Is Wildspark the Steemit Killer? @BlockRush

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The Year 2017 has seen Blockchain technology threaten to overcome major industries including finance, communication and social media.

Social media alone has seen the several high profile decentralization projects including:

  • Steemit
  • Kik Messenger
  • Akasha
  • Lisk 

Synereo is a Blockchain-based social media development platform and they have announced plans to release WildSpark, a social media platform which works similar to Steemit!

Users on WildSpark will create content and get rewarded when viewers upvote their content, discover and curating new content and also probably by commenting.

The native currency of Wild Spark is AMP.

Steemit verses Wild Spark

Unlike Steemit however, the curating system of curating system of WildPsark is more like an affiliate system where a users who upvotes a content gets to receive their own unique link to that content.

Users then promote the content using their affiliate link to the content and in turn they receive rewards for all users who visit the content through their affiliate link and upvote it.

Currently WildSpark is in development but will be released soon this year, however you can demand early access by vising the Wild Spark website.

Steemit Killer?

Believe it or not, WildSpark could become a Steemit killer. Here are some good points to consider:

  • Wild Spark is targeted to independent journalists, artists and bloggers, something which seem missing on Steemit. Steemit just seem to be an alt-social media platform for cyberpunks and get rich quick dreamers.
  • Synereo has a taste for beautiful and responsive interfaces meaning the interface of WildSpark would be better than that of Steemit in terms of design and accessibility of functions. Average users will be drawn to the intuitive and beautiful of Wild Spark than Steemit, whose interface seems too classic for modern social media.
  • Wild Spark could support more features such as direct user messaging, audio and video calls, emojis as well as beautiful and customized user profiles - features which are absent on Steemit.
  • Steemit lacks management and often relies on the voluntary efforts of members to manage it. Products such as @SteemitBoard, @Smackdown.kitty, @screename, @bestof and @cheetah are all initiatives of voluntary Steemians.
  • Wild Spark's business appeal could attract investors and top executives to make it become a full fledged mainstream social media, giving it a more professional structure than the casually voluntary development structure of Steemit.
  • Steemit is becoming too difficult for newbies/minnows and Steem Power has ensured that only whales win, whereas on Wild Spark everyone will have equal opportunity to make it.
  • Wild Spark could have a better marketing campaign than Steemit, which has absolutely no marketing campaign.
  • There seem to be no support for self upvoting on WildSpark, meaning users focus more on upvoting the contents of others as compared to the selfish culture of self upvoting on Steemit!
  • Steemit's main founder @Dan is now consumed with work on EOS, his new ambitious project that stuck both Gold and lightning, meaning Steemit is loosing the attention of its primary visionary.

Important questions to ask:

  • What do you think of Synereo's WildSpark initiative?
  • Is Wild Spark merely a clone of Steemit or a real thing?
  • Will Wild Spark take away users from Steemit and therefore is a threat to Steemit?
  • Has Steemit Inc. been too pragmatic in managing Steemit?
  • Is it time for Steemit Inc. to take a more proactive approach at developing and promoting Steemit?

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I'm pretty sure it's no Steem killer. Steem has already been proven and established itself.

Synereo has the ecomomics right, but it approaches the problem from an entirely different angle. Steem is an whole new ecosystem of it's own, while Synereo acts more like a layer on top of existing ecosystems. In fact, Synereo and Steem could be a powerful thing used in combination!

About self-voting; Dan acnowledged the fact that you can't stop self-voting if you can't prove individuality. People can just create two accounts and vote for themselves. Thus, self-voting was taken into account in designing the ecomomics of Steem. I'm pretty sure that's the case with Synereo too, as they are incredibly smart people.

A factor in favor of Steem is that it organically shows up in search engine results. That is a powerful marketing strategy and is only starting to show it's power. The execution was also very fast in the beginning, and Steem already has quite some ecosystem of development and applications.

