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Currently we have a heatwave in the Netherlands and I really can’t handle temperatures like these. My body works fine with temps around 15 Degrees Celsius. Not these higher 25+ ones! 😜 But the problem coming with this heatwave is that there are no waves and not even any winds… So, this guy is thinking about his best surf trip ever in Iceland and doing that trip once again would be my dream holiday. 🏄‍♂️

Destination: Iceland

I still remember how we got to Iceland by boat. We sailed into the fjords and woosh there was some wind. 12 Bft blowing around us. I’ll never forget that moment. Wind lots of wind, waterfalls falling in the wrong way and my friend and I were laughing and screaming like two little boys.


Unloading the boat seems to last for centuries… But then finally we can drive the car from the boat. We’re on Iceland. The trip we prepared ourselves a whole year for. Now let’s chase the wind. Oh, wait did we ever surf 12BFT? Euhm no…🧐

Oh Iceland

Three guys, three boards and a tent where some ingredients for a story not written before. After many years of dreaming I finally met you. Oh Iceland what did I enjoy our time together. Since we met I know what you do to people, why people got affected by you, why it feels like wandering on a different planet. Yes Iceland you were a magical fairytale, with a mix of all those spectacular phenomena. Volcanos and fire, snow and ice, black beaches and white valleys, hot geysers and frozen lakes.


You felt like the end of the world, and by far not comparable to anything I have already seen in my life. I shake hands with Goddafoss, played together with Detifoss and found pure beauty at Seljalandsfoss. I got to know your people, beautiful, pride and loaded with humour. Your whims are whimsical, your waters wild and the winds unpredictable. Driving around at your endless roads of ice through snow white scenery’s who kept surprising. While chasing the wind I got to know you better with all your natural wonders.


But you didn’t show me everything... Things like the northern-lights or some spectacular falls like Dynjandi. But I do get it know. Really, I do understand! The time wasn’t there yet for us. Oh Iceland we had an encounter that leaves us wanting more. Your tempting. Oh Iceland we shake hands for sure in the future, maybe even a heartwarming cuddle.

Iceland, we’ll meet again soon! 😍

Chasing different things

How would I love to see my next trip around Iceland? It would be more or less the same, but hey with every change in weather the views will change. I will go in autumn instead of in spring. I hope that many roads are still drivable by then, and the temperature is already low enough for some awesome northern lights showcases. For sure I won’t forget the waterfalls! I mean the falls in New Zealand where great but what could be better than finally meet the great Dynjandi in person.

Source: Joshua Robertson

My Dream Vacation Destination is... Writing Contest

Thank you @nuoctuong for bringing this contest to Steemit! Had some great fun watching the pictures from my first Iceland experience once again and it brought back some great memories. Good luck choosing the winners for you and the judges. 🤙

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  ·  last year (edited)

Sure looks like a dream destination! If you don’t want to travel that far next time we have winds and waves in Norway as well. Even Mick Fanning came all the way from Australia to surf under the Northern lights!

Hehe this sounds like an invitation to visit your country? ;)
One of the two friends from Iceland is now on his motor bike in Norway!
Surfing under the Northern Lights would be really awesome I assume.... I first need to see it in real life!

Definitely an invitation! Norway has a lot to offer in all seasons, both by the sea and in the mountains😎

Oh for sure Norway has a lot to offer! You have a beautiful country. I will ask my girlfriend if she wants to visit Norway instead of Iceland (she hasn't been to Norway either 😎 )

Your still enjoying Norwegian summer?

Do you guys ski? Hike? Many places to be active in pretty nature! I can help you make plans😊
Enjoying the norwegian summer to the max! Hanging out with family and friends and not much time to be on Steemit. Here’s a photo from today:

Did you already read Mick Fanning his new book?

Sorry for the very late response. I’ve been completely off internet and computer enjoying a quiet holiday with my kids! No, haven’t read his book, is it good? Here’s a photo I’ve taken of him in Margaret River, Western Australia, ages ago. He was doing yoga before surf comp right in front og me, and I was star struck...

  ·  last year (edited)

Don't worry, a holiday isn't meant to be for consuming time on Steemit! I'm also way behind everything while working out/creating media etc for the RB400 contest.

You have even seen the guy in real life!? And no didn't read his book yet, it's still on my list.

Reply to your other comment:
Yes my Girlfriend does ski (I'm not. I'm affraid of falling). But can you even ski in summer in Norway?
We need to chat about things to discover in Norway! While typing this I enjoy a video of Miriam Rasmussen exploring Norway by SUP.

How is your running?

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What a passion translated into words @guchtere! Are you going back there? I'd love to visit Ice Land too, but no way I'd touch the water hahahaha

Hehe I think I lost my heart in Iceland @mrprofessor.
The plan is to return there and I hope it will be something like next year. My heart is freezing out there alone in the cold waters of Iceland, so can't let it wait many years till my return isn't it?

Let's hope that I figure the monetary aspect of life, if everything goes right I'll join you.

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@guchtere, Congratulations! You're the 2nd place winner of the Contest!

Woohaa great! Lovely to hear you guys like my dream destination. Just read the post from the winner. Great choice! Was it hard to select a winner?