My Dream Vacation Destination is... Writing Contest - Over 20 SBDs Prize Pool

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Greetings Steemians!

Do you daydream in front of your computer and click away at the exotic and picture-perfect images of the places that you wish that you can visit on on the Internet? Well now you can earn STEEMs for writing about it. Enter the “My Dream Vacation Destination is …” contest!

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Write an original post about a place or destination that you want to travel to. Creativity counts!
  • Should be at least 200 words.
  • It should be written in English. If you write in another language, make sure that you include the English translation. (Google Translate does a pretty good job.)
  • Include at least one picture or video. Be sure to reference it correctly if the picture is not yours.
  • Include tag “dreamtravel”
  • Link to this post.
  • Post the link of your entry to the comment section of this contest post before the end of the competition.
  • Multiple submissions are OKAY!

Deadline: All articles and link must be submitted by the end of day July 21th, 2018 U.S. Eastern time to qualify.


  • First Place will receive 10 SBDs.
  • Second Place will receive 5 SBDs.
  • Third Place will receive 3 SBDs.
  • Honorable Mentions will receive 0.5 SBDs.
  • All winners will receive 1 share to @SteemBasicIncome from me.
  • @quochuy, a developer and steem witness, will award 2 extra SBI shares to the top winner.
  • As an added bonus, I will follow you and upvote your great content (upvote currently worth: $0.19)
  • @teamvn member exclusive: The top winner if not already in the bot's upvote list, will get reviewed (no plagiarism etc... posted recently) and will be added into the temporary upvotelist for two weeks.

How the winners are decided: I will read and review all submissions that are correctly tagged and met the rules established above. The judges are: @lenancie @for91days and @nuoctuong. We are looking for ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY! Winners will be announced by the end of the following week after the conclusion of the contest.

If you liked this contest, don't hesitate to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM this article =)! Thank you for your support my Steemians friends!

Banner created with image from Pixabay using the Canva iOS app.


Congratulations on being the first entrant, @naijatimez . However, you need to update the picture. The picture you included is copyrighted and therefore would disqualify you if you keep it. Thanks.

Hmmmm... I'm going to prepare my post, expect a big suprise :D, at least as far as originality and creativity goes

I look forward to your submission.

Well, my first submission is here:

Please check it out and point any corrections I might need to make. If time allows I might write two more unorthodox places I'd like to see one day.

Entry noted.

This entry has been noted, @ejgarcia.

Third and final entry... won't make it in time to post about the Ice Palace, but that's probably a well known tourist attraction anyways...

Entry has been noted.

Thanks for this great contest @nuoctuong. Had a great day thinking about my dream destination and writing about it. My entry

Iceland this is my entry. I almost forget to comment it here. Thank you @nuoctuong.

Thanks @jonnahmatias1016. Entry has been noted.

Entry noted, thanks for taking us to Bruges, Belgium, @apple96.

So this is what I actually wrote. Wanted to stretch my imagination a bit... But had to do one for the "normal" people first. Thanks for giving me an interesting topic to write about. That is usually my problem.

Thank you, @solcross. Entry has been noted.

Hi @fher,

Please note the requirement is a link back to the contest page. Please add it to the post and let me know. Thanks.

hi @nuoctuong

ready friend link copied and pasted.

Thank you, @fher

You entry has been noted.

Hi to all, amazing contes! blessings to all! this is my entrance, its about a sacred mountain from my country Venezuela, I wanna be there soon, called Mount Roraima, I hope you like it and travel with me over there:


Your entry has been noted.

thanks a lot

Thank you for this wonderful song that makes you daydream.

My entry: My Dream Vacation Destination is: Swiss Alps

@fjm86, entry has been noted.

Entry noted.

Your Dream vacation destination is something different from other, it's attractive.

Thank you @nuoctuong for this contest!
I have upvoted this post, followed you, linked it in my post (yay I learnt how), and here it is:

Entry noted. Thank you, @steemymama.

Entry noted. I didn't know that the Philippines has its own Maldives. Quite spectacular indeed.

Dear @ashley4u , please note one of the requirements: "link back to this post". Please confirm update.

Oh shoot sis , I forgot..lemme do that just now.

Thanks! Entry has been added and upvoted.

I really don't know if i went overboard with my entry, but i totally loved the day dream contest, here is my link below.

Keep steeming,

Thank you for taking us into your dream, @soorefunmi .

This is my dream vacation destination.
I hope you appreciate it and I really hope one day to go there. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my vacation dream.

Thank you for taking us to Ha Long Bay, @jacksartori. Entry has been noted.

@Febemarie25, please note to link back to this contest page.

Hi @nuoctuong? Did I made it right? The link back?

I did not see the link when I went to your post.

Ok. I already updated my post. Pls see if I made it correctly. Thanks @nuoctuong

Yes, Entry has been noted.