I'm invested in Synereo, and beleive in their ability to make it work. There will be space for even more such networks, because it's not a zero-sum game.

Nice article. Thanks!


Agreed. I waited forever for Synereo to finally release a product. And when they finally did, it was a piece of junk. I do hope they improve it in the future so there are more decentralized social platforms out there.


Surely the alpha and beta user experiences are crap, but I beleive in the underlying economic model. The fact that the UX sucks gives the people who can see the fundamentals some advantage, which will be gone once the UX is awesome :-)


True. The part that just annoyed me was the hype and the limitations on what services you can use it on for now. I think it's just youtube right now?


@financialcritic, can you please let know of your comment on our post which is in response to Ripple's comments about Blockchain being too slow or banks? >


Good points @idealist!

IDK, just sounds like a less elegant version of the Steemit system. The last thing I personally want is any "Affiliate link" based versions of the Steem concept. The best part about Steem is how there aren't any affiliate links or commissions, which we already saw fail in the case of TSO.

With TSO, we saw the platform collapse under the weight of affiliate link spamming.. why will Wildspark be any different?


@heymattsokol, good point about having to carry around an affiliate link, however they could cloack it with a short link or even with not visible link.

However when it comes to affiliate marketing there are millions of people who love it. Just check how all Facebook group are full of it. Amazon, Click Bank and Google thrive on affiliate marketing. Who would not want to share their potential multi-millionaire viral affiliate link of Justin Bieber's new album, or the next Harry Potter?

Finally, affiliate marketing is not only another way to monetize the platform, like Steemit the main way would be to be the original content creator and not the promoter.


@heymattsokol, please tell us what you think of our response to Ripple's comment about Blockchain being too slow for banks >

The one thing i foresee with wildspark will be the mad rush, gold grabbing mentality, like those we see on steemit. Wildspark doesnt seem to have a solution for the spammers with low value content. But i would definitely say that wildspark value proposition has the potential to uproot steemit.

Whatever the strength of steemit can turn into a weakness. On the contrary, wildsparks strengths can also become its weakness.

Whether wildspark or steemit will prevail, its all down to the execution!


You are right @dali.soh! Time will tell us more!


Read your response, @crypto.girl. @BlockRush is not here to scare anyone off Steemit, we are just reporting on a potentially worthy competitor to Steemit. #SteemitForever!


@crypto.girl, what is your take of our *response to Ripple's comment about Blockchain not being fit for banks? >

I wouldn't say Dan's focusing on newer projects would hurt steemit too much - that's just the way he operates, he moves on to new projects sort of prematurely


thanks for the comment @josephd, would you minding telling our your comments on our proposal about how a Blockchain powered internet could resolve net neutrality while making the internet free for everyone? >

The website looks nice but is a bit vague on how it is supposed to work. Nevertheless, competiton is good.


yep, however the main website is and their blog is you will find all the information you will need there.


@wekkel, Ripple says Blockchain is too slow for banks, read our take on it >

Really liked the basics of the system built here, however, as the initial sparks and "WOW" factors die down I have began to notice things.... bad things. It does seem WildSpark plans to address these issues in a positive, proactive manner.

If We Could Just Do Something About It's Configurations Which Favour the "Royal" and Bury the "Plebs"....

Not to say there are not thousands and thousands of decent, ethical, moral folks doing good things within the system.
Yet IS to say there are many who are taking advantage of it's flaws (and the flaws seem not to be addressed; not only not addressed, encouraged and strengthened with the recent Hardfork/unrestricted self-upvoting/abuse of flagging/lack of any fail-safes to prevent bots from abusing ALL of us for the advantage of one [it's owner/etc.]).
Here's my example/explanation - and remember, these tactics will only work if the Accounts are Whales (seemingly the only REAL reason to invest any money in the steemit system as it stands, as the underlying goal of these tactics is to stock and then drain the rewards pool filled by those investing/not using these tactics).
Modelled after following and observing the Whale @craig-grant for less than a week (the Network is strong in this one.....).


