Sunset in Darwin, Australia

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My friends family lives in Darwin so we decided to catch a plane from Melbourne to Darwin in Australia for a long weekend. Darwin is the capital of Australia's Northern Territory and is a gateway to the massive Kakadu National Park. Although I was only there for a short while it seems to me like a low key city that had a very Australian vibe, nice beaches and a laid back atmosphere. I suppose it's considered the "outback" so it made sense that it would have this feeling, and as a tourist it suited me to see something different from other cities in Australia such as Melbourne. Melbourne is nice and all but it's a little like where I'm from in the UK.

One evening we took a short walk out to the beach and watched the sunset. There were a number of people on the beach and I tried to capture the experience with my camera. One of the photos that jumped out at me when editing seemed to be the photo above or the second from last photo featuring the young boy. He seemed to creep more towards the sun and the sea as it went down and I thought it would be interesting to distort him a little and capture him standing and staring at the horizon.

I felt a connection with him in this regard. Whenever I see the sea I can't help but stand and stare. It's amazing to look at the horizon and wonder about the beauty of this world. Maybe I'm thinking a bit deeply but I wanted to share the photos with you here. Enjoy.

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Gorgeous sunset! Never been to Australia, I'll be sure to check out both Darwin and Melbourne when I finally make it over! :)

Sure, you should definitely go. Darwin is far away but it's a unique place.

Nice sunset 🌅

Thanks @noopu! Appreciate your comment. Nice icon :) haha

Welcome 😊
Natural is amazing!

Nature is very beautiful, your post is very good, thanks friends

Thank you. Yeah, nature is very beautiful :)

Those are some beautiful colors!
I admire your creativity which requires some "thinking out of the box"...I always tend to think in a very strict, rectangular world when doing photos :)

Yeah, I think in a very similar way. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not so. I guess it takes experimentation all the time. Thanks for your comment :)

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oh my god, you captured all the splendor of the sun hiding

Thanks for your comment :) I'm glad you liked my post

That's a lovely shade of orange!! It's mesmerising, but also is making me hungry. The top photo looks almost creepy though...

Ha yeah, I guess it could be a little creepy

love the way you used the rule of thirds both horizontally and vertically in the top photo to set off both the subject in the wonder and the horizon, creating two distinct and somewhat contrasting points of focus for the viewers.

Also appreciated the fade in focus in the photos as the day grew on, telling a narrative in the focus, a story in pictures.

I too often get lost in the see, the way it seems to pour over the horizon infinitely, the vast, immeasurable abyss. It's always nice when we're not alone. ^_^

All the best and thank you for the share, @oen!

Thanks for your nice comment. Yeah, it's interesting trying to tell a story with a series of photographs. Hope you will follow along for more in the future :)

Did a 2 month roadtrip through Oz 2 years ago, didn't get to Darwin, so thanks for sharing such wonderful shots. You can find my posts (also NZ) on worldmap, over 40 in total. Following.

That's great. I've never been to NZ so I hope to visit one day. Looks amazing :) Thanks for your comment

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