7 Hidden Wonders Of Sicily: Vulcano

in #travel6 years ago

Introducing a small volcanic island about 25 km north of Sicily called Vulcano.


About the island

Here you can see smoke and smell sulphur as couple of vulcanos are still active.

This is not just a bad thing as you can see on the photo down as a special pools are on the island where you can get a special therapeutic baths. But be careful as it can get very hot!


Vulcano is a serious island as it has even own municipality and police station that you can see on the photo down.


This island is quite big in size as it has 21 km2 in area and rises to 501 m above sea level so it is almost impossible to only walk around. You should rent one of those lovely vehicles to get around.


I hope you enjoyed the trip with me. All the photos were done with my iphone, 100% #originalcontent



would love to visit there!

Hope you do, its amazing!

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Beautiful photos, very nice indeed.

Thank you very much. Glad you like it!

I had the privilege of being able to go here in 2015, this brought back memories!

Super. Happy to take you there ;)

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