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Feelin' like some won-ton soup with char sui buns ?

Soho is probably one of the most diverse and dynamic areas in Central London. You get everything here - trashy commercial clubs with horrible laptop DJs, membership only clubs that host fetish shows, theaters, restaurants, sex shops, book shops, toy shops, you name it.


The gate to Chinatown

Chinatown holds a special spot in our heart, judging by our content you probably know why. Food, glorious food! Chinatown is the place to be if you are running out of ideas / money.

Think of Chinatown as diversity within diversity. You get cheaper, hole-in-the-wall kind of places where the waiters might yell at you for being too slow with your food and posher, traditional afternoon dim-sum places where the waiters might still give you the stink-eye because you did something wrong.

Service in Chinatown is also authentic as fuck, even though it's located right in the midst of Soho. We went to one of our fav. Chinese restaurants in the winter, and they gave me (Aleks) a fork/knife set, while leaving a pair of chopsticks for Norma. CLEARLY underestimated my chopsticks game. DON'T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THIS WHITEBOY'S CHOPSTICKS GAME ! We laughed about it and let it go, no harm done.

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Congrats for being an honorable mention at swm challenge! The gate of Chinatown there looks great! I wonder which country doesn't have a Chinatown. Lol (Of course except China LOL)


If I could upvote your comment multiple times - I would definitely do that, because I always think if there is a place in this world that doesn't have Chinatown ! :D

Thanks :D


Yup. Seems like China’s just around the corner everywhere you go. Haha!

Well, you definitely can't blame them for being inconsiderate!!


I understand when things are done intentionally and when not,. In Chinatown you get treated that way because of cultural differences, not because they want to treat you that way. It's ok, we are all different, it's more fun that way =)

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We totally know about the service. You can't stay there for more than 30 mins! They rushed Sam's dad to order as he was taking too long to decide. Yes, his dad hasn't been back since. It's like they need to turn the tables like a brothel needs to turn their rooms. Still great food and atmosphere!


ahahah that's sooo Chinatown :D Hate it / love it lol

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ayyy thanks papii