🌍 Steemit World Map Challenge #19 🌍

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Greetings travelers!

Welcome to the 19th week of the #swmchallenge where we travel around the globe and try to bring up to light the most unique and special places or events worth visiting or putting on your travel bucket list. Each week here is filled with posts full of captivating scenery, stunning images and great stories. Basically, great travel blogs worth checking out. So If you like to travel (digitally or in real life) #swmchallenge is the place to go.

For those who still don't know about SteemitWorldMap

It's a fun tool made by @blueorgy and @martibis that allows you to pin your posts to a specific location or browse the world map where ideally every place on the map is a Steemit post. #swmchallenge is my attempt to make it more popular and build a community around it.

Travel blogs of the week

#1 Cloud Forest and Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay [Singapore] | Travel Blog 2-B

We are joining @johnarvee12 on his Singapore adventure where he visits Gardens by the Bay. He took some beatiful pictures of "City in a Garden" where the goal is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

#2 Sailing on a Catamaran to Paradise [Perfspots Adventure]

@ivansnz is back with another vlog. Today, he's taking us on a sailing trip to Australia's Whitsunday Islands where he eats some great food, meets new friends and just enjoys life.

#3 [My 3 months in Pakistan #4] Lahore - traffic, cuisine, city & Badshahi mosque (36 PICS)

@matkodurko shares his 3 month long experience in Pakistan. He introduces us to the city, culture, food and the people.

Honorable mentions

My travel 2018 #5: "STOBOSA Valley of Colors"
Travel Adventure #9
Doing Skydive in Tequesquitengo, Mexico

Entry counter

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Make a post about a place you visited and share it with the SteemitWorldMap
Use the #swmchallenge tag
Check last week's winners to see what kind of quality I'm hoping you can achieve
Tag your post accordingly and add at least 200 words of description
See how to add posts to the map here HOW TO add a post to the world map guide


Original and quality content only (plagiarism will be punished)
Unlimited amount of entries
All attempts to miss-use the #swmchallenge tag will be flagged


1st - 4 SBD
2nd - 3 SBD
3rd - 2 SBD
Honorable mentions - 1 SBD


  • Participating
  • Resteeming this post for increased visibility and more people joining
  • Donating to increase the reward pool
  • Inviting your friends and fellow steemians to join the contest and share their travel posts in the map

As always, best of luck to everyone, see you in a week when the contest ends, winners are announced and the new contest begins.

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Awesome ! Thanks for the mention, gonna resteem to help visibility =)



I didn't know about this challenge until now, from now on I will add this tag. Thanks


hey @allesia, glad to have you joining!

Wow cool I made it in the post!!! Great, thanks man I really appreciate that. I will continue using this # :) Have a great rest of the week!


Really enjoyed your skydiving adventure. Looking forward for the next one.


Thanks!! There are many more coming ;) I try to cover some spaces on the map, that are still empty ;)

Amazing! i feel so honoured to be on the 2nd place. thanks a lot, this is a huge plus for the steem community.


You deserve it man. Great entry!! good to see you are sticking around!

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm honored to have you here and you are a huge plus for Steemit's travel community!


thanks a lot! you guys are so supportive, thats what keeps me running!

Thanks for choosing my blog post for this week's featured travel blogs! I just really enjoyed sharing my trips as well as using of swm when posting travel related posts! Also, congrats to all the winners too and for those who also joined this week! Have a great week!


Thanks for sharing that place with us!


Yup! More to come! 😊

Wow great post of world steemit map @runicar

great. i wish.. i'll be here.

congratulations @johnarvee12


Thank you! @junebride

@runicar, good contest sir.
i only can help by resteeming your contest post and give my minnow upvote...
but maybe @sultan-aceh and friends can entry this contest

BTW, your photo when you are skydiving is "AWESOME",,, i am sure that i will lose consiousness if i am skydiving

Thank you @runicar for featuring my post as honorable mention, such an honor. Its the first time,yeheeyy!🤗🤗

Congrats to all amazing authors! 😊😊

Loving the #smwchallenge! Thank you for hosting this great project @runicar and for all the great travel posts you've put together.

Congrats @johnarvee12! No doubt about winning :) Your post is really worth the prize and more.

Congrats to all winners and honorable mentions! All well deserved. Such amazing places!

Congrats @johnarvee12! No doubt about winning :) Your post is really worth the prize and more.

Congrats to all winners and honorable mentions! All well deserved. Such amazing places!