Thanks @attoan.cmt for your entry. Pictures are great!

Entry has been noted for taking us to Bohol Tourist Spot in the Philippines, @olivia08. my dear.

This comment was made from

Hey there @nuoctuong. Here is my entry to your contest. I hope you like my dream vacation destination. And maybe it will be yours too.
tubbataha-reef-500x337 (1).jpg

@aboutart, entry has been noted for the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in the Philippines!

Thank you @nuoctuong. I hope you liked it 😊

So many great entries, thats quite some inspiration and I guess it will not be easy to chose the winner.
Here is my entry to your beautiful contest!

A vacation and a place to heal - that is a great combination. Thanks for your entry, @bamboozled.

[email protected] it's great to discover you. Great inniative . Here is my article about my dream travel and destination, I hope you'll like it.image.jpeg

Entry has been noted. I hope you make it to Tanzania one day, @zam398.

Thank you so much ❤️

Entry has been noted, @leeart.

Thanks @zephalexia for your enthusiastic entry. I hope you get to go to Switzerland some day.

This is my entry, if you have any comments please let me know. success to all!

Thank you for your entry, @josueelinfame.

Thanks to you for this contest :)

@Kimberlylane, thanks for your entry. Please update your post to include the link back to contest page. Let me know when you have done so. Thanks.

I added the link back to your page!

Thank you! Entry has been noted.

I want go try this challenge

Posted using Partiko Android

Even I want to participate in this.
How can I do so.
Though I know I am not lucky enough, but still will want to give it a try.

It’s easy. Just follow the instructions on the post.

Resteem. I'm in :)

Can't wait to see your entry.

This looks fun. I would love to try this :D

I look forward to your entry.

Interesting contests and great prizes.
If I have time I will try my luck. I do not promise to participate but obviously there is a place I want to go. :)

:) NO :) Dubai :)

Dubai is really hot. All desert. They've got a few man-made structures from the oil money. Seeing your personality, I think you will hate it. There is a lot of class structure there. Meaning more benefits for the UAE's citizens, then Europeans and Americans, and then Asians are treated like second class.

I can understand what you say, but I do not really know much about DUBAI. What I want to see is the human ability, I really want to see the artificial islands and I also want to see way them build. :)

Have been living in Dubai for 4 years. You are right @nuoctuong!

Have you gone over to Abu Dhabi to live or visit, @adam.tran ?

Yea currently I’m living between those 2 cities:)

4 years is a long time!

I am approaching 4 years where I am now as well. Thinking about making a change as well.

Hi, what is the deadline for this contest?

End of day, July 21st. I definitely want to hear where your dream vacation is.

Sure anh, I hope that my entry will make you want to travel, too ^^

So amazing place

I hope you will join and write about your dream destination.

Chúc mừng @nuoctuong, bạn đã nhận được một upvote 55%. Tôi là con bot của cộng đồng Việt Nam trên Steemit. Tôi được tạo ra bởi nhân chứng @quochuy và được uỷ quyền, tín nhiệm bởi các thành viên Việt Nam, hôm nay tôi vote cho bài của bạn để ủng hộ bạn. Tôi hi vọng sẽ được thấy nhiều bài viết hay từ bạn.

Chúc bạn vui vẻ, và hẹn gặp lại một ngày gần đây.

Great ! Thanks for the contest !

I look forward to your entry, @lecondoo3 . I am sure it will be great!

I am sure it will be awesome @nuoctuong! Right @lecongdoo3?

Very interesting contest, darling! ♥
Resteemed and upvoted ;)

Why do you write one as well? I haven't seen anything on South or Central America, @opera.shoujo.

Am in on this one. Expect my entry.

Looking forward to it.

Hello friend, all your publications seem wonderful and quite interesting! I am a new user in steem, I invite you to go through my blog and see my content!

Sound great 😊
Will make my entry soon !

chúc cuộc thi thành công ạ : )

Thank you, em @tranhanhhh . I hope and look forward to your entry.

Awesome contest. Contests that stretches ones imagination always appeal to me, not about the prize. Will try to cook something :)

I look forward to your entry, @solcross !

Oh heck, I guess I should edit my just posted post today. Or maybe I should make a new one... Hmmm...

Posted using Partiko Android

Hmmm.. I propose a new one, one that will blow you away as well, @artgirl. It's a "Dream Vacation" right?

Yeah will post one soon. 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @nuoctuong ! How do I link to this post as per the guidelines? Sorry, I am a #newbie and a #minnow ;)

You can just copy the link at the top from the browser address bar and paste it at the bottom. That will work.

Otherwise you can try to use the markdown codes which is something like this: [ link ] (url)

I've done it, thanks!!

I hope to submit my entry soon. Thanks.

I look forward to it.

Your entry for the Gate of Heaven @ Pura Lempuyang Bali is noted, @celineaugustinee.

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