am a simple man, I see a sweet adorable Asian girl - I Follow :D

If I ever saw a shark near me I would just faint and probably drown :O

thank you simple man 😊

I think you need to be more manly and hug it!

Swimming with sharks. You are very adventurousness.

thank you! experimenting being more brave haha :)


Wow, amazing. Isn't it dangerous to swim with sharks?
Nice pics, and thanks for posting :)

Nice small sharks!

Are you still in the Bahamas?

i've come back home now. These are blogs about my journey whilst i was there!

Great post! My biggest fear, granted it is an irrational one is of sharks! And we have had a ton of them in our waters in Southern California this spring. However, I think I could do this and swim with the nursies :). Thanks for sharing!

you're welcome breshepard, I think you'll realise just how lovely they are the moment you come close to them. Atleast thats what happened with me!

wow, nice traveling @sweetsssj, feeling nice and happy to follow you and receive your travel post with your sweet photo

thank you jamhuery, always a pleasure sharing with you guys :)

this does look amazing Sweetsssj, i changed my mind again!
I should go and swim with sharks on the Bahamas!


We'll see! :)


Beautiful pictures!

no way would you catch me swimming with sharks! even if they are friendly! what happens if they get hungry?

I think they just swim off to eat some crustaceans! They really don't attack humans!

No words for this sublime travel blog. simply Awesome!!!

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@flauschi is a shark.

I've never heard of a "nurse shark" before. I guess you learn all sorts of things on, which is why this website is so valuable because it's an information center. Good usage of shark data and nice photography. I will upvote and follow because you took your time with these photos. Nice job!!

Bravo, having the courage to Swimming with the Sharks at Compass Cay shows that you have a heart of lion, this is what many men cannot do. the experience is amazing, the picture quality is superb. I thought that all sharks thirsty for human blood, but you experience and narrative has change my orientation, that is the good thing about following you. Weldon for the good work as usual, wish you success. keep it coming, upvoted.

thank you hynet, it was a step out of my comfort zone initially. But the sharks are so friendly and welcoming, they really do enjoy the human company!

Your welcome dear. just came online not long ago, just check your blog and saw you posted so hours ago. Is not only in discovery channel we can watch the shark, your blog is a perfect place to watch it too, that is why we are proud of you. You blog is international entertainment channel, just like discovery channel. take good care of yourself.

@sweetsssj - Wow cool post, that's my kind of thing!!! Awesome to see so many sharks there, they're in decline around the world :(

Loved the video!!! I noticed you looked a little nervous at first lol but I didn't blame you. Great job!!! looking forward to more :)

Wow... What a boat ride from Nassau to Compass Cay Marina just to swim with the sharks...Nurse sharks you say...always entertaining and I had that feeling of also swimming with the sharks...Compass Cay here I come...

nice....experience :)

As always a great post by you. It's nice to see how you experience the world and you inspire people.

thank you inuk, hopefully other people can come visit the beautiful nature at Bahamas one day 😊

Hi, I think you are amazing.