"So come pull the sheet over my eyes
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Despite what I've seen today.
I found you guilty of a crime, of sleeping at a time
When you should have been wide awake."

LYRICS courtesy Chris Cornell, "Wide Awake" Unplugged in Sweden @ Google Play Music

Thank you for this article!

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Interesting. But a Steemit Killer?

A different concept all together. With view of investment, advertising, reward distribution and content creation.

Instead of laboring every point, as some have been addressed in other comments, these thoughts are about content.

The principle of link sharing. Does Wild Park see itself as an aggregator or existing content on different platforms rather than a original content creator?

Is it not likely that this concept will attract all those people who are merely copy/pasting other people's content to make a quick buck?

Content Content Content

Steemit's emphasis is on original content creation in any genre imaginable.
Wild Park, with its link affiliation, invites to share Other People's content, rather than creating original work. How does this par with copyright laws?

I don't see Wild Park as a competitor but as a complimentary external platform. Why not promote one's own content elsewhere?

One last thought. I am reluctant to use or promote main stream platforms such as FB, YT, Twitter etc. These monopolies have become politicised beyond value-add.

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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Good thinking @robocop!

however do not miss the fact that everyone could be a content creator on Wild Spark - no one is restricted to only promoting content.


Oh yes, agreed. My point is that non-original content creators will be drawn to the platform in swarms, while Steemit frowns upon copy/paste or no value-add link submissions.

I think Wild-Park may well co-exist nicely with Steemit.

Oh, it's globocop - not robocop. Not so much into transhumanism... 🤖

ch @globocop


haha @globocop, well noted!


That's WildSpark.

Wild-park is the sub-network of NSFW content ;)

"The Year 2017 has seen Blockchain technology threaten to overcome major industries including finance, communication and social media."

Please do not with the vague, general, comically extreme overstatements.

Nobody even has numbers for the combined value of those three astronomical-sums-of-money industries (with whatever other valuations are vaguely gerondingly "including" in that statement), or if they do, cryptocurrency market capitalization isn't even an infant fart next to them.

All that said, I'll explore the proposed technology.


I'm bookmarking that. Meanwhile, I've investigated Wildspark, and I'm in. Too late for the beta at the start of this month, apparently :/

In particular, the posts at the Synereo blog are lucid and compelling.

Is there any way you can arrange a beta invite? :) Pick a private channel and I'll give you my email, and sign anything you want against my PGP key:

I can imagine success for AMP and STEEM.

A little competition is actually a great thing, to be honest! Steemit is still in development and so they can also improve their user interface and add new features. I guess we don't need @Dan for that to happen.
In the end, the community of the platform needs to decide and right until now I've got the feeling, that this community is the greatest I ever met. So I wouldn't be to afraid about this (:


thanks @cobalus. a little competition might encourage Steemit to evolve.


@cobalus, please tell use your comments about your opinion on our response to Ripple's comment about Blockchain being too slow for banks >


I just did, enjoy the comment (:


thanks @cobalus! stay tuned for another intriguing report tomorrow!


I'm looking forward to it (:

Wildspark has A LOT to prove. Wildspark looks extremely user friendly, simple, and FAST. I haven't heard any beta users say anything bad about it. The user base is growing fast. The potential growth is just HUGE. In a few more weeks everyone will be able to see for themselves whether this simple browser extension really is the "Facebook killer" or "steemit killer".

Actually, it's @smackdown.kitty =) But thanks for the mention!


thanks for the correction @the-ego-is-you, the article has been amended!


@the-ego-is-you, would you mind reading our proposal about how a steemit powered powered blockchain could make the internet free while also resolving net neutrality? >


I read it and upvoted =)

We have many of the same ideas. You're welcome to join us in the Cooperative Agorism channel on if you want to talk about similar concepts or link your posts there. =)