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Can you say “Kabuki Theater”!






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You forgot to upvote yourself. lol

Thanks for the reminder.

My account was in negative RC units yesterday so I couldn’t use it. It looks like they charged you for your use of “Steem blockchain resources “ for the previous five days and so anyone who was active in those five days needs a day or two to regenerate resource credits. I hope to be able to post today, but my account still isn’t back to normal. Accord8ng to Steemworld I am at 100% voting power and my vote should be worth 0.09 Steem, but when I upvoted someone it was only 0.02 Steem. So I guess I will wait until tomorrow to upvote. 🤔

I think steemd was wrong. The bad code basically stole 80% of your power I think.
Make sure you wait 15 minutes to upvote my comment if you choose to do so unless you want to donate to the rewards pool.

I changed my timing on my auto upvotes on posts, so you will notice my vote comes later, but I didn’t remember it applied to comments too. I hope I get my SP back by tomorrow. I guess this means the days of collecting 95% of the rewards are over.

For posts and comments 15 minutes is the new 30. Before 15 minutes you "donate" to the rewards pool.


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Is your bot up? It stopped rewarding my posts

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